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26 Dec 2019 22:44:27
Why have you not let my replies to. others posts go through in the last hour. Brightwhite in particular is after getting very personal with me especially Tonight, he always trolls me so why are my comments deemed offensive but not his where he has clearly over stepped the line? . Let my comms go through as I won't tolerate bullying from keyboard warriors if he wants to say it to me in person we can arrange that outside this forum.

{Ed033's Note - This is a site for talking about Leeds United or football in general, not for mindless keyboard bickering.

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27 Dec 2019 07:26:53
Don't let it get you down fella. We were awful in the first half but some posters like to polish a tu** and see any constructive comment as heracy.

27 Dec 2019 09:16:16
Well said Ed. 👍👍⚽️⚽️😂.

{Ed033's Note - ok thanks

27 Dec 2019 09:55:41
Thanks a lot notts that's it exactly, if your opinion is different to a certain half dozen or so on here then it's open season on ya, I posted a few replies before the above comment last night but they have still not been let through . Amazing the power some feel after having 1 too many eggnogs.

Ed you are being very unfair to me here, you are not letting my replies be aired to posts where I have being directly insulted. Is it. okay for. bright. white to directly insult me as a person on here but not. okay for me to respond to that? I hope you will leave a little message for him also under his nasty reply to my comment last night . that's assuming you read his replies to me last night.
Brave man indeed he is.

{Ed033's Note - Do we let the insults continue or nip it in the bud? I think nip it in the bud.

27 Dec 2019 12:41:41
We can all agree to agree or disagree politely we can still enjoy a bit banter so long as it put in a good humoured way👍.

27 Dec 2019 12:34:37
Apologies. Sincerely. I do try to control myself, but fail sometimes.
I am however man enough to apologise when I’ve crossed the line.
As for meeting in person. Anytime. I’ll come with cans of beer.

27 Dec 2019 13:56:46
Yes please brightey.

27 Dec 2019 13:44:14
Bright You might also need a helmet and hardened vest judging from CC posts.

27 Dec 2019 15:32:22
I’d be fully gaffed up in me greens, vest, and stripes George, with a ghilly in reserve.
But beers and pies, and one of the humble kind too.
Don’t want to offend anyone on here. I just lose the plot sometimes.
And Martyn, I’d better bring a few slabs if you’re joining us Bro!

27 Dec 2019 17:42:17
Chris, brightwhite is not normally rued but is straight to the point, with a fair view on things, maybe he had more to drink then normal let it go, enjoy your Christmas and happy new year to one and all,

27 Dec 2019 23:34:41
Fair enough bright and kudos for stating you overstepped last night . I know. i irritate both you and a good few others on here with my opinions but I genuinely mean no personal insult to any poster on here . I also wasn't in a good mood last night from pals ribbing me that Leeds are falling apart again ( joke ) btw, but let's put it all away now and hope for 6 big fat points from the now most important 2 games of our season coming up.
I will also TRY ( ha ha) be more positive with my tuppence worth in future .

I only said TRY now, I might have to return to default setting if we f this up again for. the remainder of the season .

28 Dec 2019 08:41:04
Chris Chris 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻.



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