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22 Sep 2019 10:31:14
The problem now isn't Bielsa's style of play or that it only really works when we are plating away when teams try to attack us a bit more. Bielsa's style might have an adverse effect after Christmas and into the new year but now it's individual shortcomings that are the problem. It's been said that Bielsa's 'style' doesn't suit Bamford. I don't think that I true. Bamford plays very well holding the ball up, running the channels etc but for the past few seasons he's been hopeless in front goal. Yes. He has scored a few - tap ins created by the other members of the team. (and he almost one of those missed one from two yards out) . I posted when he was first signed that I was underwhelmed. He had dropped down the pecking order at previous clubs and its a well known theory that players regularly going out on loan can get worse rather than better. Just look at Izzy Brown. Looking at the rest of the team who can be relied upon to score? Hernandez is in a trough at the moment, Klich? Harrison? Phillips? No one really. Eddie will score given the chance but can he do the hard graft up front like Bamford has started to do. I don't think so. You need a player who does both for Bielsa's one up front to work properly and they cost a lot more than we paid for Bamford. As far as away wins are concerned we've got the results our possession said we should be we could easily have dropped points at Barnsley for example. By the same token we could have easily won at home to Birmingham and Derby. The away and home games were very similar we were unconvincing in all of them for long periods in front of goal. It just so happens up to its the away games where we've managed to score - it could easily have been the other way round. So it's individual shortcomings that are the problem not the system. The system sets you up if you can't finish no system in the world will work.

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22 Sep 2019 11:01:09
When did we play Birmingham?

22 Sep 2019 11:04:49
Agree with most of that. Fact is we should be five or six points clear at the top but we have dropped silly points at home which may cost us dearly at the seasons end. Can see why Bubs is so acclaimed for his football knowledge but can also see why he has not won anything. Very pedantic and although his belief is correct, keep possession and create chances reality is do not convert those chances and you are in trouble. Am guessing Bubs wanted Costa and Eddie and we are paying a lot for them. They were brought in to improve the team and they are sat on the bench while two players who under performed last season and not showing much improvement this one are out on the pitch. Loyalty and belief can be good or bad traits to have.

22 Sep 2019 11:18:37
Hess That's drivel. It's that kind of post which ensures things stay the same. Individual shortcomings ma! Most perplexing mystery how they suddenly coincidentally vanish when we're away from home, only then to instantly return at LS11. It's the system at home! Away it's excellent. At home you're meant to attack teams playing to your strengths setting up your attackers quickly and not playing possession football waiting for opposition to make a mistake creating an opening allowing you to play some more tippy tappy and proceed when you feel like it and then hope the enigmatic Bamford scores. It's all nonsensical. Only forking Dallas has a clue. Bielsa doesn't know how to organize a 4-4-2 and is evidently scared of change because it turns him into a hypocrite as it represents a departure from his super reciprocal loyalty mantra. Notts makes an excellent point about QPR. That's the problem with Bielsa. His intransigence. It's permeating onto the pitch at home now. He should admit his error, set a new tone among players and set up at home to score goals to extrapolate the superior attacking prowess we have. This stuff is making me ill now.

22 Sep 2019 11:20:19
the problem was obivious the moment we sold pontus, we ain't got no physicality and can't defend, Derby and Barsnely could of both scored five goals due to chances we gave them.

it means the current team needs 100% as the other team will create a goal scoring chance with about 5% possesion

unless we get in a big bad ugly defender who hates passing but loves kicking people and putting his head on the ball we are in trouble

look at city they can't defend so they have to dominate like yesterday and win 8-0 because like at norwich and spurs if they give the ball away they will conceed and that is why liverpool might win the league this year, liverpool have Van Dyke, city play like leeds. and to make this worse city are amazing, we defend like city but don't have city players. it is a recipie for disater just like last season. but only this year we are worse.

22 Sep 2019 11:32:12
Also largely agree. Pointless creating so many scoring opportunities if we only take 5% of them! Costa and Eddie must start, and if we get another peno, MK should be nowhere near it!

22 Sep 2019 11:44:12
Not sure we were superior defensively with Pontus in the team. Although I do admit to liking Pontus.

22 Sep 2019 11:58:10
I think Bubs approach is a bit naive. When you are one nil up in this division going into the last ten you don't bring on an attacker you bring on DM or defender and close the game down. At home you play your best attacking team and ones most likely to score, that's why i pay to go to matches to see us win not play well and get mugged. All the games i have watched at ER we should have been 3-0 up at half time, we were not. So how long before Bubs realises something is not working, something needs to change.

22 Sep 2019 12:20:15
We would be better off playing Dallas up front in place of barmpot if bielsa doesn't fancy playing eddie.

22 Sep 2019 17:18:51
Would have been better getting shot of Cooper Instead of Pontus. White and Pontus at the back?



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