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16 Oct 2021 17:53:12
That was the most inept I have seen a Bielsa team perform. Caused, in part, by Bielsa himself. He must have been worried about threats down the wings that he made doubly sure those areas were covered however it was well into the game before it dawned on him (two things) Rodrigo was a waste of space and that centre midfield needed shoring up.
Anyway back to the drawing board and now look forward to the next match to put the faults right. Unfortunately I am saying that a little too often lately.

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16 Oct 2021 18:26:39
Tactical genius, still happy with your squad mr. Bielsa! . I personally thought we had lost the game when Roberts was named in the team.

16 Oct 2021 18:37:37
Ah well Mezz at least the hot tub seats are snug for the lads here

Very scarce they are this season for some reason or another 不.

16 Oct 2021 18:41:15

16 Oct 2021 18:45:56
And Raph was mouthing to KP "I am not staying to be part of that Kal, what about you? "

16 Oct 2021 19:22:00
Leo 不不不不.

16 Oct 2021 19:58:00
And here we go again. the haters just love to hate

Guys, grow up, this is real football not your Football Manager app. We win some, we lose some. Just can never understand how you lot spout such bile from keyboards.

Rodrigo is a human being. Roberts is a human being. Orta, Bielsa are human beings. They deserve more respect than the stuff you posters consistently text.

Hopefully in your real life you people don't get the sort of bile you seem to be prepared to type on a consistent basis.

And as for the hot tub comment, Chris Chris, is doesn't even make any sense. Either type proper sentences or give it up as a bad job.

16 Oct 2021 20:26:58
Ohhh, someone's rattled

Chris Chris is doesn't make sense 不不不

Not much sense there neither .
The point is Axe you are now hurting and filling with bitterness towards a few of us here

What we are commenting on is a collective Lufc and it's now clear as a good few have us had been saying and which you and a good few others told us we were wrong wrong wrong and knew less than your good self .

This squad needed a lot more than was given, we called it, you rubbished it, so answer me now, how's that going?

Side step the main issue all you want by claiming your only interested in people feelings, we are in trouble currently on the field

And by the way I am a very jovial person in work and in my everyday life, I am just a say it as I see it, which obviously your not pal .

16 Oct 2021 20:32:41
I shall also elaborate on my sentence Axe

Snug = warm +cosy + happy.

16 Oct 2021 20:37:19
On the contrary axe, I would love to be posting how brilliant we were and what wonderful football we played. Sorry if you are happy with this wonderful football we are playing at the moment but for me it's not good enough. I can take losing games if we have given it a good go but how can you defend a game like today. Roberts, Rodrigo constantly show how poor the really are, sadly. If you are happy sitting in your hottub with a warm feeling from today's performance then good on you, me personally today's performance spoils my weekend.
As for Bielsa he is quick to see the problem after the game but come next week he will repeat. Yes our team is suffering from injuries but it was bielsa who was happy with his small squad.

16 Oct 2021 20:43:05
Chris Chris, you still make no sense

Mezzer, you never have a good thing to say.

Why should I be rattled, I can see the haters are.

16 Oct 2021 21:25:46
If we are truly depending on ( some of the) young players Alf to step up into the first team 11

we need a coach that is brave enough to play them and get the best out of them

: not sure Bielsa is that man / nor no longer sure he can really progress Leeds much further he has been found wanting too many times this season already so far as a coach

slightly tongue in cheek but David OLeary and THE MARVELLOUS Eddie Gray are available to replace Bielsa to bring through the young guns they would do better than Bielsa in this respect alone.

16 Oct 2021 21:14:02
Chris you were banging the drum in our championship winning season that we had no chance of promotion that season if I remember correctly?
Its a long season mate and lets be fair we have seven starters out.

17 Oct 2021 09:09:05
Cork white you are totally incorrect on that 1, I said that the season when derby beat us, so I need not tell you, that was the season before pal I actually said it about November that season.

17 Oct 2021 14:58:59
Sorry Chris you actually did say it the season we went up as I remember you declining my wager. Never mind time to look forward.



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