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29 Aug 2021 18:11:47
Building a squad to be firmly established in the EPL should be the crucial first goal in second season of EPL

stopped trusting Radz again this summer after

1) he has been attempting to buy another football club ( in Italy) this summer
2) clearly underfunding transfer recruitment this summer

said it before but PR Radz did very little with Leeds getting promoted that was mostly down to Bielsa even with players being sold by Radz like Roofe, Clarke, Vieira and Jannson

and even Bielsa would not have got Leeds up without our key talisman and best player by far Pablo in seasons 2018/ 19 and 2019/ 20

and oh yes remind me who owns Leeds United ground . the club or one of PR Radz companies?

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29 Aug 2021 19:20:19
Baz I wonder would you have posted this if we’d won 4-0?

29 Aug 2021 19:22:54
BazVid, you only type negative stuff. It makes me chuckle to read your rantings these days. There is hardly any information to ponder on, just rants.

I am not sure who you think cares that you don't trust Radz.

And you don't mention how Leeds are being "underfunded"?
Let's just take Burnley, our last opponents. In the last 5 seasons they have received over £100m per season in television and league placings. In the same 5 season we have only had that finance for 1 year. In the same period they have spent £74m in transfers whilst we have spent £132m. Can you explain how we are underfunding?

And so what if Radz wants to buy another club. At least its a football club. Most other owners buy American sports teams and it doesn't seem to affect their original Premier league team.

29 Aug 2021 19:39:41
Was it not Radz who went out and got Bielsa,

29 Aug 2021 20:36:26
BazVid - it could actually have benefited us if Radrizzani had owned a team in Italy, for a number of reasons including the following.

Good players who play in lesser leagues, who we would not be able to buy directly post-Brexit could be bought for the Italian team, play a season with them and then be signed by us.

If a player we had been tracking became available, but Bielsa was not expected to have a squad space available until next season, the Italian Club could buy him to ensure we didn’t miss out.

We could loan players to them and have more confidence they would get the necessary minutes.

It might provide a route out for players who were struggling to find form with us, as Costa is currently.

There are probably several other potential benefits. Brentford and Watford have obtained exclusive access to certain players from other clubs with a shared owner, and of course a number of the top clubs in Europe have smaller clubs within a ‘group’ structure.

29 Aug 2021 20:41:15
So of the four you mentioned as sales have any of them performed in a top league since?
Jansson may but Roofe has gone to successively weaker leagues and Viera couldn't make it in Italy and we won't even mention Clarke who nowadays can't seemingly perform at U23.

29 Aug 2021 21:52:10
Corky, a hypothetical 4 nil? dream on sunshine, that is the crux of the matter the lacklustre performance and a lack of a Leeds victory was oh so predictable given our form, lack of quality midfield signings etc.

axey I think you must have been on vacation in a parallel universe for most of the past years if you think I only post ' negative stuff', but hey no worries mucka.

as for figures I understand Leeds/ Radz received approx £120 million ( UK and overseas TV rights ) now for 2 EPL seasons ( total £240 million)

plus the money for finishing 9th,

plus £50 million from 49ers

this season will be full houses £2 million a game £40 million in total,

plus all the sponsorship deals, adidias etc, shirt sales etc.

thats a LOT OF REVENUE so yes £28 million in player signings seems a tad on the low side to say the least mucka

Clu some fair points although watford yoyoing in relegation have hardly been a resounding success owned by the pozzis of udinese : unless the owners are super rich I don't think it is desirable for most fans to have an owner own 2 or more clubs

Canada : Radz made those players sales whilst in the championship : players that were excelling in the championship and their sales were arguably not really reinvested by Radz in the Leeds team whilst in the championship

Richie : i understand Bielsa was Ortas suggestion but hey yes credit to both Orta and Radz on this crucial decision fair dos.

30 Aug 2021 05:28:17
The issue is that Radz is NOT a Leeds fan through and through. He owns the club for his own benefit and ego and ultimately he will run it for his advantage and not ours. He came in wanting big returns for his initial outlay and is now milking the club for all he can get while investing as little as possible.

30 Aug 2021 06:29:02
Spot on Alf and PR Radz has also managed to fool the hot tub brigade on here.

30 Aug 2021 08:24:51
Baz, do you not think that the lack of transfer funds has something to do with the Augustin case? Last time I looked we had lost but were appealing. £17m in transfer costs may well be due soon plus goodness knows how many millions in legal fees! I know Radz, Kinnear etc have said that it won’t affect our recruitment but £20m is a lot of money and it has to have come from somewhere.

30 Aug 2021 10:53:48
ali : yes to an extent but I am hopeful that on appeal Leeds will win of sorts and have to pay a much smaller amount of compensation

Leeds must believe in their case adding legal fees to costs unless possibly their only real objective is to considerably delay any payments to RL by a couple of years from 2020 incident

either way Orta, Radz, Kinnear and Bielsa have made one almighty balls up over this JKA signing.

30 Aug 2021 14:21:15

No vacations for me, there's been a lockdown or hadn't you heard about it in cuckoo land?
By way is cuckoo land back on the green list yet?

I stand by my comment, your negative. Always have been and always will be, and the facts you now eventually give are just wrong.

Leeds have the TV money from 1 season, not 2. Agreed we are in the PL for a second season but the TV money is NOT paid up front.

Sounds like you are a Ridsdaleite, in wanting to have us spend money that we haven't got.
Love the fact that you are demanding that Leeds spend money just because you think it's the right thing to do. And so glad that my club are doing what they think is right.

Don't care if the top boys aren't Leeds supporters as long as they are professionals who want to do the best job they can at the place they work.

30 Aug 2021 15:03:04
Axe me ole mucka cheers

the TV money not paid in advance you say ?
and? so what? it will be soon enough

It didn't stop Leeds making signings in Rodrigo, Costa, Raphinia, llorente, Koch last summer window when they hadn't yet received the tv money

I will leave you to your hotub of your usual contradiction and delusion.

30 Aug 2021 20:33:40
They speculated for a 2 year plan. Read the news articles

So you expect them to do that infinitum do you

I will go back to my delusional hottub, you go back to playing Football Manager.



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