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09 Apr 2021 00:15:43
Linked with Auguero!

Yes please, again and again and again love to see him with us for a season.

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09 Apr 2021 06:04:09
Recent injury record a bit of a concern but what an incredible move that would be!

09 Apr 2021 06:57:37
Think we will be out bid on wages by several other teams.
Like augero. One of my fav over last 10 yrs and real quality.
But can’t see it. Unless biesla has bigger pull than we think.

09 Apr 2021 07:23:20
It’s nice to dream but this is probably the most unlikely transfer report I’ve ever heard. Forget it.

09 Apr 2021 08:01:55
Hey class you stole my line 😡.

09 Apr 2021 08:29:29
I think that post really sums up your name OP - started off positive and ended up pessimistic:)

09 Apr 2021 10:46:05
If Aguero really wants the PL scoring record tied up he wouldn't get more chances than at Leeds.
If only we could find someone who scores from most of them!

09 Apr 2021 12:30:46
Alf, I meant to take the middle ground between optimism and pessimism, which I guess is realism. Is that fair? 😂.

09 Apr 2021 13:38:41
Aguero, No

From what I have seen on the telly he looks a brilliant player. His stats bear that out.

But Leeds are building on loyalty. Loyalty to the manager, loyalty to each other. To bring in Aguero we have to demote or sell Bamford. I for one want to remain loyal to a player who gives everything for the system and his teammates and his manager and the fans. I am not sure Aguero could put in the running stats that Bamford does every single game. And if we don't have those stats then the rest of the team would have to pull up the slack.

Also, why spend so much on one player when we have a few areas that need to be improved on?

09 Apr 2021 14:10:08
Always enjoy your posts OP 😊.

09 Apr 2021 16:02:26
Aguero huge wages
More chance of Leeds United signing Georgie 🤣.

09 Apr 2021 16:31:27
Let's not all collectively hold our breaths for the anouncement. Whereas he no doubtedly would jump at the chance, I wonder if we can justify 250k a week for an oft injured 30 year old.

09 Apr 2021 16:51:06
Agueroooooo yes please. Disagree thoroughly with Axe about then needing to demote or sell Paddy. They can play together.

09 Apr 2021 17:23:39
Tbf axe he wouldn't necessarily replace Bamford. He can play in behind as a second striker/ false nine so replacing Hernandez/ Roberts.
Also having a player of his quality to push further forward when Bam is out or having a quiet game is something we are currently missing.

09 Apr 2021 19:07:10
George, Bielsa plays one striker so your idea is a none starter. It would be an either/ or situation

And before you think I am taking a punt at you personally, I am NOT. I actually prefer the twin striker set ups. Jones and Clarke. Jordan and Hankin, Bridges and Smith, Viduka and Keane, McCormack and Smith, Beckford and Becchio, Wood and Henandez. These have all been major double acts for us and I loved watching them. Its just not the way we play at the moment.

I totally understand though. With inferior players, the stats say that dominating the midfield is the way to go. Bielsa's tweek is to have the speed in the midfield to support a lone striker. And the proof of the pudding.

Gummie, don't you think £250k/ w for someone "to push Bamford" is a tad extravagant?

09 Apr 2021 20:39:25
Axe I was thinking more along lines of withdrawn striker, no.10 role with the possibility to alternate during a match.

09 Apr 2021 22:01:10
Couple of parts to the answer Axe.
First I think he would be a starter in a deeper role behind bam bam (bit like Rooney later Man u years) . Probably displacing Rodrigo if he left or Klich. I just said he could move forward and cover.
Second if he chooses us it won't be for the pay packet because we can't match big clubs. He was on £230k in his prime so we will probs offer a little over half that.
Third financially it makes sense, it's a big wage but a big player like him brings sponsorships, etc. Juve recouped the £80m they spent on Ronaldo in 2 seasons. Aguero is not as big, fair enough, but also not £80m and not on £500k a week.
Fourth yes, just yes. In terms of straight up talent he would probably be the best player to wear the shirt, he could play in any team in the world.
The only concern I have is his injury record.

09 Apr 2021 22:10:40
£250k a week is £13 million a year. If he pushes us from mid table to champions league football it would be well and truly worth every single penny. If he can’t do this and can only move us up a few places then £13m is a waste of money as in 1-2 seasons he probably won’t be fit enough to complete 90 bielsa minutes a week, meaning we will be back to square one of needing a striker with £13-£26million less in the bank.

09 Apr 2021 23:47:38
Not totally true LaD2
Each position up the table is worth £3m-£4m. If he improves us by 3 or 4 places he's paid for himself.
Also 2-3 years of him working with Geldhart and Greenwood could be worth even more long term.

10 Apr 2021 06:12:47
At 33 though, how many years would we actually expect to get out of him?

10 Apr 2021 09:34:18
George, Gumming, both interesting replies. They aren't far fetched ideas and the logic of the finances is alluring

I would not kick Aguero in to touch if the deal was a goer because as you guys state there are advantages to it

My gut just tells me that it is a huge risk when we actually don't need that risk. We have steadily progressed without the need for world class stars just yet

If £250k/ w is equivalent to £13m/ y, why don't we offer it to Haaland? Any transfer fee we would spend is definitely going to be recoupable on a 20yo. And wouldn't his fees be recouped like Ronaldo's?

10 Apr 2021 12:23:14
I posted about making a cheeky Haaland bid a few months ago Axe. Sadly the big difference is, if he leaves before his £66m buy out clause activates (next year) he will cost around £130m they reckon. Add the £25m each his agent and father want in fees, his signing bonus and the £400k a week contract Real are supposedly willing to offer and we straight up just couldn't afford it even if he wanted the move.
As for the age thing Alf, he is definitely more towards the end of his career but with modern sports science players are playing longer. 2-3 years wouldn't be unrealistic it's not strange for top players to go into the second half of their 30s anymore.



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