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24 Mar 2021 11:13:17
Can I just say that meaningless vandalism of the Alioski mural is a disgrace, whoever did it grow up, yes he might be signing for Galatassaray, but give him some slack
1, great servant to our great club
2, probably be a bench warmer next season
3, possible champions league football
4, at 29 last big payday move
5, turkey a lot near to Macedonia then england
For one if he does leave I wish him well and thank him for the love he has shown to our top club
IMO Top Bloke.

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24 Mar 2021 11:31:51
Hear hear Richie.

24 Mar 2021 11:33:14
Totally agree, senseless vandalism. If Alioski does go to Gala then none of us will like it. However it’s nowhere near as bad a Kewell going there after being apart of the squad involved in those fateful events. Does the culprit actually believe alioski will care what he/ she has done?
It’s more upsetting for the Burley Banksy, it’s his hard work that they’ve ruined after all.
Well done give ya self a pat on the back . Numpty.

24 Mar 2021 11:48:16
You have to question the mental age of whoever did this also, where was his carer?

24 Mar 2021 11:56:16
Sadly all clubs have idiot fans.

24 Mar 2021 12:32:45
Agree almost completely with the sentiment here. Don't condone vandalism. However, the timing of the pre-contract reportedly being signed leaves a fraction to be desired. I believe the Blades game at home will more or less represent 21 years exactly (making it a very unpleasant anniversary) since the double atrocity. They each had family and friends. What with the passing of a legend last week as well, timing not the best. Consequently, the vandalism while completely unacceptable is hardly surprising. None of us should be surprised by it. Alioski could've handled this better. He could've waited until we were mathematically safe, tell Radz what he was about to do and just leave. Sometimes a bit of sensitivity to someone else's pain is warranted. Just George opinion.

24 Mar 2021 13:07:29
It’s disgusting. Love the guy. Total professional. 100%.
Just idiotic supposed leeds fans giving stick.
I could go further but I won’t.

24 Mar 2021 16:51:24
Some good points there George, especially regarding the timing of the announcement. But it's out there now and the mural vandalism is out of order. Alioski has been a good servant to the Club in his time here and I wish him all the best. Going where he is going will always divide opinion amongst us and nobody is right or wrong. Christopher and Kevin will never be forgotten at LUFC and that is the main thing for me.

24 Mar 2021 17:13:21
How old was Gianni when these tragic events happened? I can’t believe the lad is taking any stick at all, after everything he has done for this club. Wherever he goes, he will always have a place in my heart. Great lad. Top pro.

24 Mar 2021 17:21:41
Sadly we seem to have more than most Bermo. They are an embarrassment to the club.

24 Mar 2021 17:31:51
Thanks Feath. It's conceivable that for the game against Blades, we will have a moment's silence for the tragedy either right before or after the take the knee. If Alioski starts the fixture which is likely, he'll probably have a myriad of crazy thoughts and emotions going through his head and let's not forget he's the Mad Macedonian at the best of times. I hope the vandalism is a one-off but I also think it's worth Radz considering settling up his contract very soon and ask him to leave the club for the sake of keeping the peace. You can then play Davis and Huggins which is something Bub would probably be doing anyway.

25 Mar 2021 02:11:33
Just to point out George re your previous comment, Alioski didn't just drop this this week. It was announced by his agent in January that he had signed a proviso contract agreement with them but he wanted to listen to Leeds' contract offer which he preferred if we offered him first team assurances. As a result the fact that he turned down our offer (which triggered the Gala contract) was more to do with when we made our offer not any insensitivity.
Also unless he starts acting out why should we pay out his contract? We have had ex academy players act out in much more unforgivable ways. He should play and it's a shame he won't get a proper send off from the fans as far as I'm concerned.

25 Mar 2021 03:34:56
Gumbo I've thought all along the Turkish media outlet who broke the story were being mischievous. I still believe Alio and his agent could've done more to control the situation. On any understanding, the timing is awful. For the record, he played well for us. As for how his LUFC career winds down, my suggestion is for our fans to spare them pain. Fact they can't make drama inside ER during matchday irrelevant. I posted earlier I hope the vanda is a one-off but it might not be. I'd give Alio a few more games and then a garden leave farewell late April.

25 Mar 2021 04:45:31
Since survival looks assured, barring a freak ending to a season, I'd like to see Hernandez, Bera and Alioski play in the last game. 3 players that are probably leaving but battled and brought us to where we are now, a proper farewell. Sorry George but I think they all deserve better than 'gardening leave'.
17 years ago we had some big names show us what a lack of drive and passion looks like, we should celebrate the ones that brought those traits back to the club, not villify them for their next move, regardless of who it's to.

25 Mar 2021 08:23:37
Great post Gummie! That is a match I would love to be at, even worth 10 days on quarantine in the Uk for me to get there. I was watching the under 23s once and turned around and alioski, Beradi and Pablo were there together watching the kids before heading off together in pablos car! Marks the end of a key period for our club them leaving . The challenge as we get better is to recruit better players but with the same attitude as all three of those players. Some of the stuff that I’ve seen written about Alioski is frankly disgusting. If Alioski could see that he would play every week, he wouldn’t be going. Turkey has strong relationships with North Macedonia, probably an easy transfer for him to make. If I was a championship or league one club on the up, i'd look to bring Alioski in and keep him in the UK. Great asset to any club he plays for!

25 Mar 2021 13:52:41
Gummie I'm at a loss with your remark about 17 years ago big names, lack of passion. What are you talking about? We were relegated yes but please name the big players whose passion was non-existent. As I recall, we sold most of our big players in a mild firesale due to the financial pressure left by Peter Rid. These big but sold players can't be whom you're referring to because they no longer played for us. So please enlighten. What you talking about?

25 Mar 2021 19:10:49
Viduka, Smith, Pennant, Robinson, Matteo, Miller, Harte, Kelly.

25 Mar 2021 22:19:30
We shipped 79 goals (worst in the league) that season and and scored second lowest 40 and lost 21 (worst) . Yes we lost players and the manager but if your saying the players gave it their all in a season where we got spanked multiple times by more that 5 goals (including a 6-1 loss to lower mid table Portsmouth) , you watched a very different season to me. It's all well and good players crying when you go down but they hardly fought tooth and nail to stay up over the 38 games.
The squad that season still had Robinson, Kelly, Harte, Matteo, Duberry, Radebe, Johnson, Barnby, Milner, Viduka, Pennant, Bakke and Smith.
Should have been more than enough quality.

25 Mar 2021 23:39:23
Gumbo Those players had aged a fraction physically but more so drained mentally from the financial nightmare left, the new muppet owners and now Mr P Reid as manager. They escaped relegation the season before with good players they then sold. Finishing where they did more or less about right in the circumstances. When you sell Bowyer, Woody, Kewell and Dacourt and then Batty legs go and replace with Camara, Roque Junior, Jermaine P lol and Seth you know who, it's like replacing brand new parts to a machine with rusted ones. Smith and Duke hit 21 goals between them that season. Surprised they did that. We were bad for a plethora of reasons so I harbour zero ill will regarding the players' application that season. We got what we deserved. We sold 1 good player too many. That player was probably Kewell himself.



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