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09 Mar 2021 11:52:40
A lot of fans are asking 'How can we lose a game like that? The answer is relatively simple - we haven't enough quality players in the correct positions. I predicted before the game West Ham were too solid for us to create enough chances to score enough goals to win and the defence, particularly at set pieces weren't good enough to keep a clean sheet. That turned out to be exactly the case. We often need bucket loads of chances to score one. On the odd occasion that we score early things get better but even then its uncomfortable watching because you know you can concede at any time. Bielsa has installed a way of playing and levels of fitness that provides a lot of possession and goal opportunities. However you need quality to take those opportunities consistently and a defence to keep the goals against down for when you don't score. At the end of the day and when players and clubs have analysed the threat posed by Bielsa's team better players will usually come out on top. That's what happening now. We dominated play in the second half but didn't have the quality to make the best of it. Leeds haven't any bad players (Roberts excepted) and they can all come good on occasions but there will be a growing number of days when they don't. Once Bielsa's system has been analysed he then needs to bring in much better players. You can't go on indefinitely having lesser players beating better ones on a regular basis. Perhaps that's why Bielsa moves clubs so often.

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09 Mar 2021 12:59:35
Hess Good post. I've posted very similarly months ago but in a more complimentary manner. Do you realize how good we'd be with say a Coady, De Paul and Haaland? Recruit well in the summer and we can be where Hammers are.

{Ed077's Note - Haaland is not happening at all. Also why would Coady leave Wolves for Leeds?}

09 Mar 2021 13:14:19
Agree Hess and to play belisa way we need to spend 500 million

Trouble is others defend well making our chances harder while we give goals away

If you was a forward playing Leeds is a gift while out forwards don’t have that luxury of playing agonist is.

09 Mar 2021 14:52:05
Ed077 Haaland does seem a dream but dreams aren't illegal yet. As for Coady, did I say he would leave? I can see the attraction of playing in orange in the West Midlands. I mentioned him as an example of someone who I think is an excellent defender. There's surely others like him who might be interested in playing for the biggest team in Yorkshire under Bielsa. Or do you think Leeds are unable to attract players of that calibre?

{Ed077's Note - dreams arent illegal, you can dream. I was just telling you that its not good getting you hopes high in terms of signing Haaland because its a pipedream. Leeds cant afford him, and he wont be joining any team thats not competing for top honours, i.e UCL, League Titles,etc..

You can say as loudly as you want that Leeds are the pinnacle for many players and everybody should want to play for Leeds but Leeds have only just managed to get promoted to the PL in about 2 decades time and not only do they not have the name value but also financially cant compete with the top top teams yet.

Also is it the same Bielsa that cant coach a defence and only knows to spend money instead of improving the team? There are many here who dont seem to like Bielsa so why would any player want to play for him, judging by the posts here; clearly he isnt good enough for you and he has been found out or something along those lines.

09 Mar 2021 15:02:47
The next 2/ 3 wins are crucial. We need to strengthen and the cost of strengthening will be determined by the quality in the U23s.

09 Mar 2021 15:16:01
Ed077 Leeds is not the pinnacle. If only it were. I'd actually prefer investment to go into the stadium as opposed to players. Having say a 55,000 all seater stadium for ER would put smile on my face. As for Bielsa, he does have weaknesses but I want him to stay. Berm is a critic of him but that's Berm.

{Ed077's Note - Bielsa is the best thing that has happened to Leeds for years. You, the fan base should be showing him a bit more gratitude if you ask me. Some seem to forget the years and years spent in the Championship and even in League 1. He isn't perfect but there aren't many better than him who would consider taking the Leeds job, specially when the fan base are so deluded and ungrateful. IMO

09 Mar 2021 15:17:26
Ed how dare you say that Leeds defence under belisa is pure class just look at all of the defensive stats! Oh wait no you’re right when it comes to defence he is clueless

With hallamd is same with raph how long before he gets annoyed with a team not going anywhere and asks to leave for a team pushing champs leauge. like West Ham for example

Leeds fans seem to think style matters more than winning. I’m sure professional footballers will not agree winning is all that matters.

{Ed077's Note - you can't say Bielsa isn't good enough and also say players will die for him.

09 Mar 2021 16:13:35
Ed077 well said
I have always believed Berm is a Millwall fan first and foremost through and through

he is simply masquerading as a Leeds United fan

( only jesting Berm . or maybe not 🤣)

09 Mar 2021 16:51:57
Ed trouble with belisa is the ying and yang

Belisa has great points that make him best in the world (or up there) you could argue that he would improve any team even city and Barcelona

But the weak points are a joke defensively our stats are awful and you only have to watch the set plays we concede to see how weak we are and flawed he is. I think some school teachers could improve us in these departments (and that’s not just p e teachers! )

For me we would be better focusing on basics be playing for a mid table squad rather than trying to play this top class game

I have no doubt the moment belisa leaves our quailty of football will get much worse. I also have no doubt that our results and points totals will be better

It’s fun for Nutrals but I’m fed up of soft goals costing us and getting pastings more often than not.

{Ed077's Note - Pep who has largely been considered at least top 3 managers of the past decade or so struggles to organise a defence as well. Nothing can be perfect is all I am trying to say. That and also dont forget Leeds were an afterthought for years before Bielsa came and brought you to the promised land. Mind you you guys havent done too bad in the PL either. Only one promoted team isnt on the relegation zone and that is Leeds last I checked.}

09 Mar 2021 16:55:15
Also what is deluded about demanding a better standard of the basics

I’m not saying we should beat city, I’m not saying we should sign amazing players

I’m just saying we should defend to a better standard at basic things like corners . Ed have you watched us I think some of our defending is so poor it wouldn’t be out of place on hackney marshes in a Sunday morning

A little improvement in these areas would do Leeds a world of good as belisa has mastered the more difficult stuff.

{Ed077's Note - saying that there are things that need worked upon and saying he isnt good enough and players want to get as far away from him as possible are two different things}

09 Mar 2021 17:19:55
I agree

I know I am getting fed up of the same mistakes and think some players could lose heart

I agree about pep but untop of these problems we don’t have city money so maybe we need to find a better plan?

I appreciate belisa for his many qualities but he makes the same obvious mistakes time and again and our defending is nothing short of a joke. I don’t thi ink belisa is capable of change or learning so with the team we have I think we would do better under a moyes style tutorship

For me that is the best way to work with a squad like ours.

{Ed077's Note - and why would a Moyes leave a West Ham for Leeds RN? Whether you like it or not there arent many "better fit" than Bielsa that are eagerly waiting for the Leeds job. I think Bielsa could do better in some aspects but I dont think Leeds can do better than Bielsa right now.

Dont forget a better organised WBA and Fulham are in the bottom 3 and an open and defensively weak Leeds are well clear ATM.}

09 Mar 2021 18:41:58
Hess I wouldn't give yourself full marks on your predictions .

You said we wouldn't create enough chances .

The game i watched we created enough to win it albeit not converted is where you are correct

Hess, let's be honest here now, if last august your crystal ball, told you we would be mid table come March I am fairly certain you would have been quiet happy indeed

Yes we are lacking, yes we have a fundamentally championship squad but we are back where we want to be, and we can't be all conquering immediately .

There are teams going to give us a pasting, and make us look silly .
But as I know you will agree, staying up was our cup final this year, let's get used to having surplus cash from sky, let's get back to fans in stadium + club shops, and let the business men make the dream come true, Let's not tear the arse out of the team just yet, we all know who needs replacing, and more importantly I think Bubs does also .

09 Mar 2021 23:26:19
The point being if we don't adapt and improve we will the Sheffield united next season.

09 Mar 2021 18:06:44
I don’t think moyes would leave for Leeds not a chance but there is someone out there who might

And to say he could do better in some areas is huge understatement we are awful like non-leauge awful in some areas

I agree about Fulham and West Brom but Fulham have adapted and learnt so not been that well organised for that long, plus West Brom not had big sam all season. start season again from here in I’m not sure how confident Leeds would be finishing above them

Plus both those organised teams ain’t spentb100 million on players

My point is we are dissapointing In some area to the point it is not acceptable (please watch us and disagree ) and that when managing a team like Leeds a moyes style approach is better than a belisas over the course of a season.

{Ed077's Note - how many managers tried to manage you in the "Moyes style approach" and failed to get promoted? I thought after so so long time out of the PL and even sometime in League 1 you guys would be a bit more happier being in the PL and looking very very likely to stay in the league "comfortably".

WBA were quite organised under Bilic too. Allardychr hasn't done anything amazing after taking over.



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