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11 Jan 2021 22:11:19
I can finally bring myself to leave a remark - Good grief I haven't got over Colchester yet and then this debacle! Bounce back this weekend I hope - lowly opposition and more heartbreak perhaps - I hope not!

Need some consistency, better finishing and some defence for crying out loud - Berm is right that is what the game USED to be built on - DEFEND - GET IT FORWARD - CROSS INTO THE BOX and hey presto big fellas to bang it home. Enough of this tippy tappy crap going nowhere, it don't matter if you have the ball 99% of the time if you can't effing score with it.

Rant over - thanks for listening.

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12 Jan 2021 05:59:31
My first post since game which thankfully I didn’t see.
I woke up at midnight to check the result and honestly thought they had put the scores round the wrong way. I had to check the goalscorers before I believed it.
Totally embarrassed.

However. The way we play football is the way it should be played. We have defenders out which dosent help as well as not great strength in depth. They are our faults.

Pumping the ball up field and hoping 50-50 it goes to one of your own players is a recipe for disaster.
If that was the way to play then Liverpool man city Real Madrid Barcelona would all play that way.

The reason sheff utd wba burnley etc are below us is that’s how they play. They lose more than us cause they gamble on where the long punt upfield will land. Many times this season I have seen teams do this and it astonishes me just how many times it goes to the opposition.

Now we need to improve and get better quality defenders to defend set pieces and maybe Koch and loriente will bed in soon and make a good pair. I also think that we should not pass ball around our area as much, try and move it forward quicker. One team this season had 4 players parked outside our area waiting for a misplaced pass.

But we def don’t want to become a burnley or sheff utd and just punt it forward. Boring.
If we become like them then we would all say just pass it around .

12 Jan 2021 09:42:03
I don’t think Sheffield just punt it up field usually. I actually like the football they’ve produced in the past. But I totally agree ausman, no good team that win titles just punt it up field and hope.

12 Jan 2021 11:23:21
I always have said the difference between L1/ L2 (and even some Championship) and a quality Prem CB, is the lower defend by winning the ball and then booting it upfield out of danger whereas the quality win the ball and then find a man to take it forward.
With a 50/ 50 ball upfield there is a 80/ 20 chance it will come straight back. It is not tippy tappy but more a controlled transition. The defending key is to know when to pass and when to punt, favouring the former.

12 Jan 2021 13:32:30
no team who wins the league just punt it up the field and hope but they all can when needed. Liverpool are great footballing team but they can score from set plays and hit a long ball if needed, same with spurs and Man Utd, city can't but they have spent billions and let's be honest they are underacievers

no one wants us to be long ball merchants, but I would love us to have that in the locker if needed. a plan b.

also what worries me is we need to work hard to score, we almost need the perfect goal every time however the opposition can score against us with ease

we need to break down phase of play, quick turn over, slick passing, overload in the right areas, find the right final ball and have a good finish

they just need a set play or a long ball. simple.

12 Jan 2021 14:02:25
The effort required to score goals is not down to the strategy though, it is the personnel.

12 Jan 2021 15:35:41
to a point alf but that is kind of my point belisa don't like the personnel to play the other way

last year we had nekita the perfect number 9 who should of been top goal scorer but belisa never gave him the chance because he was his type of player where as wilko went out and got chapman as he knew he was the answer

we don't have the personal to defend set plays or score from crosses as belisa don't want that, god forbid we should get a true number 9

also it is partly down to strategy, game plan, tactics and what the players work on. George graham was known for working on offside, Belisa famous for murder ball just a shame the odd session couldn't be focused on a George garham style session.

12 Jan 2021 19:43:43
But there are better players out there that play Bielsa style football, we just can't afford them.



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