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01 Dec 2020 17:22:24
I had to comment on some of your remarks about VAR.
Do you realise it will ruin our game of football.
We need to think about this, stand up and be counted instead of lying down and accept all changes, plus everything else we are being told to do.
Fine use VAR to see if the ball has crossed the line, or for simulated penalty appeals.
But to have a goal ruled out because of a pubic hair is overstepping the mark.
That decision last night took nearly 5 minutes to sort out, where is the fun in that, even if it had been given, the fun has been dampened and lost.

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01 Dec 2020 18:31:24
I agree with much of your points VD about VAR

BUT where was your outrage and disdain of VAR when this happened to Bamford against Palace which was even more controversial?

You merely VD posted on the Leeds Banter site after the Palace game one word a rather mocking and gloating ' ouch'🤔.

01 Dec 2020 19:55:41
Yes I remember, and true I probably was a bit sarcastic to be fair.
As I remember I took a load of banter from you guys, what with Grealish and the obvious hate for Villa and us fans, yet I think I remained very dignified and polite throughout.
I would like to think we have all grown up a bit since, and in this instance I think most of us have the same views on VAR.
We have come 146 years using mans own judgement, and yes there have been mistakes made, mistakes have also been made using the very clever technology called VAR, if that`s progress, we are done mate.
I short it stinks, and given time it will undoubtedly ruin our game.

01 Dec 2020 20:51:05
VD LUFC need to be awarded the 1975 European Cup retrospectively due to the most heinous refereeing decisions of all time in the Final, No sporting club in the history of Earth has been mistreated by authorities more than LUFC and yes I'm still bitter. So all this talk about VAR, just opens up old wounds.

01 Dec 2020 20:51:29
Leedsdave, did your love for Leeds come from our new 3rd kit? It looks a bit like your ex's doesn't it?

01 Dec 2020 22:15:10
Couldnt agree more George and that's not the only European final either!

I agree with Leedsdave (wtf, did I just type that? ) VAR is ruining the game. But also the rule makers are.
Offside should not be about an arm or a leg, torso only, otherwise a striker has to be 1 yard behind a defender when the ball is played to be confident they are not offside.
Also the time taken proves most of the decisions were not clear and obvious.

01 Dec 2020 22:15:41
GW, I can understand being annoyed and feeling hard done by, any passionate fans would, and it might even hurt a bit.
But to feel bitter about something that happened 46 years ago, is way beyond me, if you feel like that you are carrying a heavy burden.
You beat us 0 - 3 a few weeks ago, its all done and dusted, move on and look forward to the next game.

01 Dec 2020 22:34:16
Spot on CW,

01 Dec 2020 23:06:21
Mr Integrity's bitterness extends much further back than 35 years. That's just a drop in the ocean compared to the War of the Roses. He is also still pished off about Cain killing Abel.

02 Dec 2020 15:17:58
VAR is not ruining the game, it is the only way forward

with Var Maradona hand of god would not of counted, England might have two World Cups

Henry disgrace against Ireland wouldn't of counted the people of Ireland would of had a summer of cheer and the players a once in a lifetime opporutnity

years back we played Watford in playoffs, Forster should of been sent off with leeds getting a pen after about 12 minutes. that could of seen us go up and not have 16 years of tripe football and plunged depths of league one

football is too important to get things wrong. Var is not the problem

the way it is implemented is the problem and what is so annoying is it is so easy to fix. I could fix Var in about 15 minutes without even having to give it too much thought

it will always change the impulse of a goal but then if the goal shouldn't stand then it should be ruled out and if it does stand we celebrate it then. tell me if we scored a goal that won us the league. but we have to wait five minutes for var to allow it it still wouldn't be the sweetest feeling. of course it would

VAR is great and the way forward the idiots making the rules and implementing Var are the problem.



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