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23 Jul 2019 18:19:33
Something just does not look right, no spend in January and no spend so far this summer. All this FFP talk is ridiculous, as you can loose up to £39m over 3 seasons. Between transfer fees and turnover income he has had the best part of £140m over last 2 seasons and a reported £5m loss last season ( was this before transfer fees were taken into account) . Would really just like to know what is going on.
Anyone any genuine idea?

{Ed002's Note - You need to stop thinking about money as you misunderstand how FFP works. Leeds are trying to imp[rove the team and bring players in but have not managed to do so yet. If they cannot improve the team they need to avoid the knee jerk reactions of simply buying to placate the fans.}

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23 Jul 2019 19:46:51
it is hard to understand ffp

what is easy to understand is other teams seem to be strenghtning and we dont

add to that our players leaving and at the prices they are going at no wonder we are all not happy

as a final slap some players are going to rivial clubs and we can all see they would improve our bear thing thread and in some places weak first 11.

23 Jul 2019 20:20:57
But are they adding and improving their squads Bermondsey or like the editor said just buying for the sake of buying to satisfy the fans, false economy springs to mind.

23 Jul 2019 21:02:52
Not much to understand really. A club can overspend by 15mill over a three year period and be within FFP guidelines. that's 5mill a year. That figure goes up to 13mill a year if the owners will meet that gap hence 39mill over three years. Our owner obviously does not want to meet that gap so expect us to have nett loss of around 5mill again, simples.

23 Jul 2019 21:22:52
TTIAO, i think most clubs are signing players to improve. All clubs are letting players go and they need to be replaced with what they hope are better players. Think most managers want cover in every position and a squad of about 25 as they know how hard this division is with cup games added to it. We seem to be the only ones happy with about i8. I know we can add some young ones to that figure but they do not always excel first season.

23 Jul 2019 21:38:19
why should we not concern ourselves with ffp as in your opinion we don't understand a very condescending attitude on your behalf. The reason we talk about ffp is because it's been harped at us for the last 6 months. And whether we understand or not we can question it.

23 Jul 2019 21:42:36
Which teams have actually strengthened from last season? It’s been fairly quiet on the transfer front everywhere to be honest. As the Ed pointed out Leeds are most likely trying to improve the squad but it’s not always that straightforward.

23 Jul 2019 22:03:34
The clubs spending most, are the recently relegated clubs who have a much higher loss threshold than clubs, like us, who have been down for a long time. They are permitted to make a bigger loss over 3 years than we are! That said, unless there is something hidden within our op costs, we still have money to spend. But do we push the limits, and walk the tightrope? I think it’s shrewd not to.

23 Jul 2019 22:23:37
Ok I’ll ask it now, would you rather have a chairman like Rads who is frugal and trying to conform with ffp or bring back a gun ho reckless man like old Ridsdale and end up in another poo poo storm like last time but this time already starting a division lower son would likely end up with Bradford in league 2 down to miss management! Thought not now can we just get behind the boys and appreciate the fact we actually have a club to support because we came damn close not that long ago to not having 1!

23 Jul 2019 23:08:36
All I can think of is Fulham.

23 Jul 2019 23:19:21
Why does it have to be an option of frugality or gung ho. None of us want another meltdown but in the other hand we don't need one that's afraid to push it out a bit. Radz proved he lacked the gumption in Jan and unless he's prepared to take a punt we shall remain a championship team and none of us want that either.

24 Jul 2019 07:36:28
Wex, agreed, think we know have Radz plays in last January, nothing to do with ffp guideline then was it, it just the positive smoke screen scam.

24 Jul 2019 08:44:40
Wex mate, I was all for going ssssh@t or bust in January having been so close we could touch that title. However we are not privy to the accounts so unfortunately we can only speculate on the what’s whys and maybe’s . Don’t get me wrong I’m as shall we say dissatisfied with our transfer activity as the next man and personally I do believe we are weaker than last season, the squad is smaller and only real addition is Costa. I back the boys and the club but I do not feel like this is our year sadly not by a long shot. But who knows what the next 2 weeks will bring.

24 Jul 2019 10:03:11
The accounts are in the public domain if you want to look for them FD1 - we are privy to them.

24 Jul 2019 11:22:18
But what we are not privy to, are the upcoming costs.
Does anyone know how much it’s costing to build the training facilities at ER?
Does anyone know if the rent went up at TA, and how much the additional improvements through the summer have cost there?
All I’m saying is, that it’s possible that these and other things, are propelling us to a whopping loss this year. We just don’t know; they do.

24 Jul 2019 11:55:36
dont have to be do or die bit of investment of cb in jan we would of gone up. what makes it worse is we ain't got that cb in this windown either. mistake after mistake. i am not saying sign cahill but go for ashley williams and maybe joel ledley. free players are out there who would bring experience, quality and numbers which we didn't have last year

instead we get nothing and if you don't move forwards you move backwards in this game.

24 Jul 2019 12:11:50
Beat me to it Alf. To say i posted them on this site not long ago some are still using finances as an argument. We are not on the brink of the apocalypse with no room for investment. It is simply that Radz, for whatever reason maybe the board of Aser will not sanction it, does not want to invest further funds into LUFC. and will instead use monies raised internally to fund any transactions.

24 Jul 2019 12:27:50
Bright structural improvement costs do not enter into FFP calculations so no worries there. No doubt improvements are being made with monies raised internally.

24 Jul 2019 16:40:08
Again Bige, if that’s correct, I apologise. I thought all structural improvements were also costs accounted for a company’s P&L.?



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