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27 May 2019 23:16:27
just seen the abuse from spanish and rags about my headline grabbing,

cheers lads MOT

just to go over the thoughts behind the post

yes spanish it is a free market and how it works

rads owns something if he don't want to sell he don't want to sell,

however leeds united is not a rag doll, he has a duty of care to the city, the fans, the staff (not players but wider staff who will be affected by promotion) and the clubs history

if we have a potential owner who can take us to a new level i would agure duty of care he should sell not to do so is awful

then he is saying he will not invest and we have a difficult summer. again where is duty of care

as for why (if this is true) i would prefer cellino and what made him so good,

well it is down to compativie success. MC took on a bates/ GFH club with no investment all crown jewels sold that had a league one playing sqaud.

MC invested turned club around and took us from a team looking to get relegated in debt in 'a huge hole' and made them stable, made the sqaud one of the better sqauds (many still play for us now) and made us a good team to buy he then sold when what he saw as a good oppporutnity for leeds he did the decent thing and walked away

rads for me has not invested like MC did cos we were better off when rads took over, he has not moved us forward as far as mc did (in terms of improvement overall) and if we have a bid and he doesn't walk away he is a had shown a lack of duty of care

thats why i at the moment hold mc in a higher regards than rads

everything rads has said recently has made me worry.

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27 May 2019 23:27:16
How do you make out he has not moved us forward? Really? As for a duty of care, he pays the wages and tries to get the team to move forward without getting it into financial difficulties which resulted in us needing to be dragged up again! He’s taken us from a mid table team to 3rd in he table, that’s improvement in my book . The a villa team that were promoted today, missed out in the play offs last year . The only difference this year was 4 loan signings and McGinn from Scotland. Admittedly a decent player, but they hardly invested a lot . So how much do you think Rads should spend before he’s getting nested enough to satisfy you?

28 May 2019 04:08:48
Raggity You're very hypocritical. Good post Berm. Earlier I said fine Radz can hold on to his shares and not spend tens of millions in the window so long as he acquires top quality in the loan market. You then berated me telling me it's about what's available, wages, do they want to come. All valid points but you're missing the point. I'm getting on board with Radz plan. It's his plan and up to him to make it happen. He doesn't want to spend and I comprehend that but if he's a failure in the loan market don't expect sympathy from fans. You said it yourself. Villa did it. We should've been in for Abraham and Mings. Berm and Wex will criticize for under investment and refusal to sell. I'll give benefit of doubt and simply insist on a really good loan window. Make your mind up Rag because I'm only supporting Radz plan. At this stage of the game, it's strict liability with me and probably rest of fans. Invest! If no invest, sell! If no sell, make a da sure you get half dozen top quality loans otherwise do one!

28 May 2019 09:32:13
No investment? ER? Top quality manager? Spent money on players, that albeit haven’t turned out to be worth the money yet, but he spent regardless. Sorted out the contract situation we had securing the spine of the team? I’m not dismissing what MC did, he certainly saved the club, but don’t dismiss what Rads has done as well. By far the best owner we’ve had for a long time.

Taking a team from 13th to 3rd, he knows what he’s doing, he said from the outset it’s a five year plan, we’re currently in year 2. Difficult transfer window does not mean no spending, and Bielsa, if he stays, has already said he’s not looking at players unless they’re noticeably better than the current players we have. Which rules out the shotgun technique MC practiced. I’m all for hope this season, already excited for it!

28 May 2019 10:25:14
Fair point George, if we are not investing in permanent signings then we need to be at the front of the queue for the quality pickings, instead of signing injured players as a gamble. I would agree with the principle that the Oracle is arguing if he didn't re-write history and suggests the Cellino invested more than Radz, which is simply not true. Radz did miss an opportunity in Jan for lack of investment but has operated at a transfer net loss which Cellino did not.

28 May 2019 10:04:51
duty of care is looking forward

if PSG come in his duty of care is to move on, PSG are a different world and will make us champs league not championship

as for moving us forward when rads took over i believe we was top under Monk then we fell apart again

rads then took us to 13th then to 3rd

i am not deyinig this was our best season in a while but it still wasnt good enough. Now rads has a duty of care to move this club forward and build to promotion as oppose to same old leeds falling apart again

where my duty of care comes in is he has said he will not be investing and it will be a missed opportunity

as for his knows what he is doing. does he though

he is a media tv guy who can't fix LUTV if anything it was worse

he is a media tv guy who lost a fortune and massively messed up with his company buying rights to football with no platform to show it on.

buying ER is only good if he uses it for good, so far know one knows what his intentions with ER will be, for all we know it could be another bates

jury still out on rads if our good players go, if he don't invest, if psg come in and he stays put, if next year we don't go up

he has not shown the fans, the city and club the duty of care it deserves.

28 May 2019 10:22:14
Good explanation of the headline Bermo. Hard to compare different leaders from different times and with different challenges. I think we are moving in the right direction. This year he has no need to sell for any reason. I think he is exceeding more duty of care of all the club than many before him. We will have him for at least another year, buckle u and enjoy the ride.

28 May 2019 10:30:27
Elland Road is not part of leeds united so you can rule out that investment. That's Radz personal pension fund.

28 May 2019 11:36:56
Berm You're making considerable sense and it's worrying to me!

28 May 2019 13:07:24
spanish I never enjoy the ride (ask my wife) it is all about the desitnation and if that destiantion is not prem next year the ride will be pointless, in fact you could say we are just stuck on a roundabout

P. S sorry george

please remember i am still the guy who can't stand phillips and think the most talented manager we ever had is brian clough and think the worst days work we ever did was sack him

oh and i also love john lukic.

28 May 2019 13:22:49
That a boy Berm! Phew!

28 May 2019 13:38:35
Berm you cannot attach "duty of care" to a pure investment. Whether he loves it and lavishes money on it. Whether he starves it of funds and runs it into the ground (through ignorance or malevelance it is still, to a businessman, an investment. Nothing more, nothing less. If he feels that to sell a Championship club would accrue far far less than selling a Premiership club then that is his decision. In the hard business world what we fans want, and feel is best for the club, has little meaning whatsoever. As for Duty of Care, do you really think any investor cares about the lump he has just bought. He only sees dollar signs. He only sees an opportunity to make a profit. Sure Leeds gets under your skin but at the end of the day he is not a diehard Leeds fan from birth. He wants the best for the club but only when it enriches the value and he sees the value soaring next year when we are in the Prem. How he goes about achieving that is now open to debate. The first move, securing Bielsas signature not many can dispute, now let's see what happens although my feelings are that a lot of the power now lies with Bielsa and it's Radz job merely to somehow secure the funds. Of course he doesn't have the funds the QSI have. Nobody is more upset at that than Radz himself but with FFP looming it is up to LUFC to manage our push the best way possible and leave a viable entity in 2020, for the future with whoever that might be.

28 May 2019 13:39:22
Bermo, we must agree to differ, life is very much about the journey not the destination as the destination is very certain! Same with football and actual it might explain the difference in our views this year. I’ve spent Late August to end of April in and around Leeds, watching the under 23s and the first team, talking to fans around the grounds and in the pubs. I’ve really enjoyed the journey and I see lots of great things happening. My personal view is, I’d like Radz to do it with Bielsa so to speak! Just as we won’t agree with All Ortas buys or all Bielsas tactics, we won’t agree either on how Radz does it. But actually I’m not as bothered about us becoming the new Manchester City as some on here. I’d like us to play good football, develop good youngsters into the team and be entertaining to watch. Bielsa 2 means there is a good chance of that happening and if that brings promotion even better!

28 May 2019 13:48:18
Leo That's an awfully long unfinished parenthesis of yours 😉😁.

28 May 2019 14:04:29
Hypothetical in what way George? I’m sure when a loan or permanent signing is made it’s hoped it will be a success, some work some don’t! I thought Harrison was a great signing when made, it didn’t work out as successfully as I or most had hoped! A top signing when made, the same with Branford! So a top loan signing is subjective and dependent on wether it works or not . If you feel I berated you I apologise, but I don’t consider having a different view to you berating! What it boils down to is as much as I was disappointed we weren’t promoted, looking back I think we took a giant leap forward, I ain’t comparing us to Villa, Derby or anyone I’m saying we were in a much better place last season then we have been for many years, I like you I want it now, but don’t see what Rads has done or is doing failure, quite the opposite actually .

28 May 2019 14:52:58
Rag Notts said it better than me. We need to be at the front of the queue for the best available loan signings. Harrison, in my opinion, performed adequately overall and shall probably be a better Bielsa player this coming season should we go again with him. Even if it costs big money, we need a Gayle and Mings. I'd also like to see Coyle stay because we then have the option of moving Ayling to the centre. Not a central defender but can do a job. I want to see us "become harder" especially in the spine.

28 May 2019 16:11:16
I agree with you George I would have loved to see Abraham’s and Mings at Leeds, I would love us to now go for Wilson and Mount but I feel they’ll be premier bound, as for Gayle I feel he will be out of our league financially, even on loan as his wages are premier league . , I know a lot may disagree but I would love us to sign Lasooga on a free .



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