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21 May 2019 10:50:32
ok goalkeepers union post here

as maybe the best keeper never to play for england (and of course the orical) I feel well placed to say this

firstly I don't like the sweeper keeper, i think when it goes right it doesn't make too much difference but when it goes wrong it costs a goal

I shouted at the screen when i saw our keeper playing on the centre circle and said it would costs us

but this is what our manager wants, like klop, pep and poch it is there style and way they set up

edision does it as well of course he does it better but then cost millions and plays in great team

I think we have to give the keeper a break, i don't like it but MB does and while we all shout get back on your line Mb tells him to come forward

we will not get a better keeper for Mb's style in our price range

if we back the manager we have to back this as well, it is all part and parcle of Mb style with second teir players and club.

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21 May 2019 11:16:06
Good shout.

21 May 2019 11:57:09
In the main, I agree with you Bermo. I do agree with using the keeper to play out from the back, but he should never be that far out, unless he’s the last man defending a very quick counter attack. He was far too advanced vs Derby, and more so than I’ve seen him in any other game.

21 May 2019 12:14:20
Hi Berms. It is all well and good playing that type of keeping when you have a Real Madrid or Man City defence to work with, but one hell of a worry when it's a Championship defence. The box is his place and he needs to work that out soon. The centre circle is no place for him. That said, there were a number of occasions when BPF went walkabout. Needless and costly risk.

21 May 2019 12:45:54
Shoulda, woulda, coulda!
A goal was conceded, who knows exactly why?
Was it Kikos fault or Coopers fault?
Who cares now, we are not going up and probably were not ready to go up!
Lets just smash next season :-)

21 May 2019 13:05:07
You're right BW.
Bielsa loves Kiko. He is going nowhere.
Hopefully BPF will stay and improve then eventually takeover.

21 May 2019 13:15:12
i agree tory 100%

but mb will try and play city type football, roofe is no aguro, phillips is no fernandino, cooper no stones etc.

same with the keeper. Casillia and BFP both went walk about because the manger tells them to, same with Phillips at defensive mid, our fullbacks playing like wingers at times and our whole pass and move style

of course we can't do it as well as city but that is why MB will try

if we don't want our keeper out of the box then we have to say we want rid of MB as it is his way

i am not a fan of sweeper keeper but think MB might be worth another go and be amazing if he learns.

if we keep Mb our keeper will conceed these goals and it is wrong for us to slate the keeper for essentailly doing as he is told.

21 May 2019 13:17:54
Do you keep spelling oracle incorrectly on purpose Bermo? Like ironically?

21 May 2019 13:20:17
It was both of their faults Jay but ultimately Coops went for it and got an awful connection on it that set Madison up. Had he connected properly it would have been clear and out of play. If you're going to commit then make sure you connect properly.

21 May 2019 13:55:06
So, why are most people blaming Kiko and wanting rid?

21 May 2019 14:08:38
i may know everything alf but can't spell fro teoffe

yeah both at fault but blame lies mainly with coops

people blameing keeper as most don't understand the position and keeper is an easy blame.

21 May 2019 14:49:26
Should that be ironicilly Alf?

21 May 2019 14:50:17
and jay most people are blaming kiki and wanting rid because most people can be stupid.

sometimes we misunderstand a popular choice for a good one.

remember a lot of people brought spice girl records and attended nazi rallies (granted probably not the same people) doesn't make either of them good ideas.

21 May 2019 14:50:53
As far as I remember Cooper has been at the centre of some outstanding errors. Surely that is telling us something?

21 May 2019 18:24:28

OH Baby Spice 🀀🀀😘😁.

21 May 2019 19:57:04
met sporty tewit she was lovely and helped sell out my musical so did me a right favour

also met Ginger regarding her possibly doing my play a few years back, she was stunning

although back in the day it was always about baby spice!

21 May 2019 20:35:31
A threesome, Baby Spice, Emma and me!

My life would be complete. 😁😁😁.



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