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19 Mar 2022 07:02:09
As someone has already posted, a lot of humble pie to be eaten.
I don’t get a lot of comments made about how bad certain individuals have played.
We are not Man City or Liverpool!
Absolutely zero consideration is taken in that injuries has massacred our entire season then if that wasn’t any more difficult for the players to deal with, they then have to deal with a new coach and the different tactics he imposes on the team.
As for, "I’m not not convinced about Marsch yet", how could you be, he’s only been here 5 mins?!
I just don’t understand what some fans are expecting, be happy for the win and the three points and stop over criticizing certain players.

Really feel for Bamford, been out practically the whole season, I think that’s usually the problem when you come back from a long injury the tendency is push it to impress and more often than not you’ll create a new injury. Apparently it might not be too serious but even if he does get back before the end of the season, he’s not going to be displaying the kind of form he was at last season. He just has to take this season on the chin, re boot and prepare himself for next season.
Patience is required with Marsch and our players, they always give their max and you can’t fault them for that.

Enjoy your weekend, and have a beer or two. 🍻.

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19 Mar 2022 08:17:58
Good post, as a fan base we have to re-set our expectations. We are a world famous club who had a world famous coach and we (myself included) run away with ourselves believing anything was possible.

Reality is we are a famous club with players who are not quite at the level required. Some will improve, others will move on but hopefully we improve and over time build a team worthy of our club.

Thing is it will take time, so whilst we are building we should all just get behind our team, enjoy the ups, suffer the downs but keep believing until the world stops going round.

19 Mar 2022 08:35:44
Ok so how long do you take to form an opinion?
I might be proved wrong which is fine.
But I can form an opinion anytime I like.
I’m sure you have many many many times in your life.
I applaud players in my opinion play well and I criticise players in my opinion don’t play well.
That’s the idea of a banter site. It’s about opinions.
In my opinion you are wrong not to have an opinion on manager or players.
But hey ho.

19 Mar 2022 09:22:30
I’ve formed an opinion of him too, I don’t like him or his American attitude. I can’t stand he says “nil one” or practically calls it soccer. But in terms of management meh time will tell and I hope he keeps us up.

19 Mar 2022 09:50:11
Aus, like Berm, I disagreed with most of his posts, if not all, but at least it was Banter. I’m not asking you to agree with me, on the contrary I welcome your opinions, even though you are wrong 😉
Same goes for Baz, Alf, George and the rest of you defeatists. Some of you fellas need to enjoy when we win.
Im having a victory Breakie Beer right now, it’s going down very nice too. 👍🍻.

19 Mar 2022 10:07:25
Marsch is getting the best out of the team when needed, I feel Leeds are looking good under our new boss get this season done and let build for nest season.

19 Mar 2022 10:10:27
I think we all enjoyed it opt just posted our opinion just like everybody else. Right or wrong.

19 Mar 2022 10:10:53
Loveawaydays, i don't like his sense of dress or his accent either, but I’m not going to form an opinion of him as a coach because of that!
Christ most posters were practically begging for Bielsa to get sacked, now that we have a new coach how can you form an opinion of him after a couple of games?

19 Mar 2022 10:39:52
Err OP fairly good posts in general but regarding moi being ' defeatist ' and ( laughably incorrectly on your part me 'not enjoying victories'

1) Yesterday I was the one who suggested ( to Aus) we could / should be looking to beat Wolves


2) I crave and THOROUGHLY ENJOY ALL VICTORIES more than most; you really got it wrong badly on that one OP. lol 😃😜🤣.

19 Mar 2022 13:31:09
OP I'm not defeatist whatsoever at all. I just called for 3 things.
1. Bub to go.
2. Marsch to come in.
3. Marsch to start well (which he has) .
I can't help it if I was right.

19 Mar 2022 16:44:51
Just diggin’ for a reaction from you gentlemen, because I know you are always right, n’est pas 😉.



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