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17 Jul 2021 07:45:47
Nandez strongly linked with a swap/ loan move to Inter. Looks like another one we may miss out on.

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17 Jul 2021 07:54:06
Never felt we were in for him, as he was also linked to Leeds by ( bs) media sites in previous window and nothing came of it either.

17 Jul 2021 08:40:01
Alf - all of the itk journos over here have been saying that this story was very much driven by people close to Nandez, and that while we were interested in him he was way down the list. When Orta and his team start working on any signing, they start with a long list of 20 and whittle the number to 3, which are cleared with Bielsa, before making any serious moves. The process of whittling down will, at some point, include tentative enquiries with clubs/ agents on interest/ availability, likely asking price/ wage demands etc.

Making such enquiries could be construed as having an interest in a player, but Nandez could easily have been tenth or maybe lower on the list for that position, so not really ‘missing out’, despite the best efforts of the clickbait media to suggest it a ‘big blow’ to Leeds, or that Bielsa will be annoyed/ angry etc etc.

Indeed Nandez going to Milan or wherever might actually be helpful to Leeds, as it may mean that club will not go after the player we actually wanted. Or to fund the purchase/ clear a space in their squad, the buying club may need to sell a player we want, or who is wanted by another club who might otherwise go in for the player we really want etc etc.

Orta has said for some time that at least one of our top targets, may go deep into the transfer window as it was contingent on other things happening in the market first. So don’t panic when other clubs start buying players, even if they’ve ones we are said to be interested in. It’s a sign that the market is at last moving, which should make it easier for Orta to get the players we actually want. Obviously we will occasionally miss out on players, but when Orta gets to sit down with a player and his agent, he presents a compelling case for the player to choose Leeds, and as Firpo himself said, the fact that he does take the effort (which is even greater due to the c.v. situation) to meet face to face rather than make zoom calls also helps his case.

Apologies for another long post, but hopefully it will help set your mind at rest, and might give you pause for thought before you make more negative comments about Orta etc.

17 Jul 2021 11:49:16
I so, so hope you are right Cluey but forgive me if I do start to worry. Soon.

17 Jul 2021 13:33:04
The fact is Clu that although your post is feasible it is just your opinion and you don't know any more than any of the rest of us how interested in a player we are. It's easy to say 'we never wanted him anyway' when a player goes elsewhere and of course Orta will say that to cover his ineptitude but the reality is Orta has a long history of missing out on good potential targets and signing rubbish. Yes he has guessed right a couple of times but even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day and with our resources our recruitment is a shambles. We bring in too many cheap youth players who never make it in the hope that one will and not enough time focusing on the seniors imo. That said you may be right but i call it as I see it like you do.

17 Jul 2021 14:48:11
Alf - what I wrote on Nandez is not just my opinion, but rather that of Phil Hay, Adam Pope, David Ornstein, Beren Cross etc - guys who have a much deeper understanding than any of us here of the processes Victor Orta and other DoFs go through to recruit new players. Frankly I trust their understanding and judgment more than that of the amateurish clickbait journos you appear to be relying on to inform your opinion.

17 Jul 2021 16:11:22
Alf - your view on Victor Orta’s recruitment seems to be very much based on his first season here, which I would agree didn’t turn out great. Of the failures, you could perhaps suggest a number were punts: Sacko, Cibicki, Ekuban and Bouy, with most of the others coming off the back of decent previous form: De Bock, Ideguchi, Wiedwald and Anita - then of course there was Lonergan (least said the better) . O

Of the others that year, Klich and Alioski were integral to promotion, Saiz and Jansson burnt brightly for a while, Roberts may yet turn out to be a bargain if he develops to his full potential here, and Forshaw has been very unlucky with injuries.

The next year (Bielsa’s first) , the senior permanent additions were Bamford, Douglas and Casilla, and of course Harrison began his career with us here that year too. While Douglas was again blighted by injuries, most thought Orta had played a blinder in getting him in after the significant part he’d played in Wolves’ promotion the previous season. While few will remember Casilla fondly, he did play a significant role in our promotion.

The following season so no permanent senior additions, but Meslier and Costa began their time here as initial loans, with Ben White also playing a key role in promotion. Then last season saw the additions of Koch, Rodrigo, Llorente and Raphinha.

So I would contend that apart from that first season, and since Bielsa arrived, Orta has not made any significant mistakes in the transfer department - and do I need to remind you again that it was Orta who suggested we try to bring in Bielsa?

His recruitment helped get us promoted and achieve 9th place in our first season back. Given that, I would contend that he has spent enough time focusing on the senior squad and should be given additional credit for building up our academy teams and infrastructure to the extent that our U23s will be competing at the top level next season too - which will help stand us in good stead for the future. Of course some of the players brought into the academy will not make the grade here - that’s what happens at all academies.

17 Jul 2021 18:59:48
How do you know that the successful transfers were Orta and not Bielsa who asked for them? And who are these people close to the club tipping us to sign? Nobody. They are ad in the dark as the rest of us and only say that a transfer will happen when they get knowledge of something solid. Any rumours that end up not being true they claim they knew about to make themselves look good but the fact is they just don't say anything until they see the white smoke and it makes them look knowledgeable whereas in actual fact they just sit on the fence.

17 Jul 2021 19:02:00
Wasn't Bielsa here when Orta decided JKA would be a good idea? And poveda who has done nothing. Time and again when Otra goes after his own signings and ignores Bielsa they turn out to be rubbish.

17 Jul 2021 21:29:36
I’m sorry Alf but your determination to slag off Orta is just about on a par with Berm’s negativity over KP - it’s being going on just about as long as seems equally as impervious to reasoning. Next you’ll be saying how do we know that Bielsa didn’t contact Leeds to see whether we were interested in being his latest project, rather than it being Orta’s idea to contact him.

Yes we all know JKA didn’t go well, but it is the only one in the last three seasons that didn’t, and shouldn’t be used to devalue or disregard all the good work done during that period.

Poveda started with the U23s when he first came in, and has shown promise on the occasions he’s come on as a sub. He wasn’t expected to make a significant contribution yet, and was bought at that point because he was being tracked with a view to possible recruitment and had become available. Better to bring in early, and shape his development than buy for much more later.

17 Jul 2021 23:25:42
We all have different points of view and you have a right to yours. I believe we would do better with a better scouting network. Look how we'll the likes of Brentford seem to do time and again. We spend much more than them and don't do as well.



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