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23 Oct 2020 22:25:39
Take a bow Hatrick Banford.

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23 Oct 2020 22:30:03
see us proper leeds fans who know football have always backed Bamford to the tune of 250 quid. we also know leeds will win more game without a certain player in the team. took so much stick on this site. but am I . just possibly. correct. maybe. just maybe. I understand football. just maybe.

23 Oct 2020 22:42:46
Why Bermo? The player you want to replace KP was removed after 20 mins for being out of his depth. You must be a genius!

We won. It was a great performance but nothing to do with KP not being in the team.

23 Oct 2020 22:43:10
Berm and his 1 game/ result makes him correct arguments again.
Funny how we win more with Phillips than without him though isn't it
Wonder you can explain that fact Berm.

23 Oct 2020 22:50:37
stuki was removed because of an injury. and yes Canada I am right if phillips played we would of lost. I take the lierpool defate as a game we should of won as villa beat them but we lost because we had phillips playing. he is that much of a handicap. results make me right. see them make me wrong.

23 Oct 2020 22:54:18
Turn it in Bermo.,

23 Oct 2020 22:57:26
canada wow. just wow. we played six games with phillips won some. lost some. we played one game without and won It against the odds. and you still want to argue. really? . like seriously . really? >.

23 Oct 2020 22:59:41
All I said was take a bow Patrick and it ends up being about KP, what's all that about. It doesn't matter what team steps on the grass they are a team. I liken it to lifting a log, 6 people carrying a log, if they all take an even load then the log becomes easier to lift, you get one or two not lifting their share tgen it means others need to do more. We lift our log equally, as a team and that's why we are finding things easy.

23 Oct 2020 23:00:22
Bermo give it a rest . yawn.

23 Oct 2020 23:04:45
Bermo. Balls. We have a team that can bring players in to do a job. Get off your horse mate. It’s not that high. We are Leeds. Enjoy it. Stop criticising and join the revolution.
⚽️⚽️⚽️. Bam

23 Oct 2020 23:15:45
Results PROVE you are wrong Berm.
We win more with him than without him, FACT.
Everything else is conjecture. We may have won by 7 if he'd played but we will never know.

23 Oct 2020 23:28:02
Bermo, Struijk was not injured (and you know that) . If he was he wouldn’t have been the combination of surprised and annoyed he was at being taken off!

I like Struijk (but he’s far from the finished article) , but you need to give up on your ridiculous bashing of KP. You look an idiot, not the footballing genius you think you are.

23 Oct 2020 23:45:35
Tag struki should have been sent off and I wonder how we would have done tonight with fat Sam allerdice one charge if berm would have had His way! Oh yea we would have been playing Rotherham or Coventry wouldn’t we.

24 Oct 2020 07:14:27
Please don't be rude to a certain London based Leeds fan, he is a proper fan ya no!

24 Oct 2020 07:57:38
Yawn Bermo. You mystic bloody Meg now? What a load of drivel you talk sometimes. Pack it in!

24 Oct 2020 09:34:20
Berm. You are wrong.



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