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31 Mar 2019 07:42:11
Whether I actually supported the club I have loved for nearly 50 years was challenged by a certain poster yesterday because I had the temerity to question our performance . I want this promotion as badly as any of us but the performance of the team yesterday other than our fighting, never give up attitude and camaraderie worries me for the run in . We have some very tricky fixtures left as everybody knows . People might very well say at this stage it doesn't matter how we win but a more commanding performance where the result is not in doubt until the very last minute would certainly inspire more confidence that we can actually do this . We also can't keep relying on Pablo to bail us out of trouble . Bamford, in my opinion was very poor yesterday and over the last two games has shown no form or confidence . We not only need Roofe back but need him back sharp and firing which is a big ask after a lay off . Douglas also worries me, that's two goals in two games he's responsible for and I would play Davis ahead of him if Ali needs replacing . I guess he's injured now anyway but for all MB's genius I would have thought by now he'd have worked out that using him late in games as an impact sub to move Ali further forward or replace, merely weakens us . But big shout to Ayling who over the last few games has really come back into form and silenced some of the doubters who wanted him replaced by Shackleton . Tyler also despite some misplaced passes looks like a match winner . Overall may be because we've all experienced so many disappointments over the years, I just can't get too carried away after a narrow home victory where we were forced to come back from behind twice against a team like Millwall .

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31 Mar 2019 11:07:02
mate please ignore these people,

some on here think you have to be super positive or you ain't leeds.

the more sensible lot know that being a true fan also means frustration and anger as well.

Besides that is proper love, anyone can be married to super hot wife. Its like supporting city it is very easy to do, now supporting leeds if like being in love with my wife, she wrong side of size 10 and wrong side of 30, she moans, put on weight but i still love her. That is like supporiting leeds, we know they ain't perfect but love them anyway

I may not agree with all of your views, personally I think douglas was quality last year and good for us at start and needs to play to get him back to best. However i am not saying you are wrong and certainly not saying you aitn true leeds

MOT mate.

31 Mar 2019 12:21:45
Red hot, At this stage of the season perfect nerveless performances not easy to deliver by any team involved in the end of season battles at top or bottom. Possibly why Hernadez with his calm professionalism stands out so well. Agree we weren’t at our most fluent but we scored 3 goals came back twice and those fighting qualities will be much needed at this end of the season. Look at Sheffield, conceded three at home for the first time against opposition on a moderate run.

Douglas got caught out but it’s the flip side of our style. If you take so many risks up front with your defenders, you are going to slip up. Alioski our of position for the first goal and Douglas mistake followed by Ayling our of position for the penalty. But then Douglas and Ayling combined for the equalizer. Bielsa will stick with his players and be judged by them.

Bamford did struggle against the physicality of Millwall, I would have liked to see Edmondson get some minutes against them. He would have relished the combative style and has a knack of getting his head or boot in the right place at the right time.

Roofe should be ready for the bench at least next week. It would be Bielsa style to show his faith in Bamford and give him a half to show what he can do and hopefully get his confidence back.

Winning 3-2 when you miss a penalty and the team isn’t playing at its best is a good result. 3 points banked and we made the very most of the Sheffield defeat!

31 Mar 2019 12:58:58
There is a clue for what it means to be called a "supporter" of a football club. It is in the word itself, SUPPORT. You might call yourself a supporter but if there is no support for the team then you definitely are not a supporter, no matter how much you protest. You might be a follower of that team, but you are not a supporter.

Nobody said people on here have to be "super positive" but what I, and others, object to is constant negativity. There are some people on here who only post when we lose. Why? Because it gives them an opportunity to moan? Or are they just clikbaiters?

There are some people on here whose posts, even when we win, be it magnificently or hard fought, are just negative nit picking. Why? Because it gives them an opportunity to moan? Or are they just clikbaiters?

Being critical is part of being a supporter and essential, otherwise it would just be blind obedience following, be it against an individual, tactics or performance. But what is the point of having negativity in every post? Big difference between constructive criticism and constant negativity. You only have to read their last few posts to see who these people are.

Berm. As for your analogy about your wife and supporting Leeds it is wonderful. Not sure your wife might agree though!


31 Mar 2019 13:21:21
Every one can have an opinion about players but only Bielsa actually knows 😉


( that last word is the key one)

31 Mar 2019 13:35:50
Don't take it serious currie, thing is we all post on here due to our love or allegiance to Leeds utd. We all have our own opinions and are all better managers at times than the boss. Same as we all see the good or bad in a player and either praise or slate him. We all want us to do well and get out this league. This forum is a platform about opinions, respect each other, take the piss if you feel that way inclined but mate your opinion is just as valid as the next.

31 Mar 2019 14:23:57
RHC Very good post. I believe Bamford does not like playing against a more physical opposition.

31 Mar 2019 15:11:33
I'm loving Tyler Roberts he is great and will get better I love Patrick but nothing went his way yesterday positive or negative its part of the game and it looks like I have tickets for the Wigan game I can not wait a pre match burger a look at the square I bought a while ago then sing my heart out for 90 minutes I'm buzzing already.

31 Mar 2019 15:12:59
Good post Tewit!

I know we sometimes skirt round it on here but there are supporters who sacrifice more than others to get to games and support the team through thick and thin. When you are at or around the ground on match days and the under 23s you meet some amazing people. What is an impossible ask for some supporters is a must do for others. Those getting to the games, buying the tickets, buying the merchandise are doing what they can to support the club both financially and physically in the ground. I salute those of you you have been at Elland Road game in game out over the years, an even more so hose on the road, you deserve this year and I will always listen to and respect your views a little more than some others because I think you’ve earned it!

The couple behind me met at Elland Road as teenagers and they have been coming to the ground regularly for 60 years. I bow down!

31 Mar 2019 15:49:40
I won’t say what I think, It will ever called negative .

31 Mar 2019 17:58:15
What Tewit said 😁.

31 Mar 2019 18:34:48
my wife understand it and is fine with it, sadly when I met he she was billy bremner now sadly I even prefer KP to my wife.

31 Mar 2019 20:27:59
Good job she don't read your posts Berm, she would be as happy as Neil Harris at this moment.

31 Mar 2019 21:33:21
she don't mezzer but only because she can't read, it is ok though i tell her and she agrees with me, she can't stand me either, it is only our mutal dislike of KP that keeps us togteher. oh and i guess we both like the kids. kinda.



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