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12 May 2022 13:05:48
Class and OP, great posts below and to be fair there are a lot of good posts this morning after last nights result. First of all, It's a pity Chelsea didn't play like that against Everton eh! Anyway, I really don't know what's happening, where have all the chances gone in front of goal? We've always conceded but we also made lots of chances! That's all gone, then the defence which has always been dodgy this season looks even worse and we have no midfield, which is why our possession stats are low, it really is that simple! Rodrigo not interested, Raph already gone, KP doesn't know what's going on and what's all these little notes being passed around the pitch? Bloody stupid! And where has all this dirty play come from? I expect it from Mr Clumsy Firpo but the tackles are terrible, that's because we are so far off the pace! I'm now not convinced with JM, sorry guys but he has a lot to learn about our game and we don't have the time. We have no direction, he speaks well but that won't win games. Sacking Bielsa is now looking a bad move, maybe better battling with him and parting ways in Summer, who knows eh? I am always optimistic and I still am but the team needs sorting for the Brighton game. Joffy needs to be first on that sheet, forget Bamford! No James now so no excuses! Forget Firpo, get Helde on that team sheet. Let's make positive decisions with the players. Cresswell, Joffy, Helde, Greenwood plus others are waiting to do a job for us and become tomorrows hero's. Forget the want alway's if you don't want to play for us F off! Whether we are relegated or not we are Leeds and always will be, Jesse shut up and get on with it, the players need some pride in their play so get it into them, 2 games left, SORT IT! Well done posters for trying so hard to stay upbeat and that's why we are the best deluded supporters in the world! 👏👏👍👍❤️.

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12 May 2022 18:34:49
Woody I can’t believe that Keeping Bielsa would have made any difference at all the reasons we are in this mess in the first place is because of him and all the games he had to sort it and couldn’t, as for JM he’s hardly had any time to find his feet and already you would like him to go, Bielsa wanted a small group and that the problem also he had no plan to change anything and he same man game after game, The other person to blame and you probably won’t is Rads he hasn’t invested as he should have but take a very large amount in rent on a ground that was supposed to be bought for LEEDS UTD, all that money could have been use to buy players not feed the top cats, we go down where we started perhaps 49 will now take over and Radz gets the boot.

12 May 2022 19:49:58
Wow Whiteman1, thank you for highlighting things I never said! Where in that post did it say I want Jesse gone? Where in there did I say Bielsa SHOULD still be with us? I said I thought it might of been better sticking with him till the summer, also where did it say I don’t blame Radz? In an earlier post in answer to Chris Chris I said he should go! My post was an opinion not a statement so whatever gripe you have with me take it somewhere else and don’t highlight things that aren’t there please. Good man 👍👍.

12 May 2022 21:54:29
Nobody was complaining when Bielsa won the Championship and finished 9th last season. Bielsa may have preferred a small squad but Radz owns the club and should have taken the initiative to buy more players.
Radriziani is responsible for where we are now, no one else.

12 May 2022 22:00:30
We should have got David o leary back wi Our Mr Eddie Gray it was only when wi got kidd that started going wrong for me at least they know English game everything dies of death when firpo gets it cooper goes back to mez all the time when there's loads of space in front of him but like you all say we've lost our identity for me be mot.

13 May 2022 18:26:17
Listen Whitey and Woody. You are both right but I question the wisdom of retaining Bielsa until the summer. If you extrapolate the trajectory we were on under Bielsa the destination board read "Championship" and to me that could have been so easily changed but for the basic stubborness of the man (love him to bits but he was SO unable to compromise his beliefs) so you have to admit that because of him we are where we are. Of course the next discussion is whether JM is the answer to the problem?



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