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15 Aug 2021 08:43:46
Interesting that Berm was often derided for his very out there forthright (very individual) views and opinions, and yet a number of posters have taken equally forthright positions, after one game.

But hey I respect that’s your right, your individual opinions.

But I really don’t like this divisive talk of them (hot tub rose tinted lot ) and us, the realists.

Why not simply state “my views are this…” really no need to attack other posters individual views, because you’re hurting, we’re all hurting after a defeat like that and all views are valid, including Berms, or even mine!

We all want the same thing for our team and be pretty boring if we all thought the same.

I’m a self professed rose tinted poster but 100% agree with Aus, that not one player deserved a rating above 4 yesterday well actually think Messelier warranted a 6

And yes, I hate losing especially to the Devon lot, but for me, even the threat of relegation would not make me campaign for Orta out or Radz out and never ever Bielsa out after the way they have transformed our club.

Sadly, I believe this will be Bubs final year with us, his age and a desire to go home to his family after so many years away.

I’m just glad that after fifty years of following Leeds I got to experience the journey, since Radz, VO and Bielsa, joined us.

My own view (I predicted a 1-2 result! ) this is our first game of a very long season against a team who will finish top three minimum, but are owned by Americans who have continually asset stripped them and mortgaged them to the hilt, (currently debts of £443.5 million) and would gleefully drop the fan base in a heartbeat, for the evil super league shilling.

We may not get European football (not sure anyone did say that was a certainty) we may even be drawn into a relegation scrap, it’s getting tougher every year and all the newly promoted sides will no doubt try and copy our blue print from last season.

But I’m going to enjoy the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs…all I ever ask is that the Leeds team we put out play for the shirt, supporters they didn’t do that yesterday, agreed, but over a long hard season, under Bielsa, I ‘personally’ believe they will. ALAW.

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15 Aug 2021 09:04:33
Brilliant post class. Everything that I would have liked to have said on the morning after but haven’t the ability to write it, Was always going to be a tough first match so wipe away the tears and let’s hold judgement until after 6 games! Thanks Class.

15 Aug 2021 09:42:37
What a well written post, and to all those realists out there firstly I haven't ever taken offence at being derided as one of the rose tinted spectacle mob. It just my way of walking thro life. Its not fool proof but at least I can look back on me having a happy face and not an unhappy one. I have absolutely no idea what this season will bring for Leeds, and by the fact I write this post from the Premier Inn in Whitley and not Sam Lords Castle in Barbados will show you just how very bad I am at predicting anything especially lottery numbers. But I am determined to enjoy watching my Leeds on MOTD. For 16 years I didn't have that pleasure so it feels great to fall sleep to it.

I don't want the Fantasy Football way of running a club. It doesn't show a depth to any of those clubs. Just buy world stars and plonking them in a team just feels hollow.

Everything is cyclic. Once the Russians and middle Eastern tire of their toys and cease to pump money in, watch all those superstars abandon ship leaving those clubs crumbling. I want my club to be a fortress for the community it represents.
We will win some, we will lose some, and the worst result of all we will draw some nil nil. But I will always look forward to the next game (for all us mortals, one day there will not be a next game to look forward to. profoundness over) .

15 Aug 2021 11:08:35
Great post Axe! Love your attitude!

15 Aug 2021 11:52:59
Spanish, you can butter me up all you like but I stand by my word, you can NOT join the hot tub whilst you insist on wearing that flowery bathing cap and those garish surf shorts. It's Baywatch Red or nothing.

15 Aug 2021 11:57:37

your comparison is somewhat off

Berm was challenged by virtually all for his forthright opinions on his ONE MAIN SUBJECT his nemesis KP namely that he was garbage and would never play for England etc ; he was proved wrong of course with KP playing for England yet still kept up the same line even having been proved wrong hence where it became 'DERISION ' ' from posters and understandably so.

Certain posters such as myself forthright views after one game are for the alarming way Leeds capitulated for a a second game in a row at OT and more so for our concerns for the season ahead due to the lightweight squad not being reinforced significantly.

Time will tell soon enough if our concerns are justified or not, hopefully they will not be.

15 Aug 2021 12:56:40
Class if you don't like the divisive talk why refer to yourself and those with like minded views as the realists?

15 Aug 2021 13:25:04
Hi Canada please read it again it says the exact opposite.

I refer to the hot tub bunch and the people with a different view whom often say that ithe hot tub brigade need to find some realism, hence punctuating the ‘them’ and ‘us’ divide.

I labelled myself as rise tinted because I’ll always try and find a positive in any situation. I often challenged Berm but I always spoke up for his right to criticise KP.

Berm NEVER blocked or criticised other people’s positions and that was my whole point really, over the years people have strived for a hierarchical position on the site by whatever means.

Me I love the banter yes but there’s never any reason ever, for someone to call out another poster (you haven’t) or keep reinforcing differences. It’s turning into a Mnty zpyghon parody now…. ”we’re all individuals, I’m not”.

15 Aug 2021 17:19:37
Bright is in the hot tub, with a nappy on, just to be sure, and I respect nearly all opinions on here, as they are just that; personal opinions, which everyone can have. Bermo got derided, or slated, for his inability to listen to opinions, and accept them as such, and making far out statements, while abusing others. That was a different story all together. We can have disagreements, which is life, but shouldn’t take them to heart too much, which I have been guilty of a couple of times. After all ALAW.?

15 Aug 2021 18:47:55
As soon as you say us it reads like your words class.



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