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13 Aug 2019 19:25:35
no bogatuz, no gotts, no young french keeper, beradi at cb rather than stujki

firstly i think we can stop talking about these young players as they will not feature under Mb

secondly proper losing the faith in him and really dissapointed. if the young CB ain't better than beradi then why did we not sign a CB as beradi is not good enough. el loca don't learn. and yes to all who say do you know better than the manager. yes. yes i do.

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13 Aug 2019 19:36:56
Bogusz and gotts are on the bench! It’s clear he likes the look of Davis more than Struick because of his flexibility and Davis is playing. He has made 7 changes!

13 Aug 2019 19:38:37
I hold great respect for everyones opinion on here, but Bermo, please what makes you think you know more about these players than the management who work with them every day. that's not having a dig, its just an acceptance that there are people within the club who work with these players every day . They know them far better than we do. They know the level of performance they are capable of. We are two league games into a new season with a cup match away tonight and a more important game at the weekend.

13 Aug 2019 20:04:38
Phillips loves giving the ball away, so many times I in the first few minutes!

13 Aug 2019 20:07:51
Bermo you’re off your game mate. Davis Shackleton Clarke and Eddie all playing and all under 21. You saying he should play the whole under 23 squad? Do me a favour and stop trying to play to the Leeds Banter lads and instead play to the 50 odd paying punters above the Dog and Duck!

13 Aug 2019 20:41:27
also how many times have the commentary mentoned height. do we not think the opposition managers will clock on? every time we have a conrner we lose it every time they have a corner they connect. it is just worrying

apprently MB has finally conceeded and has made a short list for jan tagerts at CB, sleepy, dopey, bashful, grumpy, doc, bashful, terian lanister, warwick davis and r2d2

apprently dopey is error prone and bashful not good in big games but other than that they look proper MB defenders, maybe we will play three on each others backs to make one normal height bloke.

13 Aug 2019 20:47:36
right 1970 and cork here is what i know

beradi at centre back is not good enough. just no, in no world can any leeds fan be happy to see him playing there can they. or are you happy with beradi at centre back

now i know little about stujki but few on here like him. now here is my point if stujki ain't good enough to make a bench when beradi is playing how poor is he? either stujki good enough to play or we needed a centre back surely do we not all agree

and cork again lack of class and getting personal why do people on this site have to get personal about my career. just so you know my last play the greater game has been seen by over 8k people. what do you do cork so i can get personal back. eds can we stop these personal digs please. i don't mind banter i don't mind digs football related but when it is personal can we not ban them or something? this site shouldn't be about that should it?

13 Aug 2019 21:23:25
the greater game is a true story about footballers who fought in the Great War a wonderful true story about hero’s and deserves some respect sponsored by the prem league f a and royal British legion

Get my career right or don’t comment would be my advice or come and see a show i'd love to meet you in person mate.

13 Aug 2019 21:48:11
Guys try and be gentle with Bermo, I think he’s been told several times in his life at key moments that “ of course size matters! ” It’s scarred him so much it’s become his mantra for life!

13 Aug 2019 22:25:23
very true spansih hit a nerve mate that's why my wife is 4'10.

13 Aug 2019 22:29:16
Cork - many on here may get a little tired of hearing Berm slag off KP, but in no way does that merit small-minded and ill-informed personal attacks on Bern's professional life. He is a serious playwright and director and should be applauded and respected for that.

13 Aug 2019 23:01:40
thanks clueless although not sure about that I am pretty carp but don't think i deserve that on here, unless kp signs up in which case he has every right to slate me to high heavens.

13 Aug 2019 23:45:11
Don't put yourself down Berm. While most of us on here don't have many good words for the EFL and FA etc, they and the Royal British Legion wouldn't have endorsed The Greater Game if it was crap.

14 Aug 2019 00:46:01
Look if all the uproar here is about Corks comment about the dog and duck, then actually I thought it was quite funny, it’s banter!

We only all know about Bermos career, his plays, pantos and legendary contacts in the football world, because he tells us about them frequently, he brings it to the forum, so therefore for me it’s fair game for banter. The same with your much repeated views on KP, if you don’t want us to comment don’t tell us stuff.

Clueless, I didn’t get that you were being sarcastic until the serious playwright and director bit!

It’s a banter site guys, lighten up! Cork don’t let it worry you, I’m “ passively aggressive” in Dr Bermos professional opinion and it bothers me not in the slightest!

14 Aug 2019 08:07:35
think it says a lot about the person

i don't mind football views being picked apart i don't mind banter about drag etc but I think when people get nasty about someones personal life or job it is passed the line, i would not of stood for that comment in a pub if i am being honest even if it was the dog and duck. I am surpised they are your views spanish, I wouldn't say I am a doctor more just an expert on everything every.

14 Aug 2019 09:03:32
Bermo, you bring all this stuff up, if you don’t people to comment on it don’t bring it up in a Leeds banter site. As I’ve said before, you make yourself an easy target, you self promote at every opportunity, you tell us that your daughter wears a Phillips shirt and your wife is short and ugly. If you don’t want people to comment on any of this, don’t mention it. Lots of other posters keep their comments to the football and their private lives private, you choose not to. I think you think you are an expert on everything to me that’s just arrogance.

14 Aug 2019 10:31:48
no one on this site should be a target no matter how easy the target is, this is bullying and i am surpised you said this

banter is one thing and i get a lot of flack which i take but personal stuff is different

there are a lot of people on here is jibe me and i find it funny i have a few mates on here i have met in person and really enjoyed spending time with (including speedy who is still under my bed) but me and cork clearly are not freinds and think his comments where not in banter but a nastier tone which i didn't appriecate.



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