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10 Jul 2019 13:30:12
Axe in a previous post you said all I've been is negative towards the team. You want to recheck that remark. I have only ever been negative towards the owner and his cronies. Never negative towards the players.

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10 Jul 2019 13:43:36
Wex You're having a giraffe, yes? You've criticized Bambam (justly though I might add) but you've also criticized Tyler Roberts (unjustly) .

10 Jul 2019 14:55:22
Wex, I rest my case.

Cheers George.

10 Jul 2019 15:40:08
you ain't a proper fan if you don't critizie players. noo team is perfect and as fans we want perfection. Every leeds team i can think of has had my heros and villians part of the game.

sadly for me rads has sold three of my heros viera, PJ and Clarke. leaving me Aling and Shacks as my current heroes. I just hope we lose a few of my villains as well, sadly villians are harder to sell which is why i think brolin is still on our books as a player as no one will buy him.

10 Jul 2019 15:48:48
Individual players is not the team George.

10 Jul 2019 16:11:01
Berm Agree. We should criticize if necessary. I have criticized. I can even provide a recent list. BPF, Casilla, Cooper, Okane (who I can't stand) and only because of his recklessness against Derby second leg Berardi. Certain players earn a pass because although they are not quite good enough for the club they frequently play to their maximum output and skill level. Dallas, Alioski, Harrison. Others earn praise from me because I recognize they got class even though they can have bad games. Point is most of us criticize except certain posters I've noticed and credit to them (Staffy, Brighty) . Let's just try keep it real on here, instead of bickering. We got some great posters but most of us will have a dig now and again and that's alright. Btw still think we're stronger this season but another quality central defender and striker are needed (and no further first team outgoings) in order to catapult into automatic promotion material.

10 Jul 2019 16:39:26
well said George. i am the same i just hope every year we have more good players than bad ones. what upsets me is i know every year we don't get prem football more of our gems will go. since risdale the amount of talent we have seen leave the club for too little money is criminal and sadly at the moment i think rads is doing that with veria Pontus and Clarke. and that will always inspire me to be angry and rant and rave, although there is little i can do about it.

10 Jul 2019 16:41:53
Wex I realize this, what's your point? You wrote "players" in your post (in this thread) .

10 Jul 2019 17:04:06
"You ain't a proper fan if you don't criticise players "



Your a wordsmith. You make a living from writing. And your going to go with that idea?


10 Jul 2019 18:06:56
wow axe, i must of really rattled your cage.

what has my profession got to do with the idea that i think all proper fans might have a gripe with a player from time to time?

I am yet to meet a fan who at one point or another ain't had the hump with a player at some point.

not sure what this has to do with my career though; care to explain?

i also have an uncle who runs a pub and he thinks it is ok to dislike some programmes on netflix and a granddad who was a bank robber who thought it was ok to dislike some advertising campaigns - the mind boggles.

10 Jul 2019 19:11:25
George get off the fence.



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