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01 May 2020 10:57:23
I was, like many, in favour of finishing the season and winning promotion irrefutably but as time drags on and no sign of an end to this awful tragedy I am now of the opinion that this season should end and a formula found to determine winners and losers. Next year would have no cup games and start much later than normally, with the first few games played behind closed doors if necessary. Above all the protection of life is paramount, players, officials or fans.
No one knows the course of this virus in the coming weeks and months so, if necessary a fallow 20/ 21 season should be contemplated.
When this pandemic subsides there is even talk of a second wave lurking. Not until a proven vaccine is available and all of the public is immunised (and issued a vaccination passport) can mass gatherings be contemplated. A bitter pill for all to swallow but the only sensible way forward. I am sure it will mean the end of the road for some clubs and unemployment for many lower league players but again this may be the price to pay for emerging the other side, a fitter and healthier game. It is not only football but many other small (and large) companies will no longer exist before we are done.

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01 May 2020 11:47:34
I don’t own a season ticket but what will happen to people that do? Will they be refunded or offered a discount for next seasons ticket?

01 May 2020 14:03:43
Thing is Leo, there is a school of thought out there which is growing by the day that this season should be made null and void with no conclusions!
Would you accept that with the same thought of mind.
I know that lives of people will always come above football, but for me I can’t accept the null and void.
This season should be concluded no matter what!
Even if it takes 2 years before a ball is kicked again in anger.

01 May 2020 16:04:23
Not sure what it says in the league rules

Usually at amateur level if you’ve played 80% of games it can’t be made null and void and results stand

From my vague recollections anyway.

01 May 2020 16:19:54
That’s ridiculous opti
Finish it now.
Promote and demote.
Have a break. Start new season in sept or oct. plenty of time to get fit and rid of virus.
Don’t understand why people want to finish the season
Teams have had their chance to show true colours and I know like luck of the draw etc. but it is what it is.

Finish it now. Reward or punish. Move on to pastures new.
And we get to 6 point manc.

01 May 2020 19:26:20
There is likey to be disputes controversy and legal cases against the football authorities whatever happens .

The best solution but still imperfect solution is the season is completed .

The next best but imperfect solution is to award champions, relegation and promotion by positions as things stand now or ppg or midway positions

Re the bad ' solution ' of null and voiding 80 % completed leagues I have read that the PL season cannot be null and voided without the agreement of not just the PL but also the FA and EFL

It requires proper strong fair leadership by the FA and others to ensure that for the integrity of football there is no null and voiding any leagues. and instead
champions, relegation and promotion are determined by either of the better solutions above.

Leeds, West Brom and others should aggressively make swift legal action claims for huge loss of income if there is any Null and voiding

1) and especially if the top 6 clubs accept European places in next seasons UEFA Competitions awarding European places in a null and void PL season

2) And also if the 2020/ 2021 season hypocritically starts just a matter of weeks later than null and voided PL 2019/ 20 season, say in August or even September when 100% the same coruna virus and its same risks will still be present

The French leagues 1 and 2 is the blueprint . the Dutch league decision is NOT especially because their clubs are unfairly and illogically still seeking European places in next season UEFA competitions from a null and void season and Div 2 Dutch teams in tbe promotion places will most likely be making legal cases against the leagues.



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