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05 Feb 2019 10:59:17
How does Bamford earn a start after 25 min and one goal. He deserves to come on if roofe doesn't score but no way a start.
I would def play kp instead of Forshaw and shacks instead of Ayling and keep Roberts in. Hope brown can come on soon to so we can drop Harrison.

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05 Feb 2019 11:31:48
Possibly because we have been struggling to score in the last few games. I agree that it is harsh on Roofe, who has had a good season so far, however he needs some competition and support to keep his performance levels up. Weren't you recently criticising Bamford for not contributing enough? How can he contribute if he does not play? I would also argue that he currently has the best scoring ratio in the entire squad.

05 Feb 2019 11:42:07
If he scores 12 plus before end of season I will think he is worth what he cost. I very much doubt he will last more than 3 games before his injured. Every player needs to earn his start and 25 min and a goal compared with what roofe has delivered doesn’t cut it.
Roofe is due a goal and will run their defence ragged.

05 Feb 2019 11:57:04
1 goal in 25 minutes or no goals in 270? jus saying. Bub will decide who plays and that's the end of it 😊.

05 Feb 2019 12:13:53
Aus, Roofe didn't really get a sniff against Boro at home, and I see no reason why it would be any different at the Riverside. Bamford was only subbed on in the 90th minute, so why not try to change it up - it can't really go any worse in terms of goal scoring, and Bamford's confidence will be up after his cameo last time out. Doesn't necessarily mean dropping Roofe, he could play on the right - though not his favourite position his movement could help make space for Bamford and tire out the defence ready for Clarke (and maybe Brown at some point, fingers crossed) to terrorise in the second half. Bamford's height would be useful in our own box too. At Elland Road Ayala had three clear headed opportunities and Shooton had one. Yes, Jansson only got on the pitch for the last few minutes, but every bit of height will help against these lanky freaks. That's why Ayling would seem to be the better pick at right back too - afterall he almost scored with a header at our place, which was cleared off the line.

05 Feb 2019 12:18:51
How is paddy going to score 12 if we don’t play him?

05 Feb 2019 12:46:51
Aus, by your reasoning Roofe deserves to keep his place ahead of Bamford as he's been doing it for us all season. So if we'd have signed Ronaldo would you say the same. I know Bamford is no Ronaldo but IMO he is a proper centre forward or at least he looked like one when he stuck a hatrick past us last season!

05 Feb 2019 12:49:26
Horses for courses Ausman. Roofe does not deserve to be dropped but Bamford may be more effective against certain opposition i. e. Middlesborough.

05 Feb 2019 12:52:40
Good post clueless. I get all that I just don’t like people jumping on the Bamford deserves a start over roofe! There is no comparison in what they have achieved this season.

05 Feb 2019 13:31:11
Good posts from all, especially Aus. Regardless of tactical changes, Bamford still needs to build his minutes before starting. I'd bring him on early second half along with Clarke.

05 Feb 2019 14:36:59
George, as a newbie to this, I certainly respect the opinions of established posterslike yourself. I also get that Bamford may still need to build his minutes. I would however like to see him on from the start, when the dynamics of the match are being established. After half time could be too late if, as at Elland Road, Roofe and the rest have been nullified by their back line, and perhaps bouyed by their home support Boro have managed to get a jump on us (pun intended) . A combination of Roofe's movement (albeit from a wider position) and Bamford's greater physical presence probably has a better chance of breaching a relatively fresh Boro defence, and Bamford could help safeguard things at set pieces at our end. If Bamford needs to come off in the second half, by then the little guys will have a better chance against a trying defence - particularly if Boro are then chasing the game. I may be completely wrong, it's just how I see it.

05 Feb 2019 17:20:30
Good posts Clueless you are not! Go with Bamford, Roofe in reserve. No one likes an x player starting against them, always feels like it is written in the stars. Did well for the goal on Saturday and within minutes of his last appearance. Not bad to give Roofe a bit of a break and a chance to come on with energy and prove what he can do!

05 Feb 2019 17:27:07
Clueless Good reply but I pose the question at what risk and cost? You bring him back gradually in my opinion especially with his injury record. You don't want him out injured again. I accept he has class (more so than Roofe) but I'd err on caution side.

05 Feb 2019 17:27:37
Just because someone has been posting for a while doesn't make them right Clue.

05 Feb 2019 18:18:09
Thought Bamford looked in good shape and caused problems, a few seasons ago the guy was on fire .
We are suffering because to many misplaced passes, this is where I think Kp is best suited for the def/ mid role as he wins balls and puts the ball forward.
Forshaw seems to lose the ball a lot in this position, and for me Harrison is not good enough .
I hope Brown is soon fit as he will do better.

05 Feb 2019 20:20:06
Clueless, home support? at Middlesbrough? They're struggling to sell out 🤣.



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