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11 Dec 2017 21:45:45
The stripey Nigels appear to be doing the red bluebirds, or whatever colour or name they're going to be, plus big nose sent off. every little helps.

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11 Dec 2017 22:37:02
Kiss of death. doh!

25 Nov 2017 21:58:45
Just watching Football on 5. Does my tv need servicing or is that woman a cadaver?

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23 Nov 2017 11:01:52
Has the time come to face reality and pick up the phone to big Sam or pullis?

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30 Nov 2017 20:32:54
We don't want Pulis - i know a lot of WBA fans and they all hated "pulisball" - he plays a system where you never go forward and aims to stay in the division rather than go up or climb - not what you want when trying to get promoted - Albion fans hated him

22 Nov 2017 22:34:02
Time for change, TC is totally out of his depth. Never mind buying this player or that player, concentrate on getting a decent, experienced manager that can change formation now and again. One up front isn't working.

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22 Nov 2017 00:10:04
After watching the Leeds/Boro game on Sunday, I predict 4-0 to Wolves today. Goals from Jota, Bonatini, Cavaleiro and Costa.

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05 Nov 2017 18:43:47
Are u sure your all Leeds fans? It's getting out of control all this slating of our team. I feel embarrassed reading what some of you think of them. 6 weeks ago we were world beaters and going to win the league by 50 points according to the same ones calling for TC, S head. Were no longer under the regime. Be patient and stop being fickle. Radz said it was a 5 yr plan and beleive me he stands to lose more than any of us if that plan fails. Come on guys let's get behind them and help em out ofthis run. MOT

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04 Nov 2017 18:53:35
Well well well Leeds fans ;) I see some of you are finally coming to your senses lol. Your manager hasn't got a clue and your players are going to get you into a relegation scrap. It's incredible how right I was and how very wrong you lot were lol.

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05 Nov 2017 14:55:48
Paul Frank's - I am guessing that you are that intellectually sub normal, sad, pre pubescent Tottingham fan who struggles to interest girls, so gets off by coming on here and boring us to tears. Don't worry sunshine, you will in time lose your acne, grow some pubes, your cherub will drop and your voice will deepen. You never know, if you develop a rounded personality, stop talking ball hocks, you might even pull a strumpet and grow out of feeding off the contempt of real men.

01 nov 2017 10:36:36
well its a pity but we will be out of top six tonight what ever the results are

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16 oct 2017 08:38:34
mowatt sub for oxford, gone down hill, did score.

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14 Oct 2017 20:18:00
Oh stop it Leeds I'm having far to much fun watching you get your bellies tickled game after game lol this time by mo barrow lol have to love the comedy your club provides ;) bring on the next game ;) I'm predicting your manager will be sacked soon and some poor old sod will come in and have to work with your weak players. 7th last season, you won't get anywhere near 7th this season more like 17th if your lucky because you simply can't compete against strong teams you just roll over ;)

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