Leeds Player Sightings


Leeds Player Sightings

Spotted a player outside Leeds FC?

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Today in Spain but no players sadly

Uploaded: 15 October 2014


Smitten by the boy from Brazil

Uploaded: 04 October 2014


My kid, next generation Leeds fan

Uploaded: 31 August 2014


Man of the match v Bolton

Uploaded: 30 August 2014


Don't suppose we will be going soon

Uploaded: 25 August 2014


Uploaded: 16 August 2014


At last 4 season tickets

Uploaded: 15 August 2014


Cellino after guiseley, a mutual leeds salute between us

Uploaded: 19 July 2014


Uploaded: 29 June 2014


Uploaded: 29 June 2014


Uploaded: 19 June 2014


Uploaded: 11 June 2014


Uploaded: 08 June 2014


Uploaded: 08 June 2014


Uploaded: 08 June 2014



Uploaded: 24 May 2014


Uploaded: 16 April 2014


Uploaded: 14 April 2014


Leeds kits

Uploaded: 12 January 2014


The first Leeds Utd side I saw aged 7 ,see anybody you know?

Uploaded: 15 October 2013


Uploaded: 30 September 2013


Stoke 3 Leeds 0 1970

Uploaded: 17 September 2013


Uploaded: 28 July 2013


Uploaded: 07 July 2013


Daughter loving the shirt from the year she was born :-) sussexwhite

Uploaded: 22 February 2013


Pretty much sums up Warnock's time at Leeds

Uploaded: 20 February 2013


Had a jolly good chuckle at this one..........

Uploaded: 28 July 2012


Drop ya keys off at the front desk Ken

Uploaded: 22 June 2012


true fan

Uploaded: 16 June 2012


last week on countdown

Uploaded: 10 June 2012


this is what we want to see him in a leeds shirt again

Uploaded: 26 April 2012


Neil Warnock meeting Bates and Harvey

Uploaded: 18 February 2012


Max Paddy & Ross, Game of Fifa in Scotland

Uploaded: 15 July 2011


Another try! Looks very convincing mind!

Uploaded: 06 July 2011



Uploaded: 06 July 2011



Uploaded: 06 July 2011


Uploaded: 12 March 2011


the queens a leeds fan look at the picture in background

Uploaded: 31 January 2011


Uploaded: 23 August 2010




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