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08 Jul 2017 17:08:45
Hello siblings, I'm writing today because I'm slightly annoyed, actually very annoyed, by the way some of us is treating bellusci. He was booed and "fans" were chanting rude stuff towards the Italian, you guys need to remember, he's still a man, and he's wearing the Leeds shirt, so I think beside the man being a bit of a tool, we should still get behind him. That'll be all.

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08 jul 2017 17:28:10
he can pi$$ off for all i care! should have let all those who refuse to play for leeds go last year. mot

08 Jul 2017 18:12:08
You reap what you sow Delboy, I don't advocate it but you can understand why. He either goes or toughs it out and earns respect

08 Jul 2017 19:18:31
After his first few games I thought he was going to be a cult figure. Scoring a blinding free kick, jumping on his backside celebration. But now I think he's just a show off.

08 Jul 2017 18:55:02
Good posting Notts. Leeds fans were venting and have every right. Bellusci never really said sorry.

08 Jul 2017 20:27:20
The Douk is just as bad, he refused to play and bit someone, but fans love him. I don't get it?

08 Jul 2017 20:42:02
Everyone who wears the Leeds kit during a match should be showed support. Everyone has done wrong once or twice in their lives. FS give the guy a break. Giving him abuse will only rub off on other players and moral
And togetherness will diminish . c'mon lads. Support our great team. MOT. DTP 👍⚽️🍺😂 big up to stuarty Dallas also. 👍

08 Jul 2017 21:13:03
I agree. Everyone deserves a second chance and if he plays for us then we should get behind him. You never know he might think he owes us and put more effort in. All Leeds aren't we?

09 Jul 2017 10:20:54
bellendci will get stick from me until he proves he is worth not getting stick, unlike douk and wood who both always try when on pitch (I hate douk but he does put effort in) bellendci has shown poor attitute and not a team player, he needs to put in effort and win us fans back round until then i would take every opportunity to vent my dislike of him. everyone deserves a second chance but he has to prove his worth to stop me from slating him

09 Jul 2017 10:39:37
So bermo, u think it's ok to chant negative stuff towards your own player?

09 Jul 2017 10:41:39
Delboy, the Douk has put in some decent shifts and scored a few. He is no Wood but a more than competent squad member. He has easily outperformed Bellusci whose defensive displays were sometimes so bad it made you wonder whose side he was on. He has not lived up to the Warrior billing, has gifted several goals away through his ineptitude and his attitude not exactly model like. This causes anger among fans. Does that clear it up for you?

09 Jul 2017 11:02:47
What I'm saying is he's redeemed himself this season, I personally think bellusci won't be playing next season, however, it's inexcusable for fans to be negative towards a player while he's wearing the Leeds shirt!

09 Jul 2017 11:36:55
No it doesn't guys. I see how this situation splits opinion aggresively but unless you are going to all the friendlies then you cannot ask him to prove you wrong just yet unless you have actually seen him try. I understand that because of his past antics you want him gone but don't blame the man. He probably wants to go just as much as you want him gone but fate decrees that, as yet, no one wants him enough. How about this? Why not boo TC? He is the one that picked him to play Bellusci is just doing what he is told, pulling on a shirt and going out to play, or even why not boo AR, he should just pay him off and tell him to stay at home. So for what it's worth my take on this is that it has gone so far that for many vociferous supporters he will never be rehabilitated back into the team so the only answer is to get rid (at any price) but the barracking of a Leeds United player by our own so called fans is unacceptable. Unfortunately he is not a forward so cannot show his repentance with a goal a game. Let the man go gracefully. The more he is derided by his own "fans" the stronger the buyers hand becomes when negotiations start so let's not do their job for them. I am not a fan of the man just of common sense.

09 Jul 2017 15:05:37
in short yes you can abuse own player. not for being pony, but for not trying, showing bad attitude and not playing for the team you can abuse all you want. fans let players know what is and is not accectable at the club we love and pay money to support. last time i saw bellendci it cost me 500 as every leeds trip does. we lost 4-1 to hudds our local rivals. bellendci was at fault for two goals. never played a simple ball but kept going for 50 yard diagonal glory balls (none of which found their man) then at 4-1 down did a double ball roll over skill in own half. he then smiled as he walked off the pitch. i walked to the front and called him every name under the sun, what he did that day was an insult to leeds, the badge, myself and and the club and i will at least let him know what i think. I know many ex pros and they feel the same, they know who cares and is a team player and who aint, they respect the fans abusing some players, it is part of the game and the players want the fans to let other players know what is not acceptable

09 Jul 2017 19:33:32
I have respect for you and read all your posts but as you say that you will despise Bellusci until he proves different, then do not fairly give him the chance to rehabilitate and prove to you he has changed. You are on his case about an attitude that (possibly) applied many months ago, that was then this is now. Give the man, in a Leeds United shirt, a chance and start with a clean slate.

That apparently is what TC is doing. I personally believe, as you, that the man will be gone soon. Purely because he is not good enough however that is a decision of TC and his team and while he is here and wearing the shirt the team (including him) should be supported.

If TC cannot see him not pulling his weight (or being plain good enough) then there should be the target of your anger. Let's just disagree on the booing thing but agree on the fact that life will be better with him gone.



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