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08 Oct 2023 17:51:22
I see Philips not selected again. Surely he move on in the next few windows. I know he now has medals and loads of cash but a chance to play football only comes to some and to train all week and get so little pitch time seems such a waste and something he may regret in a few years!

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08 Oct 2023 18:32:04
How rich does one need to be? : KP already set for life from his earnings but surely he can't enjoy being a bench warmer with zero minutes virtually

He should seek a move to another EPL team in loan in Jan window or he won't play any part at all in Euro Championships with England

Not sure why Pep bought him .

08 Oct 2023 18:35:13
Arsenal 1 vs Citeh 0 game over
Citeh quite ordinary without their 2 best players in De Bruyne and Rodri.

08 Oct 2023 19:13:04
Amazing to think Phillips didn’t make the grade at city

When we sold him one smart and handsome poster on this site predicted such

Think he said he will go city not make the team then move to a team fighting relegation

For me I’d have Kamara and certainly grey and ampadu over Phillips any day of the week.

08 Oct 2023 19:20:11
I agree Rustler. He should move in Jan, should the opportunity arise. I hope he does.

08 Oct 2023 19:41:03
We did very well selling him for what we got. I'd say Ampadu looks as good and was a heck of a lot cheaper!

08 Oct 2023 20:15:10
Funny after a few years we still obsessed with Kalvin?
The likes of Raphinha get a pass.
Personally I only care about the current Leeds players and what they will achieve at Leeds.

08 Oct 2023 20:22:49
Ampudu cost minimum 7 mill more than Phillips.,

08 Oct 2023 20:50:03
Agree I’ve no idea why leeds fans over rate and get obsessed with players because they are from Yorkshire.

Personally I don’t care where they are from or where they go to

Only about the time spent at leeds

Current team look class… that’s all that matters!

08 Oct 2023 21:19:59
Corky not sure anyone is obsessed with KP . well except perhaps one geezer on here ?.

08 Oct 2023 23:33:58
Ampadu cost 7 million, KP was -50, good deal!

10 Oct 2023 10:19:27
I think City went for Kalvin for 3 reasons….

1) They could.
2) They didn’t want him going to a rival.
3) Obligation to meet EPL squad quotas.

I’ve never been that impressed with him and think for a decent pro, he’s actually been pretty fortunate. Without Bielsa, Pep and Gareth, he would have had a decent championship level career at best. Bielsa gave him the metaphorical kick up the backside, Pep came along (with no real need for him playing wise) and Southgate just picks the same crowd. That one pass to Kane in the Euros cemented his England and City career.

He’s just never kicked on; surrounded by world class a city, yet probably not playing as well as he was for Leeds in the EPL. His game just seems to have contracted and is limited to pointing to a colleague on where to make the sideways, back pass or doing it for himself. Gone are the incisive forward cross balls that caught everyone’s eye.

Sad thing is, he hardly seems to care, or least doesn’t give the impression he does.

10 Oct 2023 12:47:47
You are correct Ani in your final sentence.



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