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17 May 2019 00:12:55
Seeing Ponus sitting against the East Stand advertising boards was very sad but, and I hope that I am wrong, I have to say that the message appeared to be "come and get me" to any decent Premier club who might be looking for a CB.

We need him and the majority of the squad for next season.

Premier League and beyond

1.) 17 May 2019 17:58:16
You got to feel the fear factor now because radz is definitely goi g to get offers for PJ KP KR JC JS,
And we all know he is going to cash in on some if not all of the above .
It should be a case of fans holding season ticket money until he actually spends some proper money .
Seriously the amount of fans with their heads up their rock n rolls about radz us laughable.
He refused to strengthen in the previous 2 windows and the Danny James episode should blow all doubt about his character out of the water .

He's another frugal shrewd biz man who does not want to invest in team, only wants the sales department and turnstiles ticking over, throw a few pound at bang average muck from other leagues .

2.) 17 May 2019 22:19:49
I have a good feeling he will sell to someone with money.

3.) 17 May 2019 22:52:44
Some may argue against me but if we have to raise some money for other signings/ stay within FFP. Provided we can get 10-15m for Roofe (in mind he only has a yr left) in terms of those listed above he is the most expendable. He's had a good not great season, spent about 30% injured too. I think he's at the pinnacle of what he can offer, we'd be lucky to get a repeat next season. Sell Roofe unfortunately we have to keep Bamford as he has no sell value right now.

Sign a new forward (Haland i'd love as i've said already but not likely, but the kind of ambition we need to have nonetheless) . We have three young strikers who are certainly worth a look too in pre-season (Edmondson, Temenzhkhov, and Wilks) .

Goal scorers can flatter to deceive. I don't think Roofe has, he's done as well as he can but his value is a bit inflated and he may not sign a new deal either sell when we can get something for him.

Ultimately we need to keep Jansson, Phillips. Clarke and Shackleton i think will be with us whatever unless truly stupid money. Jansson's contract situation in particular also leaves us in a strong position financially.

A new winger, centre back (ideally a partner not replacement for Jansson) striker and Central attacking mid (may not need if Bogusz shows he can do it) . Bailey as No.1 next yr.

4.) 18 May 2019 08:04:47
Chris CC, all businessmen will want to come to the club and make money and the money comes from being successful and having a team doing well that people want to watch. Most successful year since we returned to the championship. It’s a start not a finish. I think we could be in a lot worse hands than Radz and we have been.

5.) 19 May 2019 16:51:26
I definitely hear what you say @spanish Leeds but it's so infuriating now that a lot of us knew in July what needed doing and knew what the outcome of refusing to open the wallet would be .
So to hear him now say the usual muck, thinking that as fans we can't see through his shite talk is very condescending to fans.
Surrounding himself with yes men who surely know difference between bang average+ quality.

6.) 23 May 2019 19:33:22
Chris great post.



16 May 2019 00:44:43
great atmosphere tonight, coasting at one nil and then stupid mistakes.

I for one believes that this has been the best season for years for excitement and quality football.

thank you Leeds for bringing such a genius of a manager to the club, who coached a quality team, bringing the best out of many players and provided so much entertainment for us long suffering supporters.

Looking forward already to next season.

Premier League and beyond

1.) 16 May 2019 09:41:01
Good post, the manager needs to decide if he wants to be here next year, if he can try to do it all again and what he will need to do it. Then the club needs to decide if it can give him what he needs. Some big decisions that shouldn’t be rushed but that also need to be made quickly in order to move on.



30 Dec 2016 23:29:30
30,000 tickets sold for the Rotherham game. No doubt it is because we are playing well and sitting 4th in the league. I for one will be going to witness a cricket score - essential if we are going to compete with the Mags and the Seegulls for the top two but, doesn't the sensible pricing of tickets for this fixture speak volumes. Looking forward to see and hear 32,000 voices (and 250 very quiet ones) Marching On Together.

Premier League and Beyond

1.) 31 Dec 2016 05:14:43
A cricket score? It's a local derby so form and league position meet nothing, they will be up for it too.



23 Sep 2016 13:21:46
Big Frank going to Southport. If he returns as accomplished as Charlie Taylor following his loan at Fleetwood I for one would be very happy.

Premier League and Beyond



21 Jun 2016 22:39:16
So, GFH have not got a pot to p**s in. They do not have the funds to contribute to the purchase of new players. Enter Steve Parkin to make GFH an offer they cannot refuse.

Premier League and Beyond

1.) 22 Jun 2016 07:25:57
That would be the best scenario and probably the best bit of business done this close season (getting rid of gfh) .


2.) 22 Jun 2016 12:37:54
Please let this be the case.

3.) 22 Jun 2016 16:48:55
They might not have any money to offer but you can sure as hell garantee they'll ask top dollar for their share.

The price they'll invent off the top of their head will be enough to scare away any interested parties.

It's going to have to take someone with a lot of bottle, a fair bit of cash and not a lot of sense to pay over the odds for a small share in a club.

The only 2 options are a billionaire coming in to buy the club out completely and that isn't going to happen because let's face it, it'd have happened already.

The 2nd would be for Cellino to buy them out so Atleast when he comes to sell the club he's gotten rid of any red tape with regards to messing about with small stakes here and there.

I also can't see that happening so for now, we're stuck with an owner who wants to up the ante but doesn't want to pay for this special season alone and a finance company who have no finance to offer their own 'investment'.

4.) 28 Jun 2016 18:49:29
"So, GFH have not got a pot to p**s in. They do not have the funds to contribute to the purchase of new players. Enter Steve Parkin to make GFH an offer they cannot refuse. "

These people have more money than you or I will ever see in a lifetime.

And they haven't had to work hard like us to get it.

They are leeches, full stop.




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24 Jun 2022 21:18:45
Thankyou Marcello, £45 million profit from nothing. sadly I thing Kal will be lost as a little fish in a big pool.

Premier League and beyond

1.) 24 Jun 2022 22:21:54
Disagree, I think he will thrive and become even better. The very best of luck to him (unless playing us)



16 Jun 2022 20:21:17
500/ 1 with Willie Hill to win the title or 16/ 1 for top six.

Premier League and beyond



15 May 2022 18:30:05
Thank you Pontus, now just one more favour.

Premier League and beyond

1.) 15 May 2022 18:46:21
PLAB, thought he played really well and Brentford look a very organised side, reminded me of us in our first season back.

Mind you, it’s a one off cup final and we will know what’s required……win!



11 May 2022 19:28:06
All Eddie Gray Are We.

Premier League and beyond

1.) 11 May 2022 19:37:58
Pity the players weren't.



29 Apr 2022 13:55:59
very happy to have a ticket for Saturday, my only second visit this season.

The first time, and only other time I have watched Citae was my first my game on 23rd March 1968, where seats in the Lowfields were 12'6d and a treat from my Dad.

Just short of 52,000 watched a 2-1 win for Leeds with goals from Giles and Big Jack.

We were unable to stop Citae from winning the title that year but we bossed the division the following season to be top of the pile.

I would be more than happy for a repeat of events tomorrow.

Keep the faith and shout it out loud!


Premier League and beyond

1.) 29 Apr 2022 15:01:12
Aye I'd take that PLAB.

What's a 'd'?

2.) 29 Apr 2022 18:05:52
D for denarius Alf! I would have thought you were old enough to remember Latin! Denarius was Latin for pennies! So 12 shillings and 6 pennies!
School finished for the day 😂.

3.) 29 Apr 2022 23:44:40
It was French at my school! And the metric system.




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17 Sep 2021 22:37:44
They will get out of it one way or another. A rabbit will be pulled from the hat.

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27 Mar 2021 14:59:17
How or Why what has happened?

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16 Oct 2020 18:41:37
Best news I have heard in a long time.

It shows how complete as a Club Leeds have developed under Radz. Its not that long ago when previous owners would have kicked him out of the bus without a second thought on the way home from the Derby game.

Side Before Self Every Time


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05 Feb 2018 00:55:33
its a bit of a blur but i can remember the kop without ab roof

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04 Feb 2018 23:07:00
£400 for a season ticket? where are you sitting? Hyde Park?

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17 May 2022 17:16:43
Me thinks the story about Newcastle and Jose has been posted by Coleen Rooney just to see if Aus is passing duff information to the rest of us.

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07 May 2022 00:19:03
Bet placed. Let's hope that with the going good to soft, Dirty Leeds will be Galloping On and On to the winning post with Boring Arsenal pulling up two furlongs out.

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18 Apr 2022 20:31:11
You will need binoculars the size of the Hubble Telescope to see where Derby are going if the preferred bidder buys the club (which I doubt) . After all he does have history with Preston. Without any contracted players and a further expected points deduction it will be a slow death of a thousand cuts until they cease to exist.

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15 Apr 2022 11:37:44
Strange decision to sack Dyche with three fixtures in the next ten days.

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04 Apr 2022 00:56:08
My Good Lady and her Brother are from Newcastle and cannot get excited with the new ownership and fully expect them to slip through to the Championship which will cost them an arm and a leg (or at least a hand or two) .

Premier League and beyond