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17 Nov 2023 12:48:18
Serves you right Toffees. 10 point deduction with immediate effect. Now LUFC ?? presumably has legal platform to successfully sue. Toffees are appealing but that don't mean they're attractive lol ?. Cheats.

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17 Nov 2023 12:59:22
Chuffed, cheating c****, Citeh next then.

17 Nov 2023 13:11:45
Expect Everton to get the point adjusted to about 6 points on appeal. Feel sorry for the fans but not Everton as a club.
Should be a forfeit to have the points increased if they challenge to decision and lose, guarantee it would if they were called Leeds United.

17 Nov 2023 13:47:52
6 points,10 points, 15 points,20 points. Everton still won't be going down.

17 Nov 2023 13:54:19
George . Leicester and Burnley potentially I guess

Not sure how Leeds would have.

17 Nov 2023 22:37:36
Baz Don't know why you would mention Leicester but not Leeds. Don't know why Southampton aren't in your equation. Don't know why Burnley enters your thinking. Toffees unlawful overspending helped facilitate our relegation causing loss of revenue.

18 Nov 2023 00:06:42
George . well. I maybe wrong

But logically imo

. if Everton had been deducted 10 points last season. Leicester therefore stay up in 17th

3 clubs go down : Leeds would have been 18th, Saints 19th Everton 20th

N'EST PAS Monsieur frere George?

18 Nov 2023 06:56:25
Baz Good simple logic from you; however that's merely the punishment. An argument can be made that what Toffees did had a cumulative effect on the league itself in particular the teams around them. To include results against us (including that infamous where is Meslier goal scored game) . Leicester have a decent case but so do Leeds because the bigger argument is had Toffees not overspent they would have earned perhaps even less points. The deduction is not a concrete mathematical science one way or another. If Leeds are within a very close range even after a deduction there's a case to answer IMHO.

18 Nov 2023 14:26:06
George. three teams had to be relegated last season

Everton if points deducted last season would be R

And If what Everton did had a cumulative effect on ALL teams

. what factual legal argument is there to state that Leeds United and Southampton shouldn't be the other 2 with Everton .

Leeds and Southampton were worse, achieved less points than all 17 other teams ( excluding Everton)

Imo only possibly Burnley season 21/ 22 and Leicster 22/ 23 have any potential case.

18 Nov 2023 14:53:41
Baz Because Leeds played Everton twice and had to play a team who overspent causing them an unfair advantage.



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