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25 Oct 2023 01:35:05
Further to Class thread below about his Meslier concerns ( and thinking of previous Leeds United goalkeepers) .

Where does Meslier rate in Leeds United best ever Goalkeepers?

Top 6? Top 10?

Is Meslier somehow better than Nigel Martyn? . NM widely regarded as the best ever Leeds United goalkeeper in most fan surveys and media articles.

Imo My top 10 BEST EVER Leeds gk ( since 1960s to present day )

1st Nigel Martyn
2nd ) John Lukic
3rd ) David Harvey
4th ) David Stewart
5th) . Gary Sprake
6th ) Mervyn Day
7th) . Paul Robinson
8th ) Rob Green
9th ) Kasper Schmeichel
10th ) Illian Meslier.

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25 Oct 2023 06:18:38
Top 2 could be either or and jasper in contention if he had stayed longer.

25 Oct 2023 08:12:13
Goalkeepers don’t play entirely the same way as back in the day, even football in general has changed with higher pressing football which can make a keeper more exposed. Also a keeper has to be good with his feet. It’s not just about shot stopping anymore.

25 Oct 2023 10:00:47
Think that’s a fair list Baz.

25 Oct 2023 10:26:28
Cheers Class ?.

25 Oct 2023 10:34:50
John Lukic was a great shot stopper - but my recollection is that he was badly exposed when the back pass rule came in and he could no longer pick up.

25 Oct 2023 11:45:56
Yes Manston I agree the new back pass rule in 1992/ 93 was not to Lukic liking. I doubt many if any gk at the time enjoyed that rule change.

That said Lukic was very good in most aspects of actual goalkeeping.

25 Oct 2023 12:04:58
I remember that too monston. Took a lot from his game.

25 Oct 2023 12:15:43
Baz You've omitted Neil Sullivan and Casper Ankergren who I'd rate higher than Meslier and Schmeicel in terms of their performances for us. Both goalkeepers I mention also did something on the fairly regular which you crave. Save penalties.

25 Oct 2023 12:23:09
Manston He was also made a number of howlers early on in his career.

25 Oct 2023 12:49:00
Yep George good shout on Neil Sullivan I don't know why I forgot him . I would have him at 8 ahead of Rob Green

Ankergren arguably at 9
Schmeichel 10
Meslier 11.

25 Oct 2023 12:55:36
8 Neil Sullivan
9 Rob Green
10 Casper Ankergen
11 Kasper Schmeichel
12 Illian Meslier

Georgey as for John Lukic, I don't recall he made a "number of howlers early in his career" . the home game against Arsenal 1980 yes.

of course that European Cup game away to Glasgow Rangers in 1992 comes to mind also.

25 Oct 2023 13:43:51
Baz You're welcome ?. Lukic most certainly did commit some horror shows early on and this fact is documented on an extremely popular videos platform website with a pronoun in its title under channel name LUFC Films. An incredible channel. I'd say your list is more or less accurate now.

25 Oct 2023 17:14:12
The back pass rule put the skids under a lot of decent keepers. Suddenly keepers were asked to play football or at least kick the ball. I do remember lukic did struggle with the ball at his feet. So did a lot of defenders.

Remember Chris Woods of wendies and England. He was a cracking keeper was probably going to take over from Shilton as England number 1. But the back pass rule came out and couldn't kick.

25 Oct 2023 22:49:31
I met Howard Wilkinson at some fan event at Elland Road the season end before the new back pass rule came in, and he suggested that the rule would really suit a keeper like Lukic…oh so very wrong!

26 Oct 2023 08:52:43
Yes ani. The pool of decent keepers shrunk over night with that ruling. Now goalies have to be good football players as well.



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