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23 Oct 2023 23:25:49
Apologies in advance I appreciate I’m guilty of a tinted view more times than not, but I do have a nagging worry one which I remain ever hopeful can be fixed, but I’m concerned and it’s Mess on crosses, set pieces any ball into the box in the air really.

As an aspiring young forward I once had a trial for Southampton Mr McMennemy was there but never spoke once)

I was 6ft 4inches tall and surprisingly quick more Chris waddle but with better hair.

Sadly after three call backs they said, no thanks fella you’re surprisingly quick, have good technique but we’ve noted your six ft four but when you jump to head the ball you never get over six foot five!

If you watch the first headed goal (there have been others this year) rather than using his height Messellier has a poor habit of crouching and extending only his arms?

Hopefully this can be addressed through coaching but it’s been that way for a good while now and may prove costly if teams notice and target this deliberately.

Ok it’s poor form after such a brilliant win but I’m trying to be a more balanced poster it’s new for me and uncomfortable but all joking aside Mess is a big unit and should be dominating his area but look back at a few highlights and he’s ducking down.

Many attributes he does possess but he needs help with this one, I believe.

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24 Oct 2023 03:57:40
Interesting post Class . so if you could jump whob knows you may have rubbed shoulders in Saints first team squad with late 1970s early 80s maestros Micky Channon, Kevin Keegan, Phil. Boyer etc

Well done on "more balanced posts" as you put it ; it's not just crouching and crosses . there are several other weaknesses too to Meslier performances.

I wish we had a gk on the level of Nigel Martyn, John Lukic, David Seaman, David Harvey, etc.

24 Oct 2023 07:14:55
It’s a puzzle with mez. Looks so confident but has so many weaknesses. Crosses. Punching. Positioning. What doseth a goalkeeping coach. Just encourage him and boost his already inflated ego or tell him to sort some of his rubbish out.
He has had these weaknesses for years now.
Dosent really make sense. Unless he can’t or dosent think he needs to improve?

24 Oct 2023 08:42:15
If only eh Baz? Got down to last seven players and it was then I realised I was far and away the weakest of the remaining seven they only signed one from our group. And he was streets ahead of the rest of us.

Messellier is capable of amazing reaction saves but he definitely has areas for improvement in his base skills but hopefully he’ll get the help and improvement needed but it’s a concern for a long season in the championship where teams will deliberately go direct at him.

24 Oct 2023 10:21:20
Some good points above.
Baz raised a good point a few weeks ago and I actually defended Meslier. But not I am starting to get slightly frustrated with the simple goals he is letting in (but his team mates aren't helping)
He has made some top draw saves this season (QPR being a big one) but they have mainly come from outside the box
Anything closer, his reaction times are slow and positioning poor ??
Personally, I think he will be moving on in January and we'll probably be talking about Darlo or a new recruit in goal
On a positive note, I'm predicting another win on Wednesday ??.

24 Oct 2023 10:28:14
Good post class. I've seen and played with so many tall guys that can't jump.
Players we'll over 6 foot that are rubbish in the air. And then you will get a Tim cahill that out jump the lot.
Mezz can definitely work on his catching and dealing with crosses but ultimately could decide whether he stays with English football.

24 Oct 2023 12:16:56
It is a fair point Class and I do understand fans concerns about Ilan Meslier.
However I do reiterate that he has dealt with an extremely poor defense for two seasons.
I’ve looked at his XGOT’s and it is quite poor last season but like a striker who can’t score and his supply is poor, his confidence becomes affected, same for a keeper who is not helped by his teammates.

Meslier is a young keeper at 23 years old and it is interesting to look at his stats with his time with us. it’s not a surprise to see that when we are playing well like our promotion season, in the Championship and first season in the Premiership he does play very well.

I think you will find that his stats for this season will be above average compared to other keepers come the end of it. His inexperience as a keeper and most keepers don’t arrive at their peak until 29/ 30 years old. His mental maturity will develop which will only improve his positioning and timing.

For me I would stick with Meslier, he’s far from being the finished article right now but I do believe he will become a top keeper and France’s number 1.

24 Oct 2023 17:54:51
Mess is actually very good on crosses as shown this season

Far better than Martyn who admitted he was awful on crosses and never came for them.

24 Oct 2023 19:03:44
Lol Meslier "best Leeds keeper ever" and " very good ? on crosses this season " lol . said no one ever!

I very much doubt that Nigel Martyn said he was " awful " on crosses because quite simply he wasnt

Also NM voted Leeds United best ever keeper in most surveys.



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