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01 Oct 2023 14:52:03
A class ( or even good ) goalkeeper saves his team when it really matters ; not conceding time and time again from the very first shot on target of the match as Meslier does time and again

Saints goals
1st goal

1st shot on target ( Meslier concedes as usual . he repeatedly conceded 1st shot on target last season too. )

Should not be conceding from a very tight angle needlessly going to ground the ball thereby sailing over his head into the net

2nd goal. as usual ridiculously out of position near his left hand post . a shot from reasonably central placed nonchalantly into the acres of space of the right hand side of goal.

As often Meslier also doesn't even try to save it with a dive. Should never give up.

3rd goal. AGAIN. beaten by another tight angle with a half hearted movement with his floppy leg

Really a new far better gk is an absolute MUST for Leeds United asap next window.

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01 Oct 2023 15:20:21
Think we’ve been here before Baz, I’m done with this topic unless someone else wants to join you in this old flogged horse. ?

01 Oct 2023 15:27:12
What Baz said. Posted earlier his hands in wrong place for certain shots.

01 Oct 2023 15:29:47
That's fine OP
But gk issue exists.

01 Oct 2023 16:20:01
I'm ready for a spanking, but this is my view of yesterday's goals.

1st goal, yes Meslier could have done better. But was hung out by his defence who expected an off side flag

2nd goal, Midfield let Meslier down and failed to close Smallbone down (especially Kamara)

3rd goal, Struik got the last touch and helped the ball into the net (could have gone wide)

It's easy to blame Meslier, but the players around him added to yesterday's loss

Baz, I've got my helmet on and ready for your reply ???.

01 Oct 2023 16:35:12
2nd goal was James fault!
Shack had the winger covered, when the full back overlapped James signed for Shack to cover the runner, he did but then James did as well leaving the winger alone to waltz in and pick a pass.

01 Oct 2023 16:48:38
Spot on assessment Leeroy in my humble opinion.
Not a keeper anywhere who can make world class saves time after time when left exposed, and he’s also made a couple of worldies recently.

01 Oct 2023 17:18:55
Interesting reply Leeroy.

But what about Mes positioning on goal 2 Leeroy and his positioning in general? ?

But yes sadly it was undoubtedly a substandard game for most Leeds players.

And Bright
Very good goalkeepers like Peter and Kasper Schmeichel who stand up strong save those 1st and 3rd goals no doubt about that.

01 Oct 2023 18:16:53
Baz, Meslier"s positioning was correct for a right sided attack.
But due to poor defending, the ball was allowed to be zipped to the centre and wham bam
Last week he was praised for a world class save from Watford's only attack, so to blame just him for yesterday's result is an easy Kopp out
At the end of the day, Southampton pressed us high and into panic mode (other teams haven't done that) resulting in 3 avoidable goals
So, we move on to the next game and hopefully a positive result and comments.

01 Oct 2023 18:19:40
Canada, you're right about James cocking up.
But when the ball is zipped into the centre, Kamara does nothing and could have blocked the shot.

01 Oct 2023 18:40:38
Leeroy, your posts are well considered as ever ?

What I would add though is that Mes did not react ( and he should have ) to shuffle across back to centre of goal when the ball was passed along the box.

He was again statuesque! ?

The great goalies such as Banks, Shilton, Jennings, even Leeds own Nigel Martyn were always on their toes ready to move from side to side.

Lets hope for a much needed win against QPR.

01 Oct 2023 19:16:37
Don't disagree Leeroy, but by using that logic we can blame Meslier for every goal.
I believe in root cause and in this case James made the error which created the space to allow the rest to happen so he's the main issue for me.
I wasn't at all impressed by Kamara yesterday and was calling for him to replaced a long time before Farke did, felt he waiting too long yesterday.

02 Oct 2023 07:45:31
One point on goalkeeping, what we have seen of Darlo, he hasn't covered himself in glory either.

02 Oct 2023 12:10:46
Yes was hoping Darlow be much, much better than what he has showed so far.

02 Oct 2023 19:52:31
I get really peed of with this 5 year or 2 year thing they said that before and it took 16 years.



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