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28 Sep 2023 20:13:10
So what's the thoughts on Rob price telling lutv that the fitness levels of the squad had dropped under marshe last season.
Jm said that the team were over trained under bielsa.
I for one never believed the training under bielsa was the reason for our poor performance.
Just another reason jm was not suitable for the prem.

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28 Sep 2023 20:29:15
If the squad fitness levels were poor under Jesse Marshe.
I'm intrigued to hear what they were like under Javi Gracia ??
20 minutes of passing drills pre match warm up looked very basic to me.

28 Sep 2023 20:30:16
White JM who?.

28 Sep 2023 21:13:20
JM was just not suitable, plain and simple . Maybe bielsa over trained them, but IMHO if that was the case there would have been lots of hamstring and other muscle problems. He also installed a level of humbleness in them - team before self - were as JM undid that very very quickly.

28 Sep 2023 22:29:53
Exactly CA-W it was just a load of bunkum made up by the press and pundits so that they could repeat it on their given platforms.
None of those injuries were muscular, no hamstrings just knocks caused by the high intensity charging and clattering into the opposition whenever we were trying to win back possession at all costs, at least that’s how Rob Price described it.

Our squad was the fittest in the Premiership, the amount of running we did was way off the scale compared to other clubs.

Marsch used the excuse of over training to make the injury problems a Bielsa issue. With Marsch, as the new season progressed it was very clear to see that the fitness levels had dropped substantially.

28 Sep 2023 23:18:53
Reading a bit more of the interview that's what price says. They saw more contact injuries than anything. From the closing down.
I think more the lack of quality of the players after the first 11 was to blame.
Yes we did have injuries but when you don't have equal quality to replace then you are stumped.

28 Sep 2023 23:49:50
Excellent post OP.

29 Sep 2023 00:58:30
Price is probably correct. However, those in glass houses.

29 Sep 2023 07:53:19
Glass houses George? Please explain?

29 Sep 2023 08:32:48
I think George is eluding to the fact that Price shouldn’t be fault finding in Marsch, (if he is? ) when perhaps his own methods of treatment of the injured players maybe partly at fault?

29 Sep 2023 12:58:58
W-B Price didn't exactly cover himself in glory declaring Bamford fit ready to go for a season in which he was injured for 85% of it. This with a backdrop of his previous injury record.

29 Sep 2023 17:51:20
Price said BamFord was fit, which at the time, was correct. I doubt very much that he was predicting he would remain so, for the entire season. A very strange, and very literal interpretation of someone’s words. In fact, a distorted view, twisted almost?

29 Sep 2023 20:35:34
I think price declared Bamford free of injuries but he did not say he was match fit . I think because he was our only option he was used too soon.
You can't blame a doc for subsequent I injury George.



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