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28 Sep 2023 02:15:19
Whilst not at all interested in ex Leeds TA debut for Bournemouth last night

Definitely a tad curious about ( still Leeds United) Jack Harrison debut in Evertons win against Vile in Cup.

JH did well apparently on his debut ; laid on big chance for DCL.

Everton won't be going down will finish 11th or 12th . and so more than feasible that JH signs for Everton permanently next season if Leeds do not get promoted.

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28 Sep 2023 05:20:05
Baz Meanwhile Ambrosia drawn at home ? yet again in a cup competition for 12th consecutive time against Barcodes. I believe that has odds of 2048-1.

28 Sep 2023 07:29:21
That’s a fair enough post Baz, and tbf, JH didn’t force his move away, or act appallingly towards the club, despite his treatment by the club in the Leicester debacle. If he can stay fit, and focussed, he probably will contribute to Everton staying up again!

28 Sep 2023 07:49:19
I wouldn’t be so assured of their safety just yet Baz. Their proposed takeover by the very unscrupulous 777 partners who are facing all sorts of allegations of fraud etc still haven’t been approved.
Everton’s cash flow problems are in complete meltdown with £417Mil of losses over the last 4 years and with 200 Mil still owed on their stadium.
If the takeover is denied they are financially screwed for the time being with no other bidders in sight not withstanding that 777. owned clubs which include Hertha Berlin, Standard Liège, Vasco da Gama and Red Star FC their fans are all staging protests against their owner.

The EPL’s new and more stringent owners and directors test will be putting 777 partners under the microscope.
If that wasn’t enough they also have to face the independent commission to explain in my opinion their quite blatant disregard and breaking of the FFP rules in October.
If found guilty they could be served a substantial points deduction. Premier league teams need to be accountable for their cheating and disregard for the FFP rules, like Man City and the EPL need to be strong and make an example to a club that breaking the rules will not be tolerated any more.

Finally, if Calvert Lewin becomes injured again which is highly likely, where will their goals come from?
Couldn’t care less about Harrison coming back to Leeds, good servant to the club, played well but it’s over now and we move forward.

28 Sep 2023 09:28:25
Oh I do hope the new buyout falls through, they go into administration, get a 50 point deduction for the next 3 seasons and end up playing Harrogate in League 2…. but with a shine new stadium ??.

28 Sep 2023 11:14:27
George the Man U 12 home games in a row stinks as does the Leeds United 13 away games in a row.

If I had my way both the FA. and EFL would be disbanded .

English football needs far better organisations.

28 Sep 2023 11:18:22
Good post Brighty

Hmm cough cough ?

. this really hurts to say ?

but that is a very good set of points OP that even I am struggling to counter. the ?.

28 Sep 2023 12:42:08
OP That is your best post ever. Jackpot ?.

28 Sep 2023 13:13:54
It’s something I feel very strongly about George, I’m not anti Everton just don’t like clubs or club owners abusing rules and not being accountable for it, same goes for Man City.
Our club paid that heavy price with Peter Ridsdale 20 years ago now it’s the turn of the EPL to step up and deliver penalties to its abusers, otherwise there is no point of having FFP rules.

28 Sep 2023 13:18:37
Baz What do you think of the EPL?

28 Sep 2023 13:39:25
Georgey the weak self serving EPL belongs in the trash can along with the FA and EFL.

28 Sep 2023 15:12:06
OP You write very intelligently on the subject. The game is definitely entering an important watershed moment what with the news about Barcelona today and the ongoing Citeh thing.

28 Sep 2023 16:36:43
4096-1 chance I'd say George.
I know they say this way of thinking about chance (what happened las time is irrelevant in a 'fair' process) is incorrect but it sure looks dubious doesn't it!

28 Sep 2023 17:05:49

EX FIFA Blatter, Platina, FIFA, World Cup shenanigans

UEFA, bent refs going back 50 years plus

Interesting the Barcelona case and Spanish police storming the Spanish Refs Association

FA, EPL, EFL. their dodgy refs etc next?

The Murky Football World needs deep cleansing ??.

28 Sep 2023 22:36:16
Good posts men. Interesting reading!



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