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27 Sep 2023 09:19:59
What do others think about all the loan clause players who left, it’s likely most will be sold but Farke has already quoted that they are being monitored for maybe one or two to return at the end of the season.

Of course most of us don’t want any of them back but if Farke feels that if certain individual players have improved during their loan spell they will be assessed for a return.

I imagine Jack Harrison would be one, even Koch who is the player who is playing very well at Frankfurt although I believe he wants to stay in Germany and probably will be sold. The other would be Sinisterra, who didn’t leave on good terms with the fans but there maybe a possibility that Bournemouth would prefer to have Anthony back and let Sini go?

Whatever happens I’m sure it will be an unwanted headache for Farke.

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27 Sep 2023 09:49:09
It’s a mess opti.
The only two I would have back would be adams and wober for cover. Harrison is surplus to requirements now although a one of our best players over last few seasons. No point having him back, may as well save his wages for something else.
As I said previously happy to take a hit on all the others. If their loan team don’t want them then just make it clear to all of them that they need to find another club as they not in our plans.
It could be messy too with Anthony and Rodon.
You can’t blame Rodon for wanting to go back with pot euro football to fight for. Hopefully whatever this season outcome Anthony sees we on the up and Seasiders on the down. Up to his club still though.
All depends on the season we have though.

27 Sep 2023 09:54:45
For me it's a tricky one. Whilst I only want people here who want to play for the club, can we really blame them for leaving? I think if we had taken a pay cut in our jobs and then had the chance to earn more money elsewhere, we would all jump at the chance to leave.

I think Koch is out of contract, so won't be coming back. Not sure if I'd want any of the others apart from maybe Wober. Don't think any of the others were good enough and Sinesterra was made of chocolate (also not impressed how he forced a move) . I just hope they impress enough at their new clubs to get permanent moves ?.

27 Sep 2023 09:55:49
Err Koch is in his last year of contract so its already auf wiedersehen

Keep up OP ☺️

27 Sep 2023 10:07:18
1 things for sure OP, around Xmas now the social media channels of said player will all mention pro Leeds articles, especially when the reality hits the worst RB we ever had that Roma ain't taking him, then penny drops with him he's coming back here

For me his return will be hardest to accept, even though he's done same as all rest of them.

27 Sep 2023 10:09:15
Aus . Adams was sold.

27 Sep 2023 10:12:24
So just criticism baz no other thoughts on the post by opti?

27 Sep 2023 10:13:34
Mighty your point would be valid, if it wasn't for fact that those players were DIRECTLY responsible

So from that view point that should have been automatically enforced, paycut

Let's be honest it was 1 of the worst Leeds teams in many many years

Pathetic bunch, so don't feel sympathy for them because If it was you or I In Real world we would have probably lost our employment as a direct consequence of such poor work performance.

27 Sep 2023 11:05:34
I agree Chris, they were all responsible but also i can't blame them for wanting to be paid more to play badly for other teams. I don't agree with any of their actions, but don't think there is any loyalty now with footballers.

27 Sep 2023 11:07:13
What Chrus said.

27 Sep 2023 11:11:23
I’m getting on a bit baz. So many left can’t remember who was sold and who was loaned.

27 Sep 2023 11:13:26
Good post Chris. A sorry bunch of heartless under performing money grabbers who should indeed have been sacked for under achieving the company’s expectations.

27 Sep 2023 11:55:23
Think I've got them all listed below but there's so many that there's bound to be one or two others out there somewhere.

Aaronson - too lightweight for Prem
Harrison - good player but injury prone
Sinisterra - ditto Harrison
Koch - don't think he'll want to come back now he's home in Germany
Wober - one I would like back
Kristensen - No thanks
Llorente - No thanks
Roca - Never cut it in the Prem
Greenwood - Always played out of position - 50/ 50 for me
Drameh - We just never seemed to give the kid a chance (probably wouldn't want to come back) .
Perkins - For me a great shame - thought he'd got what it takes, only time will tell.

The only one I'm not sure about is Costa - have we sold him or is he out on yet another loan spell? Either way, no thanks.

27 Sep 2023 12:19:48
Got to lov baz input and fact there is never any clinicialism.

27 Sep 2023 12:47:28
As is always said by managers and coaches it can sometimes take 1-2 seasons to get the best out of a foreign player. Just look at rodri. When bielsa left we needed a steady hand and solid British based players. We got a manager who had no experience and a load of players the same.
I think under marshe we did see effort from all the team but the tactics and the players didn't fit.
So I think under better coaching and in a settled side wè might of seen different players.
Mes looks a better player because he has a better defence in front of him.
Farke has chosen solid British based players because they will perform straight away.
The only one of the loanees I think would add anything to the side would be wober. Good pace likes a tackle and plays lb and cb.
Bye to everyone else.

27 Sep 2023 13:02:09
Berm the crux of OPs post has been. done before on this forum a few weeks back. and tbh right now Chris post sums my feelings up on these mostly meh "players"

But anyways . to again state my previous post weeks back

As I have stated before

1) Glad water carrier TA was sold. he is bang mediocre. Ampadu way better

2) JH is proven in EPL 24 goals 25.assists would definitely keep him

3) Sinisterra I would keep

But 2) and 3) are only happening IF Leeds do NOT get promoted this season

4) Drameh isn't signing a new contract . so he is off

5) Perkins like Drameh never given a chance

6) Koch has gone and good riddance

7) Wober I would have initially kept but also he can stay in the Fatherland

8) BA, RK, DL . big fat no thanks

9) Costa is out . final year pay off

10) MR . I said out . but hear he is playing well for Betis . so maybe keep

11) Greenwood. undecided . see how he does at Boro. and which division Leeds are in next season

OK Berm sweetie ☺️??.

27 Sep 2023 13:24:09
Oh I’m so sorry for regurgitating your old post Baz,
You’re always a great source of entertainment for me, you are my ray of grey on a bright sunny day.
Please keep it up, oh I’ll try not to spew up any more of your old posts again, apologies ??.

27 Sep 2023 13:26:06
Amemdment typo
3) * IF Leeds get promoted.

27 Sep 2023 13:47:12
OP ???.

27 Sep 2023 13:55:55
What Baz says.

27 Sep 2023 14:45:53
Whether we go up this year, or not, I do not want to see any of those who left, wearing a Leeds shirt ever again. If they do well on their loans, great; sell em.
If they don’t do well, also great; ditch em cheaply. Just never let them back to our club.

27 Sep 2023 14:58:58
My feelings are that all those players that left have no intention of coming back whether we are in the Premiership or not. They are all Leeds Utd assets and there will be money that the 49er’s will want to recuperate, it’s unlikely that they will all be sold in the summer and I expect those that are not will be loaned out again. However I can see perhaps at least one or two of those players resurfacing in the squad next season.
If they do I hope they return with a better attitude than when they departed.

A note on Wöber, although he played responsibly well for us, I think he will be the least likely to come back as he has already quoted in his very outspoken way, he’s at a much better club than where he was before.
We don’t want you anyhow.

27 Sep 2023 15:10:54
It’s not what you say it’s the way you say it. My nan use to say if you have nothing nice to say then don’t speak to which my granddad replied then you’d be a mute…. Just a thought.

27 Sep 2023 15:53:20
Nothing nice you say Berm? ?
Yet you have trash talked for example KP and Bielsa on this forum so, so, so many times.

and that's fine by me.


27 Sep 2023 17:10:36
Bermo You implemented that advice to the letter regarding KP. ?.



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