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25 Sep 2023 14:08:21
Meslier’s stats will be taking a huge turnaround if we continue to play the same, ie with a defense in front of him.

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25 Sep 2023 15:17:16
Saves per shots ratio the best / true indicator of a goalkeeper Ability

Mes had one shot to save against Watford.

25 Sep 2023 15:55:33
And to be fair to Meslier, it was a world class save. I was critical (like many) of him last year, it he had utter rubbish in front of him. Hopefully he only ever has to make one save per game!

25 Sep 2023 20:32:58
Midfield, a work man is only as good as his tools and he had crap in front of him last season there is not many who would have done better.

25 Sep 2023 21:18:39

First and foremost a goalkeepers " tools " are his gloves and his own goalkeeping ability.

25 Sep 2023 22:08:44
Meslier a total liability last season and even a pony defence can’t be totally blamed for his numerous errors. However he’s a young keeper who basically lost total confidence and maybe can kick on again this season?

25 Sep 2023 22:40:35
Difficult to stay focused when you don't have as much to do but Meslier has already saved us some points this season for sure.

25 Sep 2023 23:19:47
Try saying that to a keeper with by far the weakest defense in the league, as it was in the Premiership.
Don’t you think Farke would have got rid if he thought Meslier was gash as you call him!

25 Sep 2023 23:45:39
It is what it is
some rate Mes others not so much.
Hopefully new gk coach will improve on numerous deficiencies.

25 Sep 2023 23:46:24
And what Corky said.

26 Sep 2023 00:39:16
Whatever your thoughts on him he definitely doesn’t deserve to be called trash or Gash.
He doesn’t have numerous deficiencies in fact I would say the only deficiency he has is his distribution.
I certainly would not be begging to change him for Darlow as some have been mentioning on here although the competition will help him.

26 Sep 2023 03:11:51
Darlow looked surprisingly very very dodgy on pens in League Cup so ok Mes looks like 1st choice by default ?

But Mes ( Gashlier ) was undoubtedly gash last season: and a big reason for our relegation

And numerous deficiencies apparent certainly last season ( and season before that too ) ;

1) woeful shot stopping,

2) woeful positioning, ( e.g conceding goals on his near post regularly)

3) lack of catching (instead insisting on flapping or punching )

4) woeful decision making,

5) not coming for crosses especially at corners

6) pushing or parrying shots and crosses back into 6 yard box instead of to the sides or behind

7) weak penalty kick save stats ( 18 pen shots out of 20 resulting in goals ( 10% save record) )

8) and yes dodgy distribution ( which initially was far better when he first started playing )

Apart from that he is super fab ?

Exhibits : rewatch his disaster performances in Everton, Bournemouth and Fulham defeats for starters . he cost us numerous points and relegation

Case closed.

26 Sep 2023 03:41:42
What Baz says.

26 Sep 2023 03:48:32
Top 6 All GKs look better when they're not facing Salah, Kane, Haaland and Toney. Meslier is excellent at this level but when the game is played 25% quicker with 100% better coaches and tactics, with 300% bigger crowds and 500% better players than what Championship offers, different story. Proof regards Meslier will be there to see upon promotion back to EPL. Recruit for him a superior GK coach and he'll be better no doubt.

26 Sep 2023 07:23:48
Well a very blinkered view without taking absolutely zero consideration that Meslier probably had the most disorganized hopeless defense in front of him in the history of not only our team but also the Premier league.
Having his goal pounded by the opposition every match it’s not surprising that his confidence was shattered by the end of the season.
If it hadn’t been for Meslier’s amazing shot stopping in our promotion season, we probably would have not been promoted.
It’s all very well slagging off one of our players without looking at the FACTS, instead of drumming out the same old one eyed narrative.

26 Sep 2023 10:16:27
It is what it is OP . as for Leeds United getting promoted. no Meslier is not the reason. do behave ?.

26 Sep 2023 11:09:19
Hi Baz, he is one of the reasons; it wasn't entirely down to Pablo.

Anyhow, I have openly said that I have never rated Meslier as much as some have here, but taking your list above.

1) So far this has been ok this season

2) Not happened yet.

3) He made good decisions on the weekend; catching and punching.

4) See above

5) He has been this season

6) His one save against Hull, he parried the ball to the corner post.

7) I agree.

8) This is much better this season, not perfect, but much better. What's more his defence seems to be able to deal with a short pass better this season, probably because the threat is lower.

I was happy that Darlow was brought in, but he's not shown much in the short periods he has played, so I think Meslier [rightfully for now] is the No. 1.

I think Rodon and Byram have made a big difference across the back, but the Midfield is where we are much better and thus no longer allowing our defence to be overrun.

26 Sep 2023 11:38:49
Hi Ani lol you appear to be on the naughty boy bench with OP

Meslier played 10 games out of 46 ( so 20% of the matches) and don't recall him having much to do at all

In order of who was most responsible for Leeds United Champions promotion season ?

Most of all ( I'll skip the 3rd reason c.v. empty stadiums reason as it will send OP into meltdown again ??)

1st Pablo
2nd Bielsa
3rd Bamford
4th Ben White
5th KP

Meslier about 17th lol.

26 Sep 2023 11:41:54
Amazing shot stopping during promotion season? He played less than a quarter of the campaign. 10 appearances in 46. 7 clean sheets but that was more down to a terrific team under Bub. Shot stopping? Lol. I don't recall him neither being peppered with shots nor thinking it's only because of Meslier that this side will remain top of the league.

26 Sep 2023 11:51:40
George agreed re Mes in Championship season
OP and his silly posts ?.

26 Sep 2023 12:13:33
That’s only yours and your sidekicks opinion and I think you are both wrong about Meslier.
Time will will show that Meslier will be a mainstay at Leeds for many seasons to come, so long as he wants to stay.
So be prepared to put up with him even though you stubbornly believe he is rubbish.

26 Sep 2023 12:39:14
OP not just our opinions
You have been given solid factual reasons and stats.

. anyways

As for this season he will of course have far less to do . hopefully the new gk coach really improves him.

Onwards and upwards.

26 Sep 2023 13:08:37
Lump Mope Neither Baz nor I think Meslier is rubbish. His current level has a ceiling of a mid-table EPL side and when he's not on form he's bottom 6 EPL material. He has weaknesses in his repertoire which can be improved by top coaching.

26 Sep 2023 15:23:28
Why call him Gash then, it’s not even funny.?
Yes Baz i expect he’ll be spending most of this season between his sticks smoking a cigar now his got some organized defenders in front of him ?
Of course he needs more development, only someone who knows very little about Goalkeeping would say that, he’s only 23, the majority of keepers in their prime in the Premiership are 30 years old so he obviously has a long way to go before he arrives at both of your unreasonable expectations.

26 Sep 2023 15:46:31
I guess because neither Baz nor myself enjoyed his howling goal conceding position at Goodison Park last season. Also despite saving ?️?️ during his youth career he's never saved one at senior level.

26 Sep 2023 15:53:33
Last 2 seasons Meslier was "gash" and this description most APT

. believe me there is absolutely no humour intended . just extreme annoyance of his woeful performances. ?

Playing against a large number of mediocre Championship teams this season will hopefully help shield him.

By the was as you know he is still playing with Cooper, Ayling and Struick . all 3 were his defence last season too.

26 Sep 2023 15:58:35
As for age yes he will develop

But Mes is nearly 24 . not young really even for a gk .

Lukic at 19 playing at top level impressed me far more than Mes . I had far more confidence in him.

26 Sep 2023 16:06:28
I don't underrate Leeds players like you do most of the time Baz, a good coach will get the best out of them, sadly Marsch was totally incapable of doing that, hence leaking a shed load of goals last season and you want to hold Meslier responsible for that.
You naughty boy!

26 Sep 2023 16:09:43
George, only 12% of penalties are saved in the Premiership, most of it is down to luck, you make it sound so easy that a goalkeeper should save them.

26 Sep 2023 16:21:48
Baz, all you seem to have proved to me is that Meslier is pretty good when he has a decent group in front of him, which he had; 70% of the games he played in during promotion season were clean sheets. He conceded 4 goals in his 10 games, facing 26 shots, an 85%+ save rate? When he played his first game, Leeds were second in the table 1 point behind WBA; we finished 10 points clear in first place. Seems to me he made a big difference to the team, since the rest of the team essentially didn't change. [Actually Plablo made far more sub appearances over those 10 games? ]

We were conceding 0.86 goals per game with him not playing and 0.4 goals per game when he was? I am pretty sure he was one of the reasons we were promoted.

I am not here to defend him, I still think he is pretty ordinary, but I can recognise he playing better this season, but that of course could just be about the championship and nothing more.

26 Sep 2023 17:00:03
Lol OP and Ani

we could go on forever lol ???

Let me send you Gash "highlight reel " of bloopers past 2 seasons . its the stuff of nightmares ?

Pretty sure Gash will be immediately replaced by a far better gk ( new gk recruited ) IF/ WHEN Leeds go up to EPL.



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