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24 Sep 2023 06:04:53
It's official.
I'm happy. Feels weird lol.
Just watched the highlights. Great football. Good goals. Good assists. Unlucky not to have more.
Play like that every week and few will live with us.
Rutters decision making is brilliant. Great game. And what passion. That boy is loving his football and that's awesome. Pleased for him.
That's as good I seen since Bielsa but with better defence.

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24 Sep 2023 07:44:20
Flip flop.

24 Sep 2023 07:55:37
Well said Aus…. I tend to agree, “Bielsa like” without the defensive flaws.

Byram and Ampadu are really great acquisitions, head and shoulders better than what was before them, including Kalvin imo. All of the new players are really suited to how we play.

Rutter is transformed; he’s playing like he’s possessed; very happy for him.

24 Sep 2023 08:13:07
Agree I’m giddy as a sandman as my great nan would say.

We were class and hopefully finding our rhythm. I know couple of Watford and loads of wall fans and both sets of fans said we was best they’ve seen in a long while.

Funny you mention Belisa… didn’t he go something like 50-60 games in London without a win? Farke got two capital wins back to back! The question is where do we build sir Daniel Farke’s statue?

24 Sep 2023 08:15:38
Top post Aus keep them coming.

24 Sep 2023 09:20:15
Bring back the real Aus you dastardly kidnapping aliens.

24 Sep 2023 10:03:08
No bermo. Me not rising to the bait.
Steady as she goes.
They did bad things to me Doug. Most likely mistook me for Porgie or bazil. I’m fine now for now.

24 Sep 2023 11:40:09
I feel as Stupid now Aus, saying I trusted in Farke and that we’d win by three clear goals ?

Jokes aside a great performance and so good to see smiles back on the players faces.

As others have highlighted our new recruits are so far in advance of the mercenaries who went out on loan.

Better recruitment certainly, better coaching definitely.

24 Sep 2023 13:44:11
Bielsa's defensive 'flaws' which helped us go up as champions with the least goals conceded that season? Funny how time twists their narrative isn't it? Give your head a shake.

24 Sep 2023 13:44:55
Where’s the better coaching proof mate.
Still can’t break the bus and miss hat loads.
Steady the ship.

24 Sep 2023 14:58:25
Hey Aus, is it true that when you abducted by aliens they impregnate you whether male or female? Phone home ?.

24 Sep 2023 19:08:53
Besila did have huge defensive flaws he was also brilliant coach.

Year we went up we didn’t defend well we just kept the ball… he couldn’t organise a defence to save his life

He also didn’t like London unlike farke.

24 Sep 2023 22:12:03
Alf, I agree that we had the fewest goals conceded that season, but actually we let over 60% of the goals in the second half of the season. After we drew 3-3 with Cardiff, we started to get very leaky…. and we have been that way essentially since. 54, 79 and 78 in 8 fewer games in the EPL.

Bielsa was (is) a genius in my eyes and no one can argue how transformative he was on a very ordinary set of players, but defensively his methods were at the very least questionable; they were flawed.



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