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20 Sep 2023 22:52:57
A LUFC ?? player did something tonight which hasn't been done by a LUFC ?? player in 22.5 years.

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20 Sep 2023 23:13:28
Got a yellow card when he had left the pitch?

20 Sep 2023 23:28:25

20 Sep 2023 23:43:00
George, I'm guessing it was Liam Cooper.
Born in Hull, played for Hull City and obviously played tonight for Leeds ??.

21 Sep 2023 01:12:02
No-one correct so far. Should add I'm only a Baz on this, ie 90% sure. Separately, if it is of assistance, I'm convinced poster Clueless would answer correctly but he seems to have taken an unannounced miniature sabbatical. If this forum requires a clue, just say and I'll have to cogitate one.

21 Sep 2023 01:53:03
Give a clue then George.

21 Sep 2023 01:54:56
Who got booked after they left the pitch and why?

21 Sep 2023 07:04:31
Ayling was substituted; as he walked around the pitch, the ball went out for a throw in near he’s trudge back to the dugout He appeared to interfere with their attempt to take the throw in. It’s hard to tell from what I could see, or he entered the pitch again, cutting off the corner. The ref didn’t see it, but took a guess that something was amiss and booked him.

The ref couldn’t multitask. He booked Roden for kicking the ball away (3 m? ) after a “foul” (which wasn’t a foul) . He booked Hull players for fouls but couldn’t grasp the 2nd Hull player each time kicking the ball away to prevent the free kick.

He made a rod for his own back, booking Rosenior (Hull mgr) for kicking the ball away after a few minutes.

21 Sep 2023 12:01:48
Just to clarify George - we are talking about something which happened in the early months of 2001?

21 Sep 2023 13:16:46
Cleggy Yes, more like May of that year.

21 Sep 2023 13:24:10
Bazadamus Here's your clue. Let's make it slightly fun and cryptic. It involves the jersey of someone from New Jersey.

21 Sep 2023 14:19:25
So either a yank orrrrrrrr
Somebody that modeled the new kit that and this year and did something?

21 Sep 2023 16:55:16
Aus An American is involved. Nothing to do with modeling lol.

21 Sep 2023 17:14:04
Mike Grella linked?

21 Sep 2023 18:14:30
Nothing to do with Grella Brighty.

21 Sep 2023 18:49:33
Would you gents like a second but final clue?

21 Sep 2023 20:55:57
George your clue seems Fisher than Billingate Market

No yankee doodle dandies were playing for Leeds United in 2001.

21 Sep 2023 21:08:06
Baz Never said they were. Twas a clue only and a response to the antipodean. Here's your final clue.

Another club is involved in the answer. From Europe. Like Leeds United, their first name is 5 letters and their second name 6 letters.

Answer to be revealed anytime after noon tomorrow unless a poster gets the right answer before then.

21 Sep 2023 21:26:25
The only thing I can think of George is that a Leeds player was sent off for a foul on an American?

21 Sep 2023 21:42:38
Who was in the crowd?

21 Sep 2023 21:47:17
Incorrect Cleggy.

21 Sep 2023 22:11:50
What Cleggy said ?.

22 Sep 2023 00:14:06
Crowd irrelevant Brighty.



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