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03 Aug 2022 07:54:34
I think we have to appreciate how potentially difficult it is to sign targets during the transfer windows. It is clear to see that money is not the answer to persuade a particular player to a club, more the clubs status.
I think generally players are awash with money and what matters more is the current position and prestige of that club.
We might not have got Aaronson who I believe will be a great asset, if it wasn’t for his compatriot Marsch at the helm.
Throwing wads of cash at clubs or players will not necessarily get you the signing you desire, perhaps a little compassion should be directed to Orta instead of spewing out constant insults.
I think he’s done a pretty good job in this transfer window but we have to realize we may not get the LB and CF we need because the ones that would fit into Marsch’s plans don’t want to come to the current lowly Leeds Utd.
Choosing any old player who is for sale I can assure you is not the answer as Ridsdale found out with his and our club’s demise.

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03 Aug 2022 08:28:04
Agree with all reasons. It’s def not as simple as offering right money to club and player.
Most quality players will want euro football which they ain’t going to get at Leeds for a minimum 2-3 yrs.

03 Aug 2022 10:01:57
Orta though OP has himself to blame for the scenario you describe.

Yea OP
Otta potentially finding it hard ( er) to recruit due to the clubs current status lowly league position

Which is therefore another reason. why Orta. Radz and Co deserved criticism for the abomination. of last season. (wasting a promising upeard trajectory first season 9th) which subsequently makes it now far harder to attract quality plsyes with Leeds luckily just escaping R.

03 Aug 2022 10:09:07
Good post optimist although I think many on here won’t agree with you!

New contracts for Greenwood, Joffy and Jimmy also a good piece of business. Shows real commitment to them and hopefully building a future team around them.

03 Aug 2022 10:09:25
Let me me preface this reply OP by saying this not an attack on your thoughts! Just a normal reply

Balance your comment OP with the huge amount of dross that Victor has purchased whilst in his current role at Leeds, and think might that have something to do with the conundrum you spoke of?

I appreciate it's not easy, but that's his job, for instance he was able to attract Raphina, Burnleys lad was able to attract Cornet, Geordies were able to attract St Maxim, etc etc .

Lower placed teams can unearth nuggets, albeit a lot harder .

If we don't get a improved #9 in this window then we are going to struggle again this season I. M. O.

03 Aug 2022 11:44:37
Baz it’s very easy for me to counter balance your argument by saying that there is always one club ie; Leeds, Sheff Utd and Brentford who seem to do very well their first season up then are found out the following season and subsequently are fighting a relegation battle as much as I predict Brentford will do this season and that Fulham will do very well in their bounce back up into the Prem.
It’s all very well for us as fans to point the finger and blame, but we are not in that position and therefore know very little to nothing in what is involved in the transfer market.
Existence and evolution in the Premiership is a gradual and hard fought time, I believe we are on the right road to get where we what in the hopefully not too distant future.
As Spanish has already mentioned and it is a very valuable point, Radz and Orta have invested a lot of time and I expect money, into the progression of the youth, which looks likely that it will benefit the club massively, financially and with quality players.
Think of the bigger picture rather than the instant one.

03 Aug 2022 12:22:25
OP sorry pal but that is a very weak point

those teams that suffer in their 2nd season are those that ( foolishly) don't strengthen in the 2nd season summer window such as Leeds

The one example other than Leeds you actually gave was Sheff Utd and they made little to no signings 2nd season hence their nailed on R

Whereas Wolves for example made no such mistake and strengthened in their 2nd season up with no danger of R.

We shall see how Brentford do.

03 Aug 2022 13:05:35
Wolves +Brighton Baz, both now well established,

As we all know the Prem has zero room for sentiment

You either sink or swim from the off, or else you become Norwich or Baggies.

03 Aug 2022 13:41:41
Indeed Chris.

03 Aug 2022 14:19:47
its even more difficult to sign players when the window isn't open.

03 Aug 2022 14:50:17
Im pretty sure Wolves were another team that took the gamble and exploited the FFP rules and got away with it like Villa to get promoted. They both now have extremely rich owners. Brighton have done very well with Graham Potter but I fear they will succumb in the near future.
You’re more than welcome in your opinion to feel Radz and Orta are the soul reasons why our club will not go forward and succumb to Relegation, I feel on the opposite hand that they are doing very well with the finances of the club, with the youth system and to a point the player recruitment.
The Premiership takes no prisoners which means our journey will have its ups and downs just like any other club in this league with big ambitions.
Be good to your business and your business will be good to you.
I wasn’t so long ago Baz that we had all sorts of devious owners, remember this owner got us to the Premiership and this is our 3rd season in it, don’t forget that!

03 Aug 2022 14:59:25
Yes OP ofc I agree on your final point that Radz is a lot better than many previous owners . but see Chris comment above re sink or swim that is most pertinent.

03 Aug 2022 16:09:01
More to the point, that is why we are still swimming.
Look, if we have another disastrous season and get relegated then Radz and Orta will have failed and you will have proved your point, but if not then all is hunkydory and it’s onwards and upwards we go.
And I hope to god that it is my belief that is right and not yours Baz.

03 Aug 2022 16:12:56
All this rubbish about being hard to buy players how come other teams have done so with out any problems if you cut your cloth and only look at one group then yes it will not be easy.

03 Aug 2022 16:48:47
We’ve already bought five players already Whiteman, what’s your point?
We’ve tried to buy CDK because he was the type of striker that fitted into Marsch’s plans but as we’ve seen Leeds are not good enough for him, Kalimuendo is not the same type of striker but it looks like Leeds maybe making an offer if reports are true, but again he also may feel that Leeds are not good enough for him.
So what do we do? buy any old striker like Che Adams or Bereton Diaz and say to ourselves, oh well maybe he’ll turn out good. The problem is they probably won’t and we’ll be just calling out for Ortàs head again.

03 Aug 2022 17:12:02

Which teams, other the mega rich have found it easy to get the players they want; and no one has any clue that what they wanted is going to be any good. We will only know that by Christmas.

I seldon post here, but read most days, but my goodness there are some very pessimistic folks around. In Premier league terms we are not a big fish, we have escaped relegation by a thread, we have no European football to entice players, we probably pay on average lower than say our immediate peers [Newcastle, Everton etc]. Our only attraction is we are still a Premier League club, but you are not going to get the best for that alone.

I feel blessed with the position we find ourselves in. Imagine what this pre-season could have been? Then you would have been suicidal with some justification!

04 Aug 2022 05:58:56
ani4ni, pessimistic! What are you saying the players we bought in not any good dear dear thank god for the seldom post bit,

04 Aug 2022 06:04:59
Op what I said look at teams who have bought in good players some on a free we seem never to look closer to home but hay it’s only my view,

04 Aug 2022 12:50:38
Whiteman, I think you should read my post again. I said there were far too many posting here who are pessimistic and frankly unrealistic in my opinion.
I am very optimistic for the seasson and have said so in my seldom posts that all of the new recruits are very promising and have in some cases performed excellently in pre-season. This in my opinion has been the best transfer windown for years. Some here, have already made their minds before a ball has been kicked in earnest that they are championship level at best and have no premier leage experience. Note, every overseas player [99%] who is recruited during the window has no Premier league experience. Haaland has no premier league experience. Raphina had no premier league experience.

Read my post again. Despite what limitations we have, flirting with regulation, no European football, we have still recruited good quality [Internationals], who I think will surprise a few folks [here and those all-knowning pundits], who think we are ripe for relegation.

04 Aug 2022 16:08:00
ani4ni, I do hope your right am always happy to be provided wrong it’s was only my view and we are all not right all the time, in joy the ride I think it will be a rough one, again Only my point of view.



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