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31 Jul 2022 10:05:13
Kiko has left the building - officially confirmed this morning.

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31 Jul 2022 11:07:52
Thank the Lord, must be one Orta's worst signings for the Club. Along with JKA.

31 Jul 2022 11:24:16
So one clown has finally left
Unfortunately the other clown remains in charge of allegedly being LUFC DoF

2 months into the window still alarmngly no sign of the 2 key problem positions CF and LB being resolved

NO WAY will next weeks team against Wolves in EPL be stronger than our best 11 last season!

Just one month of the window remaining, it's not long seeing as we have signed no one of note in past month also.

Predictions from posters who got their predictions (badly) wrong last season such as Top6 OP Spanish, Brighty, Dill, Clu, George, Woody etc that now this season Leeds will finish mid table to 14th and NOT be involved in an R battle etc all seem ( very) far fetched and . not based on any substance ( especially with time running out and Leeds now being linked to the likes of inferikr Che Adams)

I do hope though that I and a few others will be proved wrong this time.

31 Jul 2022 11:29:02
Hopefully now we’ll sign up an older keeper who’s a genuine back up option.

31 Jul 2022 11:43:04
Actually Baz, my prediction for last season was that the Board wouldn’t let us go down - and they didn’t.

31 Jul 2022 11:43:59
Hopefully we will sign an CF and LB, a tad more important than a backup/ backup keeper at this moment.

31 Jul 2022 11:55:04
My predo was mid table to 10th. Yes, wrong, but also said we wouldn’t go down. We didn’t, and we won’t this season either.

May main predo for this season is quitting this site due to another season of perpetual negativity, moaning and I told you so’s repeated on a daily basis through til May 2023, thus wrecking the interest and “banter” this page once provided. Pretty much sick of it already.

It gets more tedious by the minute/ hour / day.

31 Jul 2022 12:02:38
Indeed MG, I wasn’t suggesting a new backup keeper should be the next move on the transfer front overall, just something we should be looking to do in terms of that position.

31 Jul 2022 12:06:37
Bright said it for me.

31 Jul 2022 12:07:12
No clue how anyone can say we are not stronger.
We have lost 2 players, one of whom was injured half the season.
Phillips has been replaced by Roca AND Adams.
Raph for sure will be missed, but he has been replaced by Aaronson AND Sinisterra.
No other regular starters from last season are missing.
The young guns like Hjelde, Greenwood, Summerville and Geldhart are a year older with more experience.
So only way we would be worse off is when older players are too old, who would fit that category?
Ayling - basically replaced with what looks to me like an upgrade.
Klich and Rodrigo, who basically shared a position, likely neither of these will be starters if everyone is fit.
So to me on paper we are stronger, but injuries will be the decider. If we do suffer, we have more cover this year.
Biggest un-proven factor is whether Marsch is up to this level.
I guess we will find out soon!

31 Jul 2022 12:13:25
Can't me on now Brights pal, don't be saying that .

It's just words on here that mean abso nothing in reality, any 1 on here's words means zero in actual effect .

There's lots I totally don't agree with and all the the talk last season of high placed finishes annoyed me .

But never once did I fink to call time on here .

Granted momentarily we all get annoyed, but come weekend I love reading all others reviews of match day.

Bright/ Dark side whichever way we view it all our points are just token words .

Keep posting Brights pal and don't call time, we all together in this forum

Even though the rest of ye are ALWAYS WRONG, ???

Last comment was obviously a joke pal ?.

31 Jul 2022 12:19:39
Canada absolutely zero chance of Rodi being a bencher regularly .
Not saying he's starting on merit but because we spent so much on him, he's going to play

And he's certainly going to play the remaining games of this transfer window to stick him in shop window so to speak.

31 Jul 2022 12:34:20
Canada talking a lot of sense. I completely agree. Stronger first team and more depth in the squad. Not even debatable to those with a rational mind.

And I didn't make a preseason prediction, Baz. I only joined here midway thru. I did correctly predict we wouldn't get relegated, though ?

My 22/ 23 prediction is 13th. But would be happy with 15th or upwards.

31 Jul 2022 12:36:09
All that from Burnley Bazadamus!

31 Jul 2022 12:44:48
What ?? said.

Burnley Bazadamus, my prediction start of last season was 13th. Was wrong by 4 places. By January, I joined you (second poster on forum) calling for termination of Bub time. I also succeeded in predicting JM appointment and avoiding relegation upon his appointment.

31 Jul 2022 12:50:52
Clu lol you should be thanking your nemesis Saudi Barcodes far more than the Leeds United board for not getting Leeds relegated

Brighty : LUFC results performances last season didn't give much cause to be ' positive ' last season you said as much yourself several times on here . think you called it ' a horrendous season ' several times on here!

Really thought the board would have learnt from their very near lucky escape but it increasingly annoyingly looks like they haven't imho . negative, realistic, positive, delusional call it what you like it's just opinions.

31 Jul 2022 13:10:41
Burnley Bazadamus Opinion yes, right to voice it yes but why the daily repetition? Window ? still has a month to go. I accept striker should have arrived by now but in last few days of August selling clubs can't reject the millions on offer. There's bound to be a strong flurry to transfer activity then. Consequently, your Groundhog Day musings are incorrect because window ? well and truly still open. I recall Ed001 posting that you bored ? the rear out of all of us at times last season. Don't you think ? you are doing same thing again? It's unnecessary, especially at this stage.

31 Jul 2022 13:29:40
Bare in mind the squad was decimated with injuries last season. We don't have that same worry this season. Aside from Dallas (who will more than likely be used as a utility player on his return) and Ayling (who's been replaced by a better player) we have no such issues this season.

And I've noted quite a few times on here already but we clearly look a lot stronger as a defensive unit than last season. We can take points off of top 6 sides if we don't concede. Be it 1 point or potentially even 3 if we get some luck on our side. That wasn't even a thought last season.

To reiterate my earlier post, we have a better first team unit than last season (new signings and maturation of some players, while some are performing better in respective positions - note: Koch and Llorente) along with better squad depth and minimal long term injuries.

I think it's fairly irrational not expecting us to do better than last season, all things considered.

31 Jul 2022 13:57:32
Hmm Georgey
Yet you and Brighty also had a daily repetive negative tedious long running saga for large parts of last season . ho hum ??.

31 Jul 2022 14:16:06
What George said.

31 Jul 2022 14:29:36
Burnley Bazadamus Yeah, when improving player recruitment was not an option so late January onward. Your point? My point is there's a time and place. Right place Baz, wrong time. Your negativity with 31 days in window ? left to go an act of lunacy.

31 Jul 2022 14:55:58
Err no George I was referring to the daily long running spat saga after you taking offence to being told by Brighty and OP that you were jumping on the ' bandwagon ' 'Bandwagon George 'etc . much ado about nothing lol.

31 Jul 2022 14:56:21
Chris when all fully fit we will likely have Harrison and Sinisterra in midfield (James and Greenwood as alternate) with Aaronson and Bamford up top (Rodrigo and Gelhart as alternates) IMO.
Price paid will not and shoild not factor into it or Gelhardt wouldn't even make the bench!

31 Jul 2022 15:00:35
Actually, if you bother to read back, my prediction for last year was rather low key. I thought staying up again was what was more important, I thought it was going to be a tough year. I think we’ll do better this year and yes I do think that the overall quality of the squad s better!

31 Jul 2022 15:09:58
I think I posted maybe 3 posts of negativity. The difference is that it wasn’t a 3 times per day repeat of the same old same old. It was an awful season, and I admitted it, but I didn’t end up in an eternal loop of a scratched record of doom and gloom.

31 Jul 2022 15:11:35
You owned that bandwagon Baz! You should’ve been charging fares for the ride! ????.

31 Jul 2022 15:14:45
Canada I agree with you about price but I really feel Jesse will stuck with him, on 2 fronts being a Spanish inter + it still being a transfer window .

Jesse will fit him in I think.

31 Jul 2022 15:21:54
Lol Brighty ???.

. nah ' Banďwagon George" should have been paying me.

31 Jul 2022 16:10:16
Baz You're not comparing like with like. You moan repeatedly against the club recruitment success lack of it policy etc. I moaned against Bub tactics and intransigence and called for his sacking about 4 weeks after you. Am I not permitted to do that? Is it a case of Baz spoke first so no-one else can talk? Here are my main points:
1. I only moaned repeatedly when it became obvious to me and not before demonstrating some loyalty. I gave what I thought was extra slack to Bub due to his prior achievement and standing. You seem to moan a touch premature lol but you were proven correct. Am I to be criticized because I gave Bub a bit more latitude? I still got slammed on here for joining your opinion.
2. As for bandwagon, I took offense because I'm the least bandwagony person on the planet. If you knew anything about me, you'd agree ?. Calling me bandwagony (I think it was the Shepherds Bush Costello fan who did and quickly apologized) is the equivalent in accuracy in calling a new born baby ? an old aged pensioner and calling an octogenarian a teenager.
3. As for paying you, whatever for? Weird.
My overriding point is let's wait until September 1 before launching tirades against management. May I remind you we also suffered a lack of midfield which is more or less solved now.

31 Jul 2022 16:35:53
Ok Georgey ??.

31 Jul 2022 17:00:31
Yer right George it twas me alright. Didn’t think my words would cause such a stir at the time. It was after all a throwaway phrase.
Well made points though George.

31 Jul 2022 17:13:28
Yes Cork you started the 'Bandwagon George 'stuff and Brighty and others carried on the George Bandwagon stir with Georgè ; a dispute which seemed to go on forever causing George to almost internally combust
Bless him ?.

31 Jul 2022 19:01:17
Well, we move on lads. Renewed enthusiasm for this season ?.



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