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25 Jul 2022 15:19:33
Hey Baz my old chum, have you read this write up about our super organised owner who has made us the most cost effective club in football? I've just pasted a little taster for you in the hope that you will move from the dark side and be more at peace with yourself! Lol ??
You have to admit though we are looking very very financially stable for the first time in many many years, I know you make some valid points but credit where credits due to Radz ??
Now the final financial figures for 2020/ 21 are in, some random stats. It cost Chelsea £8.55 million for every Premier League goal in terms of wages and transfer fee amortisation, perhaps surprisingly followed by Fulham. Leeds were the most cost effective club.

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25 Jul 2022 16:01:50
I think he’ll believe it shows we are trying to do it on the cheap!

25 Jul 2022 16:20:40
Hey Woody

I enjoy and admire your positivity mate and all very good re alleged cost efficacy

BUT have you forgotten my dear pal what catastrophe very nearly happened last season?

Our beloved Leeds United under your glorious wise sage prudent RADZ were a Saudi barcode beach toweL away from being relegated? and falling into the Championship abyss
DEFINITELY . not convinced that Leeds under Radz and SF49ers would have bounced back either!

Sorry Woody Pal . Radz imho is an ok owner certainly not a great one . also Radz should have honoured a true LUFC great Howard Wilkinson with a. statue during the Leeds centenary celebrations but sadly hasn't till now ?.

25 Jul 2022 17:04:29
You can’t really judge Radz reign against others that are finished until it’s over and it’s not yet! Playoffs, champions, promotion, 3 years min back in the prem, it’s not a bad start. More than ok I think but still with more potential. We shall see!

25 Jul 2022 17:14:39
Baz In context which is how you ought to examine much, Radz is a "very good" owner. By no means great but receives a rating of 8/ 10 in my book. He achieved promotion and despite it only being secured in the last minute of the season gone ensured a third consecutive season in the EPL. He is the second poorest owner in the division and just oversaw the sale of 2 want away players in exchange for 7 incomings. We're still in for players and whilst our creativity has seemingly reduced by almost half so has our defensive pourousness. The latter is something I appreciate. The youth have also prospered under his stewardship. He recognizes he's not the man to take us to next level by granting a purchase option to 49ers. Don't think you can criticize a man for not being a multi billionaire. As fans, we ought to see the progress made and not just the fact that we aren't in the top 4 yet which is going to need a lot more money. Have to say Bazadamus you are most impatient. Would you prefer Cellino, GFH, Bates or Prof McKenzie?

25 Jul 2022 17:25:32
Good post Baz as always and I know how close we were to the dreaded ‘R’ but we didn’t get relegated did we mate therefore it’s a good time to look forward not back. we all moaned that there was no transfer activity last season and we have so far smashed it this season, JM is favourite to get sacked which is ridiculous and I think and I mean this we will be a top 10 team this season. Yes Radz’s inexperience in the Premiership nearly cost us dearly but his admission that he got it wrong was refreshing and vital to our stay in this league. We now have a manager who Radz and Orta can manage and he’s English speaking, so huge pluses there. We have 6 very exciting new signings and more to follow, another big tick and please remember it wasn’t that long ago we had a team full of loanees and cheap additions. If you look at the likes of Fulham, West Brom, Norwich and Watford, they are all yo yo teams and we are a lot stronger now than them. We play high intense attacking possession football under JM and as fans we love to see it. There will be no more 7-0, 6-2, or 6-1 anymore as we are defending so much better. Last season we had an unprecedented amount of injuries under a very strict task master in MB but now even that’s changed for the better. I like, Brighty, OP, Spanish, George, Alf, Corky and many others are looking forward to this season and although I respect and like your posts I think you should give JM, Radz and others time to show us what we have in our locker. It’s onwards and upwards for the mighty whites! ???? you know I will be the first to hold my hands up and say you were right Baz but I reckon it will be the other way round this season my pal ????.

25 Jul 2022 17:49:00
Fair dos
some good points from Woody, George and Spanish.

25 Jul 2022 18:31:41
Baz you also make good points about many aspects at Leeds and the great thing about this site is we can air what we think without prejudice, we all think in different ways mate, and no one is wrong or right, we all are only second guessing ????.

25 Jul 2022 18:38:49
Good post George. Real perspective.

25 Jul 2022 19:01:44
I will admit that in the past I may have been more reactionary with, dare I say it negative comments. I respect all on here's right to comment however they see fit. After the stress of our flirt with relegation I've tried to be more relaxed as ultimately I can't really affect the results only keep supporting my team as I have done since the late 60's. Hopefully the people running the club have learnt from small squad, not strengthening etc from the last season. I'm relatively optimistic that this season will be better, we asked for signings and that's what has happened, and likely more still to come. We will sign a forward and maybe we haven't heard of many of these new players, but I had never heard of Raphinha before we signed him.

25 Jul 2022 19:28:52
Good luck with your relaxing supporting Leeds mate! Two words that never sit together Relaxing and Leeds United! Lol ? good post though Mezer ??.

25 Jul 2022 19:39:22
Agree Georgie boy. Cracking post mate.

25 Jul 2022 20:00:27
Excellent George and post of the summer.

25 Jul 2022 21:13:24
Good post George. Bottom line on last season is that we didn’t go down - though it was far too close for comfort. Contrary to the expectations of some on here, Radz didn’t just sit on his hands and let us go down, but took what he knew would be a very unpopular decision, to call time on Bielsa’s tenure. I absolutely love and respect Bielsa, but genuinely believe that we would have gone down had he stayed. Confidence and morale seemed to have been at rock bottom and unfortunately the response to poor results had been to drive them ever harder. Marsch was able to lift the mood, dial back the training and remove the albatross of man-marking.

I honestly believe Radz’s decision not only saved our Prem status but also Bielsa’s legacy here. Being let go will certainly have hurt Bielsa, but surely it would have hurt even more to have been blamed for relegation.

Yes we’ve lost Raphinha and KP, but in truth we hardly had KP last season either. We’ve brought in 5 senior players and 2 younger lads who could play a role in the first team too this season, Joffy, Greenwood and Summerville are ready to kick on this season and we are expected to bring in a new CF, another LB and possibly an older GK as backup - and all the noises coming out of the Club point to Harrison remaining here.

Yes, we’d probably all prefer to see Rodrigo given an opportunity to seek first team starts elsewhere and for a further CAM to come in instead, though I still harbour slight hope that Bogusz can recover from his ACL and resurrect his career here, playing at CAM. rather than moving on. Overall, once the final signings come through the door the squad will look significantly stronger than last season.

25 Jul 2022 21:31:18
Great post George and good thread of discussion everyone.

26 Jul 2022 04:02:23
Thank you ?? everyone for the compliment. Let's hope our striker and left back sign by end of the week.



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