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19 Jul 2022 13:44:28
The power of a long contract.
Brighton defender on 5yr deal and they demand over $50 mill. And they will get it.
And we got what for a Brazilian international winger?
That's maybe why clubs seem to be offering longer contracts in some cases. Protect their investment. Look at Phillips man city deal.
On the flip side it seems when you buy someone you are taking a gamble on then 2-3 is ok.
But looking at raph who prob was a gamble back in the day.
Who knows who is and who ain't.

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19 Jul 2022 15:04:13
Brighton appear far more savvy than Radz, Orta and Leeds board that's for sure


Has this really been a good window by Leeds so far?

KP and Raph undersold and net spend by Radz ( so far at least) very little indeed.

19 Jul 2022 15:42:51
It's been a great window so far.

Raph wanted to leave, what can we do about that? We got/ will get over 3x what we paid for him after he's given us two great seasons. He was always an investment for the club.

Big KP fan but he has started getting injured with more regularity and has also underperformed in games this season. May have sold at just the right time. Plus I'm happy for him.

We've bought replacements I'm pleased with and have profited well in the process.

Does need to continue with a new marquee CF. Would also be happy with a new LB given Firpo is crocked for a while.

All in all it's been a solid window so far. Best for years tbh.

19 Jul 2022 15:54:09
' best for years ' Dill? Not at the moment it's not by a long way

first season of EPL was a far better window

Bought Raph, Koch Llorente and Rodrigo. and no sales of star players.

19 Jul 2022 16:13:14
Hi there, I seldom post here, but read everyday. This has been an excellent window; can anyone highlight a better one in the last 10 years?

I think we are very fortunate to get what we did for Phillips and Raph; had we been relegated we would have been lucky to have got a 1/ 3 of what we ultimately received, not withstanding the fact that neither of them were amazing for us last season; amazing at times, but more often than not, pretty average in my opinion. I think the new recruits look decent, Roca and Kristensen especially; the others will be better once they have settled in and gained their confidence.

I, for one am far more optimistic for next season. Had we been relegated, I could have seen us being in the wilderness for years again. I think 12/ 13 place next season is attainable. I think we are capable of going into 80% of the games next season, with a expectation that we can get something from them; that is far better than last season when there were periods when you couldn't see us getting another point for months [and as it transpired]


19 Jul 2022 16:32:53
Great post ani4ani.
Baz turn it in mate as I’m pretty sure it’s not just me you’re boring the pants off with your incessant negativity. Have a day off for my sake at least as I’m having a lovely time in Tenerife and you make my Dorada go flat!

19 Jul 2022 17:14:31
Apart from Raph, I thought you didn’t rate the other 3, and wanted rid?

19 Jul 2022 18:10:12
Baz, I think you might be stumbling over your feet with what you are saying.

19 Jul 2022 18:53:22
I don't think we can really judge this window yet as firstly it isn't over and we may bring a few more in and secondly because there is no way of knowing at this stage how the recruits will all do. They could all be Raphs or they might all be Casillas or maybe a bit of both. Only time and a few games will tell.

19 Jul 2022 18:59:04
In 1 post Baz says great window when we bought Rodrigo another we over paid for him
Make your mind up mate.

19 Jul 2022 18:59:52
Brighty and OP
first year in EPL signings better I rate Raph, Koch

and Llorente and Rodrigo were quite good that season especially 2nd half of season

Cork as you are in Tenerife you could always get off your phone, get on the dance floor fella, show us your Irish jig moves , pull even! ( not your hamstring that is ??)

19 Jul 2022 20:22:24
What ani said.

19 Jul 2022 21:49:45
I love coming on this forum ?

And yeah Alf, maybe we should rein it in a little until season is underway. I should have said I'm happy and very optimistic so far with our transfer window.

Although I suspect I will be able to say it's been our best in years come Xmas.



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