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19 Jul 2022 10:44:11
Six weeks back would have snapped a Newcastle offer of 35 million for Harrison but maybe a little late in window to find a replacement to integrate into team.

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19 Jul 2022 11:03:56
No chance I'd let him go for that. Citeh put in a 20% sell-on clause.

19 Jul 2022 11:07:03
Cork : Utter Lunacy to sell Harrison

Even if it has been 6 weeks ago firstly you put your EPL status and EPL money at great risk if around 60% of your PROVEN. goal. output ( Harrison and Raph) leave in the SAME window

. £35 million is also nothing to get giddy about Cork . Orta spent £3⁰ million each on bang average Rodrigo, DJ, Aaranson

Also several months into the window Radz and Orta are still struggling to sign even at least one striker ( as well as a LB) so to trust Orta to find a good replacement for a proven player in Harrison as well in the limited time remaining and season soon starting . big no thanks


19 Jul 2022 11:15:02
Citeh 20% sell on clause Dill . s

So Leeds would receive just £28 million for a proven EPL goalscorer . joke of a board if they were to do so.

19 Jul 2022 11:47:26
Yeah Baz and that's after spending money on two seasons worth of loan deals and then fi ally the transfer fee.

19 Jul 2022 12:03:12
Yes Dill . three loan deals for Harrison . how much each year? If £ 5 million a year plus his transfer fee Leeds spent over £26 million on him plus his wages .

19 Jul 2022 12:05:18
Sorry, 3 seasons of loan payments.

In totality, we've spent around £20m on Harrison as it stands. Selling him for £35m would recoup us a whopping £8m.

Pure lunacy to sell him at that price. Even at £50m we'd only be making £23m once fees and sell-on clauses were taken into account.

Issue a hands off warning. Simple as that.

19 Jul 2022 12:05:28
Like I said Baz six weeks back.
Harrison scored a few goals granted but he is so inconsistent and goes missing for large parts of most games. For that kind of money we could get a serious upgrade.

19 Jul 2022 12:18:10
The suggestion seemed to be that it would take an amount north of £35m for the Board even to consider. Whether that is based on something a ‘source’ at the Club has actually said to someone, who knows. But if it is, I’d hope that it was just given as a ballpark that they felt no-one would want to play in this window, and that the Saudis or anyone else came in with a bid (which seems unlikely) the Club would turn it down. It would seem madness to let a third key member of our squad leave in this summer.

19 Jul 2022 12:19:16
Inconsistent or not, he scores us goals and assists which have been vital.

We need to keep him this window.

19 Jul 2022 12:19:48
Get a grip Cork lad as you stated previously " do you practice being an idiot or does it come naturally ??? '

£28 million ( after Citeh sell on clause) is NOT going to get you a ' SERIOUS UPGRADE '! on Harrison ( 18 EPL. goals 10 assists in 2 seasons for a struggling Leeds side ar times ) for goodness sake

Orta spent MORE than. £28 million on each of Rodrigo and DJ and BOTH are inferior with worse goals stats.

19 Jul 2022 13:14:21
Don’t sell him. Simple.
Can’t replace him for less than $35.
Just say. No.

19 Jul 2022 13:19:05
Baz, unfair to compare Rodrigo and DJ outputs as neither has been played in their natural positions.
We also bought Raph for 11 million less than we would make from Harrison sale so it is possible to get a serious upgrade if you don't cherry pick data to support your own arguments!
I'm with you 100% though, do NOT sell. His work rate more than supports his inconsistency.

19 Jul 2022 13:32:20
Cody Gakpo.

19 Jul 2022 14:08:18
Come on Canada these guys were playing in forward positions

Ok let's talk career stats of Rodrigo and James 1 goal in 4 games and 1 goal in 8 games
playing in their positions. Harrison stats considerably better

Citeh gave Leeds that price possibly because of 3 years of loan fees plus a 20% sell on clause ; his total cost well over £20 million to Leeds

Good that you agree no sale Canada

Cody Gapko . you say Cork? . hopefully. but Orta looks to be finding it very difficult signing forward targets.

19 Jul 2022 14:29:10
Baz As I stated about a month ago, correct price to consider selling Jackie H is minimum £45M. I am bewildered by board apparently tagging him at £10M less.
Cluey The "3rd valuable first team player" is why he may leave. The other 2 did. KP 26 years old, Raph 25, Jack 25. He may feel it is his time too. If £45M was on the table, I'd sell and gamble on a replacement doing the business. Hard to look at that dough and say no but £35M don't cut it.

19 Jul 2022 14:45:54
Jack Harrison a goal every six games for Leeds including championship games. Fairly decent but we can get better.
45 million George you must be joking? I’d be surprised if 35 was offered!

19 Jul 2022 14:50:35
Even at £45 million ( £9 million to Citeh sell on clause) so just £36 million no sale this window George.

Orta and co finding it difficult enough bringing in a striker

We need Harrisons goals this season.

19 Jul 2022 15:16:40
George, not saying he won’t go, just that (unless we actually have Gakpo or another very good replacement lined up ready to sign on the dotted line) it would not seem sensible, particularly given the season starts in less than 3 weeks and Dan James is suspended for the Wolves match. Going into that match possibly with no senior Prem experience in the wide areas at either end of the pitch doesn’t seem the best way to get a very important 3 points, or at the very least draw the game.

19 Jul 2022 15:44:56
Harrison improving each season.18 goals 10 assists in EPL you are simply deluded again if you think £28 million gets you better.

19 Jul 2022 16:07:26
Baz £45M does it for me with a player 2 years left on his contract.

Cork He can be inconsistent but his goal involvement is international class. Girlish would be proud of those stats.

Cluey I'd be lining up Cody if I was in charge.

19 Jul 2022 17:39:39
George I agree 45 does it for me too but it ain’t going to happen. He ain’t that good. In fact in jesses new system I can’t see him getting more than 4 or 5 goals next season at best.

19 Jul 2022 19:18:05
Think it would be a mistake to sell Harrison unless stupid money was offered. Harrison works extremely hard at his game, he’s not the most natural gifted player but makes up with honest 100% effort, for this reason alone I’d keep him.
Plays for the team and his shirt.

19 Jul 2022 20:12:03
So any top centre forward should score just as many goals if played as a winger?
You really have no clue Baz.

19 Jul 2022 20:26:01
OP Agreed plus he also won me a significant bet with his injury time strike at the ??.



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