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15 Jul 2022 10:23:10
Leeds reportedly want $30 mill for Harrison. Seriously? They should just say not for sale.
I wouldn't sell him for $60 mill in this window. And I'm talking pound just to lazy to find it. Can't lose another top player.

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15 Jul 2022 10:54:39
Think we would be foolish to sell Harrison! Understand KP going and selling a player like Raphinha who doesn't want to be here. Total loonacy to sell Harrison this season.

15 Jul 2022 10:58:41
Vatious expletives if they ever foolishly do
Scoring enough goals last season and indeed this season will be the decisive factor in remaining in EPL . you dent sell both your top goalscorers in the same window without suffering hugely for it.

15 Jul 2022 15:35:05
For me he’s worth t atleast the same as Rapha, out scored him from open play last season and is younger and British. But wouldn’t sell him.

15 Jul 2022 16:23:47
I think that’ll be yet more trash paper talk. DJed spence has just gone for a deal rising to £20mil and only championship proven. JH is an absolute minimum £45-50m player, and I’ll wax my nuts if he is sold this window!

15 Jul 2022 16:26:46
What Sweaty said. on valuation and no sale.

15 Jul 2022 16:29:59
Wolves have turned down Everton’s bid of £25m for Morgan Gibbs-White, and are thought to value him at £30m+ - for a player with one decent season in the Championship. And yet the Saudis are supposedly thought likely to offer £20m for Harrison. Either the Saudis or the clickbait journos (or both) need to give their heads a good wobble.

15 Jul 2022 16:31:37
So Leeds are taking a big gamble buying all there eggs from the same basket we will just have to see .

15 Jul 2022 16:32:24
He’s priceless Sweaty and after supporting our board in conversations with Baz I’m afraid I will not be happy and extremely annoyed with them if they let this happen. It’s like Baz said if you sell your best goal scorers then there will be repercussions! This is where posters like Baz and Chris to name a few are well ahead of posters like me because I never thought for one minute we would let him go now I’m not so confident! Do the right thing Radz please ??MOT.

15 Jul 2022 17:00:03
If they offered £50m for him, I’d invite them down for a chat, but only to look into the whites of their eyes, say we’d had second thoughts, ask them whether they really thought we were a bloody laundry, and suggest they go find someone else to wash their money for them.

15 Jul 2022 17:35:23
Tne trouble is Clu, as I have said previously this is what happens when one's owners get a reputation for selling undervalue

Agreed Brighty re price but even at £45 million to £50 million I wouldn't sell as relegation battle would be very likely ; lucky to get away with not being relegated last year

Good post Woody; Radz. messed up last season big time God help LUFC if he messes up again this season by selling Harrison.

15 Jul 2022 18:55:08
Even though he does play in fits + starts it would be ridiculous to in 1 window wipe out a huge segment of your already weak goal scoring ability .

I really don't fink that Jack will be slung though .

15 Jul 2022 18:59:01
Like I said in another post Baz, I agree, that there should be no way in hell we allow him to go!

15 Jul 2022 19:44:34
Chris exactly
Brighty agreed.

15 Jul 2022 22:40:45
Baz - I seem to recall the Saudis were rumoured to be planning a £20m bid for Harrison long before we’d sold KP - so the low figure wasn’t informed by any supposed reputation for under-value selling.

15 Jul 2022 23:26:27
Cluey Just tell Saudis to delete bottom line of the 2 from the 20 thereby making 70 and it's all good. £70M. I'd like Gareth to pick him. Think he stays.



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