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03 Jul 2022 12:26:46
Phil Hay revealed last week that the pre-season games would start this weekend, with a behind-doors game against unnamed opposition. YEP reports today that the game was against Stoke, with Bamford scoring the only goal in a 1-0 victory, claimed by a squad with a mix of senior pros and youngsters.

Presumably Koch and Struijk will have started at CB - which would seem to be the preferred pairing for many on here (once you factor in Cressy being loaned out) , and hopefully their week’s head start in preseason can help them become Marsch’s preference too (if justified by performance of course) . Drameh will likely have started at RB, and it will be interesting to see whether he can earn (and would accept) second choice status ahead of Ayling in that position, given the latter is expected to be missing for the beginning of the season.

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03 Jul 2022 13:02:58
Clu . what odds do you give on Raphinha actually reporting for training at LUFC tomorrow?

03 Jul 2022 14:06:18
Reservation of Judgment Only way is if we move our camp to Ibiza.

03 Jul 2022 14:18:23
Baz, unless farcelona sign him today, I guess he has no option contractuallywise but to report back for training.

03 Jul 2022 14:59:11
Difficult one to call Baz. There may (or may not) be developments behind the scenes that we know nothing about. If nothing changes, I guess it depends on how the Club wants to play it, whether just a business as usual approach or not. If the former, there’s nothing in Raphinha’s previous conduct here that would suggest he’d refuse to come, and if as some suggest, he’s willing to play the long game on a move to Barcelona and wait ‘til they pony up the required cash, it wouldn’t be in his interest to do anything to sour his relationships here.

03 Jul 2022 15:15:38
Interesting comments guys, my feelings are that he won't turn up tomorrow

BUT some pressure is now definitely building on him and Deco.

03 Jul 2022 16:14:11
I thinks he will be back tomorrow. He is a pro. Deco is scum. He is the problem here, not Rapha.

03 Jul 2022 16:17:54
Won’t Rasmus be first choice at Right Back not Ayling?

03 Jul 2022 16:46:57
Don’t know anything about selling players etc but if Barcelona want to but in instalments would 40 up front and then 20 next season and 10 the following season be a good deal?

03 Jul 2022 17:44:46
Indeed Mighty, as I said, it’s whether Drameh would settle for SECOND choice RB ahead of Ayling. Clearly Rasmus will be first choice.

It would seem that Raphinha is not currently expected to report tomorrow, but if no deal is forthcoming early this week he could yet report later on and join the squad for Oz.

03 Jul 2022 17:58:29
I wish the Leeds board would show some balls and give Raph and his agent a deadline till the end of the week next Friday for their to be an agreeable transfer solution be it

1) Barcelona matching Chelsea offer or
2) Raph accepting Chelsea

Are Leeds really that desperate to sell Raph if it means getting much less on transfer fee compared to other offer.

The. achilles heel in this scenario for Raph and Deco is there is a World Cup in 5 months time so there is no way that Raph would down tools if he was still at Leeds because if he isn't playing at all he would have no match fitness for world cup he may not even be picked at all
. which is the pressure he and Deco may be feeling now in this situation.

Raph must again be told to return to training immediately IF he doesn't turn up tomorrow.

03 Jul 2022 20:59:43
Bet Raphinha will still expect his pay even if he doesn't turn up tomorrow.

03 Jul 2022 22:13:23
Indeed Mezzer

I get the feeling that Leeds will be waiting in vain for a good Barcelona offer. they are taking the urine

so more than time for Raphinha and Deco to be reminded that Raph is a Leeds player under contract needs to return to training tomorrow!

03 Jul 2022 22:16:43
Clu . just seen your update. if true that is such weakness and nonsense from the LUFC board ; it seems Leeds want to sell Raph whatever and they will truly be shafted again like Citeh shafted them on KP

Pathetic board.

04 Jul 2022 00:10:00
Baz - you generally seem to prefer to quickly draw a negative conclusion from any development at Leeds. As discussed previously, on balance it would seem best for Raphinha to be sold this window, so we can spread quality and goal threat across a greater number of players. We are not party to any discussions between the Board and Raphinha/ Deco or Barca/ Chelsea/ ANOther club over any deadlines for movement on a deal, and if there’s any chance of getting the deal done quickly, the last thing we need is for Raphinha to pick up an injury due to going into a contact halfhearted in training. Likewise, if there’s a chance he could be leaving shortly his presence in training could also prove an unnecessary distraction to the rest of the squad and the preparations for the forthcoming preseason games. Presumably discussions will have been had with Raphinha/ Deco about the trip to Oz, the need to decide whether he’s in or out of the squad for it and the implications for any ongoing transfer negotiations.

The parameters for decisions being made on transfer deals will have been discussed by the whole Board, including Paraag Marathe and Peter Lowy from the 49ers side, not just left to Radz, Orta and Kinnear, and whatever you might think of the latter three’s business acumen, Marathe and Lowy are pretty shrewd businessmen who don’t make a practice of getting shafted by anyone and wouldn’t wish to see their investments compromised.

04 Jul 2022 02:24:42
Respect your opinion Clu . we shall see.

04 Jul 2022 07:37:09
Cluey Helluva post. I can see the Raph saga concluding one way or tother in next few days.

04 Jul 2022 07:39:40
Baz Latitude must always be given in situations like this. Won't be indefinitely. Can see the saga concluding by Thursday.

04 Jul 2022 09:05:49
Cork i apologise I miss read the the dremah and ayling comment at right back .



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