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29 Jun 2022 14:59:58
Bergen Cross thinks Rodrigo (6 goals last season) and Roberts (1 goal) are capable deputies for Bamford!
I think we desperately need a reliable goal scorer, a striker who can be relied upon to convert chances at this level.

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29 Jun 2022 15:22:37
Leeds are doomed if they are relying on Rodrigo ( 1 goal in 4) or Roberts ( 1 goal in 50 )

29 Jun 2022 15:41:53
1 in 50 Baz? That’s prolific mate! Lol Roberts cost us something like £2.5M didn’t he? Bromwich certainly saw us coming eh! Get rid ??.

29 Jun 2022 15:57:21
I think it was 4 million Woody . wasted . plus wages.

29 Jun 2022 16:31:51
OMG that’s ridiculous Baz, what were we thinking? I mean with the young strikers that were around at that time like Bowen, Watkins etc etc we went for Roberts, criminal mate and totally inexcusable!

29 Jun 2022 16:37:25
This I agree with Baz!

29 Jun 2022 16:56:21
A No9 should have been the very very 1st signing I. M. o yes we need strengthening throughout, but goals are a huge problem for us, why does it seem we are going to do it in reverse and see what's left in the funds to try for a striker at the end of our shopping?

9 costs the most for a very good reason .

29 Jun 2022 16:56:56
Baz Tyler the Creator goalscoring exploits are actually 1 in 11 (which is still atrocious) .

29 Jun 2022 16:57:37
Totally Woody and Dill.

29 Jun 2022 20:06:56
Woody - Watkins had gone to Brentford just 5 months earlier, so there’s no chance they’d have sold him to us. Likewise, Hull would not have sold Bowen half way through their first season back in the Championship and wanting to bounce straight back.

29 Jun 2022 20:32:33
Chris - Aaronson took no time up as it was already a done deal once we were confirmed as staying up. Apart from him, Orta and his team will have been looking to progress on all fronts more or less simultaneously, and ready to accelerate on specific targets when an opportunity or need arose. The Kristensen deal demanded priority when they became aware Dortmund had had on offer for him accepted. Likewise, with his contacts in Spain, Orta will have become aware that La Liga clubs were making moves on Roca. It would have been pure folly to miss out on key targets due to having set up and stuck to a priority order in terms of positions.

29 Jun 2022 21:52:19
What Cluey said, definitely not what CC said. Posted about this subject before. Enticing cream of crop center forward when you perceptibly still have midfield holes to fill an act of rare lunacy. You want to be able to say to Kettle's agent, we just spent £11M on Roca and hopefully £20M on Camara. No midfield no service no goals. Build back better. I want Camara next signing then next day CDK, day after Gakpo. Go Victoria.

29 Jun 2022 22:31:23
Clue, the problem we have is the position we speak of, has been the missing link for far too long .

As I said, I recognize we need strengthening throughout, but a 9 of worth is going to cost .

And there's only going to be a certain amount of that with Leeds

We can't get away from our goals scored stats are poor . I am just worried we going to stick a plaster on a severed artery and then once again discover, we can't take our chances in games

Has there even been contact with a club about a 9?

Please don't tell me, they believe Paddy +joffy will score lots of goals next season!

29 Jun 2022 22:48:52
So do you reckon there a unlimited pot of cash to attract cream of crop 9 George? Because I certainly don't, it reminds me of the term all dressed up with no where to go .

Goals we need lots of, and the choice of who can we afford is critical .

The logic you dismissed my point, can also be used in reverse to dismiss yours .

Whose to say the midfield holes are going to be filled successfully.?

Above all else a successful 9 is paramount.

30 Jun 2022 00:50:56
CC Unlimited certainly not. However, it looks like the sale of our best two players facilitates the purchase of Gakpo and CDK. What else do you want? We're LUFC, we have a stadium capacity around 40,000, we don't have European football. We're on a path to success, not there yet. You may grumble because no Erling, Dusan or Osimhen in a Leeds shirt but I see progress. I dismiss your point because for it to hold true we'd need both more on field success and a more affluent owner. 17th last season with Radz as majority shareholder should make you realize that your dreams won't be fulfilled just yet. Give it a couple more years for us to irritate the top 6.

30 Jun 2022 00:39:22
What Chris said.

30 Jun 2022 02:40:53
What George says.

30 Jun 2022 07:08:54
George you revert to as degree of sillyness when your points are counter balanced by others

I have told you numerous times, I am not / never expecting a Haaland profile player to sign for us .

You don't have to have success to attract good footballers

Wolves / Brighton seem to be have some good players in their squad let say, would you agree?

George you have your opinions, which a lot of us here do not agree with, I have mine which YOU particularly seem to have great difficulty with and are constantly letting me know about .

Having to explain myself to you almost on every thread I think I will have to start doing less of from here on in . So let's leave it there now George .

30 Jun 2022 10:40:38
I think what George is intimating is that it actually looks like we are trying to bring is quality players. Any player is a gamble, but Aaronson, Kristensen and Roca have shown they can cut it in European competitions and the first two are also full internationals. Kristensen looks like a beast who should have no problems dealing with the physicality of the Prem, while Roca has already played in the German Bundesliga. However, moving on from the three already signed - we are apparently trying to bring in CDK, Gakpo and Camara, and while we may not get all, or indeed any of those, that is an indication of the calibre of players we are looking to bring in. So what is the point of carping comments saying other clubs show there is quality out there if we’d only look for it - we clearly are looking for it! Just because some clickbait writers keep linking us to the likes of Phil Jones, it doesn’t mean we are interested in them.

Yes, some our previous recruitment has been questionable, but why is it that some on here seem to choose to believe all of the article that seek to throw a negative light on our Club and view everything else as frothy agent clickbait or articles written by apologists for our Board trying to paint this as better than they are?

30 Jun 2022 11:31:39
CC I do have particular difficulty with your opinions because I believe they are close to madness. The one about where's the decent Dutch EPL player over last 3 decades was an epic howler. I agree that Wolves and Brighton have decent players but what of it? So do we. In my opinion, we could overtake them league position wise IF we acquire Gakpo CDK and Camara or Berge. Selling our best 2 players has to be done. We seem to be intent on reinvesting those funds immediately. Things are bound to improve once 49ers buy out Radz. My patience and realism waiting for that to happen is credit to me as a fan understanding that is what has to happen first before we reach the big time. Overall, our club and Radz are doing well in my opinion and I applaud their efforts.

30 Jun 2022 11:40:15
Clue you are missing my point .

I used wolves / Brighton as an example to balance George point that good players only come to successful clubs . last time I checked both clubs ain't qon anything lately as I have now said numerous times

Cdk us going to cost a hefty sum, and that's fine by me .

My point is and has been for awhile a 9 is a huge need of ours, for the record I am HAPPY WITH ALL OUR SIGNINGS, so far.

Iam looking forward to the coming season, I am not revelling in negativity towards the board .

I would have just preferred if a good 9 was our first signing, that's all Clue, my opinion so I think I have made myself clear enough to both yourself + George on this 1.

30 Jun 2022 12:22:04
CC Already posted about your sequencing issue. Top no.9 agents will make a point in negotiations about obvious midfield gaps to fill first both to drive up wages or worse a reason not to come. Solve that and you can attract a better quality player.

30 Jun 2022 13:11:52
George are you having some memory recall issues lately ?

Show me the post where I said there was no decent dutch player in 3 decades?

Although I shouldn't, I will help you out here


George you develop your own narrative a lot and from here on in I am done replying to you.

No more time spent on good luck.

30 Jun 2022 13:16:52
Also never replied to your post explaining. my choice of wolves and Brighton

I chose them clubs to point out a flaw in your earlier point where you said, you had to be successful to attract good players

Now George, concentrate and absorb my words here, those teams have good players and are not successful

Thus dismissing your point about only good players coming to successful clubs

The teams mentioned werean example of your flawed words.

30 Jun 2022 15:07:11
CC That's a gaslight from you. Never posted such. Nowhere have I ever even thought such. Asinine chicken egg argument.

30 Jun 2022 16:28:07
CC You most certainly posted that as it then caused a similar simultaneously posted list of excellent Dutch players from myself and another poster in the thread. Please refrain from narrative alteration. Helps no-one.



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