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25 Jun 2022 12:46:47
I hope we don't get railroaded in to selling Raph at a cut price deal because he wants to join Barcelona and he ends up forcing a move for a lot less than what we could get.

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25 Jun 2022 14:47:02
The Leeds, (underRadz, Orta) model sell cheap ; buy/ pay too much.

It certainly isn't the Leicester or Brighton model.

Radz and co must get top dollar for Raph to reinvest in squad for Raph or otherwise keep him

Leeds are 4th favourites at 13/ 5 with the bookies to be R .

. a bottom 6 R battle looks more than likely UNLESS there are some major quality goalscoring players recruitment this window

. sorry Woody pal.

25 Jun 2022 15:26:15
I don’t often agree baz but right now our transfers in of

Aaronson, is he going to be better in the premiership over foreshaw or klich

Rasmus, is he going to be better than ayling

Roca is he going to be better than Phillips

So possibly right now on paper is it possible we are weaker than we was than last season

Any new players like any new players for everyone is going to be a gamble

Manager said he’s playing his way this season and not the way he played to keep us up. So basically new manager and new ideas, another gamble

Are we gambling on the 3 teams coming up on being worse than us or that other teams in the league are going to get weaker?

A lot of ifs and butts however until the season kicks off we don’t really have no idea ?‍♂️.

25 Jun 2022 15:33:04
Spot on LAD
. and if/ when we lose Raph
. well.

25 Jun 2022 17:01:50
Baz my mate, don’t you ever apologise for your posts. I know by now that you say it as it is and we all have our own opinions, I’m always the optimist but that doesn’t mean I’m right! I’m of the opinion that why would Radz say the right things about not going through the relegation mire again and set us up to fail? I think there are some more good quality signings to come through yet so fingers crossed and maybe we will achieve beyond all expectations eh! Stranger things have happened ??✊??.

25 Jun 2022 17:42:46
Don't agree Baz.

It must take a massive conscious effort to be in your state of perpetual negativity, mate. Doesn't help anyone and I just don't get it.
What does it achieve you bemoaning everything the club does on a daily basis?

Personally, I'm feeling optimistic about this upcoming season tbh and I think we have a right to be.

25 Jun 2022 17:46:56
Cheers Woody.

25 Jun 2022 18:03:16
Baz Since when is £42M plus add ons less than zero which is what we acquired KP for?

25 Jun 2022 18:07:56
LAD Rasmus will probably prove to be around Ayling quality. Aaronson will be an upgrade on Klich, no doubt. Roca is not a replacement for Kal. Hopefully, Mo or Sander is. Prefer the former.

25 Jun 2022 18:14:13
Baz Why not just wait to see what Victor serves up? Why panic and lament when window ? is only just underway? Seems we're shopping ?️ in much superior department store ?. We're not done yet. George thinks 5 more signings should follow.

25 Jun 2022 18:27:11
What Dilli said.

25 Jun 2022 18:45:33
LAD2 - Aaronson will probably be better than Klich and is a very different player to Forshaw so can’t compare. The more accurate comparison for Forshaw is with Roca, who will probably be better than Adam. The replacement for KP is being worked on now - so pointless to compare Roca with him. Finally, Kristensen will almost certainly be better than Ayling. So in terms of actual like for comparisons for a probable starting line-up, our new additions put us ahead of last season - and, very importantly, our bench is stronger too. But, hey, if finding yourself agreeing with some of the more negative folk on here and joining in for a good moan makes anyone feel better, don’t let logical reasoning get in the way.

25 Jun 2022 19:15:21
Optimistic with you on that Clue think all 3 are a grade better than the ones mentioned.

25 Jun 2022 19:18:36
Dillinger, Clu and George good that you are feeling optimistic, and George is correct of course that there is a long way to go in window

Bookies are very rarely wrong though and without seriously impressive recruitment from here in in Inwould be amazed aif Leeds. wete to finish above 16th at best this season; we were pants last season and creating and scoring goals will be the main issue again this season especially without Raph. addedn to a serious Achilles heel LB issue.

25 Jun 2022 19:36:28
As with all signings they are a gamble and I was pointing out until they kick a ball in the premiership it’s difficult to gauge whether they are better than there designated replacements.

I’m not disagreeing clu that roca is a replacement for Phillips however his position is a defensive midfielder and correct me if I am wrong but Jesse said he had a different role for Phillips as he didn’t want him playing the way he did for bielsa, so in theory until an actual replacement comes in then who’s to say we are replacing him? And roca isn’t the replacement albeit slightly less deep.

Rasmus may be an upgrade on ayling and I’d probably agree with you but a few season in an Austrian league will not convince me that he is better on paper than ayling until I see him as I’d of been convinced firpo was going to be a great signing until I watched him.

Same rules apply for Aaroson so I’m not sure how you’ve confused my negativity with logic.

Foreshaw and klich usually played one or the other when bielsa played the 3 man midfield one deep, one box to box and the other more attacking. Usually Koch/ Phillips, foreshaw / klich, Rodrigo/ roberts so I believe that forshaw and klich were similar players.

25 Jun 2022 19:46:50
And to re iterate the my above comment

A lot of ifs and butts however until the season kicks off we don’t really have no idea ?‍♂️.

25 Jun 2022 20:01:02
LAD - there is a absolutely no way that the Club will not recruit another DM to replace KP. When Marsch talked about a different DM role, he was referring to his preference for a double pivot in front of the defense rather than just the Bielsa’s preference for just 1 DM in there - which KP’s attributes were particularly well suited to. So we are fully expected to bring in a quality experienced ball-winning DM to complement Roca’s deep-lying playmaker attributes.

25 Jun 2022 21:19:22
Baz, last season was last season, why dwell on it. We had a load of injuries which decimated our first team squad. We're recruiting smartly atm and I'm very happy with who we've signed so far.

For me, Aaronsen, Kristensen and Roca are better players than what we have currently in their respective positions. Obviously we need a striker, and interest in Charles de Ketelaere is extremely promising. Cody Gakpo, Arnaud Kalimuendo. These names we're being linked with are exactly the type of players we need to help improve our squad, not only in the first team but also depth, which we sorely missed last season.

Fair enough, you can start being negative if we play poorly and don't pick up points, but until then you're just being negative for the sake of it. How about getting some enjoyment out of supporting Leeds and be positive for once. Negativity is just a terrible default mindset to have.

Let's see how we get on first before the constant moaning starts. Or is it just that you feel fulfilled moaning about Leeds daily? I just don't get the need to feed constant negatives onto this forum all the time. I don't get it at all.

25 Jun 2022 22:15:59
Dillinger. feel free to label tbe slant of the majority of my posts as you like

For me it is the REALITY of Leeds United current position.

See a great example of this above in OPs post to which I completely concur as I have made these same points in past few days on this forum.

Do I trust our board.?
. well no . after last three windows. but I hope to be pleasantly surprised

Lets see how things go . cheers.

25 Jun 2022 22:40:51
LAD - Sure, Kristensen’s performances in the Austrian Bundesliga are little indication as to how he’ll get on in the Prem. However, his performances in European competitions and for Denmark are a decent marker, and were presumably what made Dortmund keen to sign him.

Baz - bookies often are wrong, but more importantly, their current odds will be based on last year’s form - as there’s little else for them to go on. They will take very little if any account of activity to date in the summer transfer market and can clearly not take account of what else will happen before the window ‘slams shut’. In other words bookies current odds have little relevance to anything.

25 Jun 2022 23:38:21
but it will not surprise me at all that at the end of the window those bookie odds and positions of all 20 teams have not changed much at all, probably very similar indeed such is the predictability of the EPL.

26 Jun 2022 09:26:30
Baz, I will label negative posts as negative, as that's what they are. Pretty obvious they are and are intended to be as such.

Your perpetual negative thoughts are not reality.

We've recruited well thus far and for good fees. KP has gone for a fair price, all things considered. JM has a fresh slate to implement his favoured playing style. We're not going to be completely decimated by injuries like last season. We currently have a stronger first team than last season. We also have better depth and we're still bringing in more players to compliment our first team squad.

That's the reality. The moaning really is getting boring now. You don't even enjoy being a Leeds fan by the sounds of your posts. I'd honestly hate to be like that. Takes far too much energy to constantly find negatives in everything than it does to actually just sit back and enjoy what's unfolding with an optimistic mind. Should give it a go, mate.

New season, new Baz ?.

26 Jun 2022 10:48:09
Dill last season at the end of tne transfer window my predictions that Leeds would be in a relegation battle was indeed proved correct and reality.

There was very little that most same Leeds fans could have ' enjoyed ' in an absolutely horrible dreadful ' boring ' season . one of the very worst in results goals conceded of my 55 years . of supporting LUFC

Yes through thick and a lot of thin I will. always nsupprt . but get a trip pal if that season floated your boat

We shall see re this season.

26 Jun 2022 12:54:21
Baz - who will be within the top 8 or 9 is perhaps fairly predictable (though not necessarily in what order) . All three promoted clubs can possibly be predicted to be in the relegation scrap, depending on their summer business. But who else is likely to be drawn into that battle and who will be comfortably in mid table is not so clear cut, particularly when there’s so long to go in the summer window.

26 Jun 2022 12:59:47
As mentioned above, last season was last season. No need to dwell on it when things have and are still clearly changing for the better. I mentioned a number of positive things in my previous post, all of which seem to have been ignored just so you can harp on last season ?‍♂️.

26 Jun 2022 14:10:41
As I said we shall see about this season Dill . KP has gone, Raph is going, and signed players. so far . so. so.



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