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31 May 2022 21:22:38
You haven't done your annual poster of the season poll.
Any reason why?
Surely not because you were a naughty boy and got suspended? 🤣.

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01 Jun 2022 02:36:14
Corky Didn't do it last year either in view of the c. v. Unsure how appropriate it is for me to run the contest in light of my recent suspension and run ins with certain posters.

01 Jun 2022 05:07:34
I will start.

01 Jun 2022 05:45:54
My selection would be:
1. Cluey
2. Baz
3. Class.

01 Jun 2022 07:54:39
1. Brighty
2. Woody
3. George.

01 Jun 2022 08:24:15
1. Class
2. Brighty
3. OP
4. Alf.

01 Jun 2022 09:33:59
A tough decision to be made on young Cody, he obviously doesn’t want to be kept hanging around for game time and insists that he would rather be transferred to satisfy his desire to play, I’m sure that’s even if it’s in the Championship.
The problem for Marsch is, is he good enough already for the Prem?
Dremah would have to understand if he does play for us he can’t be given a free card to play all the time even if his game is not up to the standard required.
Every player has to prove himself for selection to the first team.
The problem is also, we could be losing a potentially very good RB if he goes!

Best poster’s for me are;

There are several others I like, even George and Baz contribute some very good posts, when they want to. Alf put in some very good posts towards the end of season.

01 Jun 2022 10:55:09
Sometimes don't agree with their points but OP and Class are up there

George, Brighty too

Woody the most passionate

But said it earlier this season the best poster in terms of logic (nearly everytime ) and knowledge is CLU.

01 Jun 2022 11:20:49

Special awards for Baz and George. (Lifetime contribution awards, or somat similar)
Martyn for posting “again” over ten times.
And to be honest, everyone else too, because this site keeps me entertained every day, and I’m just glad we are all together.
And a rememberance award to Villa Dave. Gone too soon.

01 Jun 2022 11:27:12
Alf and cluey and Cork. sorry, I’d posted that on a whim. Also top, top posters on here, and I don’t think the site would be the same without you! Dilli posts some good stuff, as does Mally, dougie, and Richie. , can I not just list everyone!?

01 Jun 2022 18:39:17

01 Jun 2022 19:23:21
Clueless +OP for me 👍👍 well researched always, even if it does get on my Bristol's some of the times 🤣.

01 Jun 2022 22:27:18
For me, it’s Class, Woody, OP, Brighty and Alf (despite our lengthy disagreements at times) . But then everyone makes a valid contribution (and many of you guys have been doing so for far longer than me) and if we all agreed all the time, it’d be a duller place. It’d just be great if, next season, we could resist the occasional urge to be such a tosser about each other.

And as Brighty said, good to remember Villa Dave. RIP Dave.

01 Jun 2022 22:58:32
Ooh tough one. I love all of you really. I like the way Bright, woody, axe and OP are shining lights with their optimism, Clues well reasoned posts, Chris Chris and Baz, George and his odd humour, Hess, Cork, class, Leo, Martyn the list just goes on. Has to be a tie for me (sorry I know its a cop out) - I just can't choose we all make this site what it is and we need continued contributions from everyone to keep it great.



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