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20 May 2022 17:41:07
Feared it at the time. Bub going for it at home 🏡 against Hammers allowing Antonio to score last minute winner looks like it'll be our undoing. What a way to lose £300M and one's EPL status. Still think Clarets lose to the Toon Army on Sunday in which case a point but preferably 3 will do nicely against 🐝. Either way it'll be the last 90 minutes in a white shirt for Kal and Raph unless either of them subsequently play for Real Madrid. Jesse, please play Cressy and Hjelde at the expense of Llorente and Firpo. We might have a chance then.

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20 May 2022 18:02:13
Agree with you on Crezzer +Leo, Georgie

But you know Jesses going to say there too inexperienced for such a massive game .

I also think Kals gone.

20 May 2022 19:07:37
Just 4 home victories all season

Leeds United worst season at home in it's 103 year history

Still it's ( somehow) part of the pinnacle 🤔 for someone.

20 May 2022 19:21:13
Baz your like a precocious child at times, my opinion will always be just mine. I’m just grateful I live with a little optimism and joy in my life.

What was it Ed001 said to you when you took your (only too short a sabbatical from us? ) “you’ve bored the arse out of everyone on this site”

And when your at a loss to criticise anyone in the club, you choose to deride people on this site expressing their personal opinions.

20 May 2022 19:46:03
Baz we are not yet equipped for the Prem, I know you are a Bielsa basher but without him we wouldn’t have been in the Prem. He made it by getting a tune out of average Championship players and some duff new signings. Smashed by injuries we end up where we are.
I wished we could have had Bielsa with some quality fit players.
I honestly don’t care if we are relegated because I feel it will be a fantastic opportunity for our very talented youngsters to shine in the Championship. My only problem is, I don’t know if JM is the right man to bring them on?
Bielsa would have and also Corberan.

20 May 2022 21:26:38
Lol Class!
And the “I recommended Jesse Marsch”.

20 May 2022 21:32:57
Class2022 yout opinion indeed
As is my opinion that the great men of LUFC first and foremost are Revie and Wilkinson . no one else comes close.

20 May 2022 22:25:45
Good for you👍 Nothing more to add, give it a try!

20 May 2022 22:37:02
You blame our situation on one game George? Utter nonsense. Bielsas style was always to give for it and without that we wouldn't have even got to the prem. Give an awesome coach due credit George. Marsch certainly hasn't done any better.

20 May 2022 22:46:45
Mensa Man Think you're referring to me. I did no such thing. I offered him as a sensible choice when attacked by OAP for suggesting Bub needed to go. I posted before he arrived that he was very personable and I knew people who had come across him. All of that was correct. Jesse needs a win on Sunday otherwise he underperformed. As for Bub, his performance was atrocious.

21 May 2022 00:01:00
Alf Yes I do. Our squad never good enough and sometimes you have to settle for what you can get and live to fight another day. It's called getting points on the board. Talking of the board, they should've sacked him right after Toon Army home loss. Ironic that our fate in their hands somewhat again. Bub was a good coach but you're missing the point. He failed to understand the competition of the league. The need to spend a hundred million to stand still. He also thought he could man mark for a whole game a whole team of world class and international players. Just a coincidence then we lost these games to nil by 4, 6 and 7. Good coach but blinkered, foolish and intransigent.

21 May 2022 05:38:56
You’re wasting your time with that pair, better to move on and debate on more constructive and positive topics of Leeds Utd than reading the same old repetitive drivel that sounds like an old broken record.
I’m done with it.
Making conversation with someone who has had a frontal lobotomy would be more interesting in my opinion!

21 May 2022 07:08:34
Is this what this site has become. Can't argue the season has been poor for a combination of reasons and that the people running the club, owners, management, players etc all have to shoulder some of the blame. Fans are usually the only constant thing about a club, as for this site the banter has become insults over a period of time and perhaps why many posters no longer appear.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but for me this platform has lost its appeal.

21 May 2022 07:49:05
All for. differing opinions but when they are mindlessly repeated it just becomes tedious and frankly boring.

21 May 2022 14:05:23
Mezz Great post. This is why very soon I'll be announcing my permanent absence/ retirement from this site which will delight 2 posters on here with a greater pleasure for them than Leeds winning back to back Champions Leagues. Insults and abuse all they know. Anti-Bub is not allowed.

21 May 2022 14:35:36
Hope you reconsider that decision George re no longer posting at all.
Best wishes.

21 May 2022 15:52:30
George, it’s not anti Bielsa, it’s incessant anti Bielsa.
Get over it and move on.



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