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08 May 2022 17:53:37
I actually left live chat pretty early today as the feeding frenzy was biblical, if only we could have these two Nostradamus wise old sages in our boardroom, we’d be giving pep a and Klopp a run for their money.

Apparently the hot dogs were cold at the Emirates but the dynamic duo even managed to blame Bielsa for that too!

Jesse must actually be Swiss not American because today’s loss was apparently STILL down to Bielsa!

God forbid we actually stay up!

Roll on the next ban/ sabbatical for our joy brothers.

We go again, we’re up until we ain’t.

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08 May 2022 18:35:23
Great post Class and I couldn’t of said that any better Class. I swear to God at one stage they all forgot that there was a game going on! Kinnear, Radz and Bub slated, even at one stage Luke Ayling should never play for Leeds again, and no mention of 3 games still to go and same points as Dingles! I said we were crap and never sent back on! Can’t be doing with it mate. Just like to ask, where was all this hatred and pure poison when we were riding high for the last two seasons before this one? Hmmmm! 👍👍.

08 May 2022 19:26:02
So at this point Woody what else is there to talk about? The joys this season has brought or the real possibility of us being another yo-yo club, because that's what it's beginning to feel like

Yes I am furious today, and I don't mind saying it again, because it seems to annoy some people,

But this season hasn't been a total shock, there's culpability to be had, what good is it saying ALAW at the moment when this could have been avoidable?

And if you think it's only on this site get yourself over to square ball you tube, or Lots of other Leeds vloggers, fans are furious today and for last few weeks saying boardroom have an awful lot to answer over this debacle because Radz has tried to do it on the cheapy cheap and I have been saying this since before we came back up, I have been saying this we were in the championship so don't include me in your assumptions of the last 2 seasons lots of us were quiet.

08 May 2022 19:55:07
Class, Woody i posted today also and some things were said by most through frustration, but the fact remains Bielsa as great as he was, he was stubborn and did adapt when he should have shut up shop. As for the boards, the amount of injuries should have been addressed in the transfer market, so yes tgere is blame to give. No one is taking away the efforts by the board to bring Buns in, or the fact we got promoted, but even a Ferrari needs a tune or if it breaks you change a part. Mistakes have been made tgats all.

08 May 2022 20:49:44
Hey Dougie, I agree with many things that are said on here, I even agree with things that I hate but it’s just the constant banging of the should of done this should of done that, it’s Bubs fault, it’s Radz fault, blah blah blah, we all know what’s wrong, what all know what we should of done in the transfer window but the top and bottom of it is it’s happened we are where we are, JM is in now, hopefully 49’ers next season and then some serious money investment wherever we are.

The other option is let’s go back to the Ken Bates days, then we really had something to moan about didn’t we? And while I’m on how all of a sudden have we become a yo yo club? We’ve not been relegated yet and if we do then we come back, that doesn’t make us a Norwich, Fulham or a West Brom does it?

For the record Dougie I wasn’t at all getting at anything you have said and I didn’t even go back on live chat after Chris Chris had come on so it was no attack on you either Chris. Also I thanks for yhe invite Chris but I don’t need to read and watch other negative posts because I’m sick of all the doom and gloom but some might like the negative issues more than others eh Chris. I bet if we go down many of you will have a right field day on here, with the I told you so, I said that would happen, I knew I was right!

If we do go down I for one won’t be coming on here to read the self indulging congratulations of our beloved Leeds United demise, no I want to speak to people who look forward and see the challenge, see players leaving as positives to bring new ones in. To finish I will say this, whatever happens we will be back, we will learn from this and we will be great again. It’s never easy supporting LUFC but I wouldn’t swap the badge for any other. We will always be marching on together, because that’s what we do 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.

08 May 2022 21:08:56
You make some good points Dougie and I’m frustrated as anyone. What made me switch off the live chat is to bring Bielsa’s name into today’s performance at all?

Bielsa was stubborn as hell I cannot argue that, Roberts forever first change, never understood that at all, but everyone can see Jesse hasn’t changed much at all team wise from what MB did?

Jesse has had a tough job, but he’s had a lot more squad to pick from, and a lot more time than the Burnley coach but there was not a single dissenting comment about his hand on today’s performance?

We’re told by some to let Bielsa go and move on, well it’s not us continuously dragging his name through the mud.

The irony is they continue to decry and ridicule the best football and success we may yet see in our remaining lifetimes.

08 May 2022 21:14:28
Woody I certainly won't be on here saying oh I told you so, but equally don't tell me you wouldn't be mentioning it if it was other way around .

What got me earlier was you saying oh they even blaming Radz!

Of course we are, he's the boss, he controls the finances
Now that's it from me on this particular thread .

And yes I shall be following the boys next season regardless of where we find ourselves.

08 May 2022 21:23:34
It's all frustration, 16 years in the doldrums, we get to the promised land a lack of investment in players to cover the major injuries is just crazy. We will never forget Bub or Radz for the amazing journey so far, but if we do go down it will simply be through lack of investment in quality. As you say though ALAW, and always will be, and if we do go down i might be able to get a ticket once again, every cloud and all that. MOT lads. 🤞🤞.



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