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17 Apr 2022 17:41:06
Pretty much as you were at the bottom after the weekends games but with one less game
Played . Overall a good
Wknd for Leeds . Even if Burnley win the two games they play before we play Palace they can't be above us .

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17 Apr 2022 17:57:51
Think four more points could/ should be enough even with Burnley’s favourable run in of fixtures.
We really need a point or better at Palace.

17 Apr 2022 20:08:37
The Burnley result was not ideal, but at least they didn’t hang on to win. Pope rescued them to be fair.

17 Apr 2022 20:30:49
With our poor goal difference I don’t think it made too much difference that one point,

17 Apr 2022 20:52:53
Palace game increasingly looking like a REALLY must win with Citeh, Chelski etc to face
Those on here who nonsensically had Burnley as 'nailed on ' for relegation earlier this week might need to think again.

17 Apr 2022 21:52:57
Why? They were lucky to get a point, they needed three.

17 Apr 2022 23:00:43
Baz you are perfect for sites like this, you emulate gobby agbonglahor with your dramatic statements that I actually am starting to believe you don’t believe them yourself.

17 Apr 2022 23:40:39
Yes, Burnley were perhaps lucky to get the draw (though equally they could actually have won had Cornet scored the penalty) but get a draw they did, which could give them a bit of a lift. Southampton are on the beach now, so Burnley could feasibly win that, giving a further lift for another home game v Wolves. Win that, and they’ll be buzzing for dispirited Watford away. Unlikely though it might seem, today’s point could be the start of their customary end of season push - and they’ll still have home games v Villa and Newcastle to come. So on this particular point I’d have to agree with Baz. Burnley are not nailed for the drop, and we still have some work to do (hopefully starting at Palace) before we can be considered anything like safe.

18 Apr 2022 01:29:10
Spot on summary of the situation Clu #realism

LAD lol with your latest theory

but best you stick to your cosy daydreaming

in your sweet land of fantasy, unicorns and other mythical creatures that you inhabit with OP and the like 😜😉.

18 Apr 2022 01:40:50
You can bet your bottom dollar that Burnley are 'nailed on ' to win their final home game of the season against the Saudi Barcodes who definitely won't turn up.

Their home games against Southampton and Vile are winnable too.

Here's my prediction for LAD and OP, Burnley will finish above Everton AND Leeds . I give it 90% chance of happening.

18 Apr 2022 03:42:10
What Baz and Clu said but when I saw same coming, I reportedly jumped on another's bandwagon and read it in the Daily Fail. I think Everton are more likely to finish 18th than Burnley. Palace game is a must avoid defeat fixture.

18 Apr 2022 04:26:10
Bazza Can see Clarets finishing above Toffees but not ahead of the Mighty Whites. Fatty Funtime Faltering Failing Flushing Finishing Fird From Fottom.

18 Apr 2022 04:29:04
Bazza Fantastic Brighty and where to find OP. Consult LAD then ask Corky. Then consult LAD again.

18 Apr 2022 05:47:44
The main thing is that burnley have 2 more games
Before we play next and that draw today prevented them being able to be above us by the time we next play . At least it is in our hands and we are not relying on defeats . We have the worst run in though so absolutely the palace game is huge
For us before that 3 game run.

18 Apr 2022 06:09:21
( Bandwagons at the ready) What Wrighty said: and George and Clu : tbe Palace game is HUGE!

18 Apr 2022 08:40:46
Another 4 points will hopefully see us safe. The sooner we get them the better.

18 Apr 2022 08:42:57
Under Dyche, Burnley were trained to come out fighting when the chips were really down at the end of the season, and you can be pretty sure that whoever is in charge of them over the last stretch of this season will keep reminding them that all the pundits said they would be relegated now Dyche had gone, and to go out and shove those words back up those pundits collective jacksie. It might not work, but it certainly could.

18 Apr 2022 09:20:50
One thing that may go against Burnley is the short time between their next 2 matches, on Thursday evening against Saints then 2pm on Sunday v Wolves, who will be well rested (being another team given a two week break by the FA Cup and fixture rearrangement lottery) having last played on Friday 8 April. Wolves should be further boosted by the return of Jimenez who was banned for their previous 2 games following his red card against us, and last played on 31 March, scoring for Mexico v El Salvador and so securing his country’s qualification for Qatar.

18 Apr 2022 09:43:23
Just for information purposes baz I haven’t once said Burnley is a dead cert for relegation now or would I say that until it’s mathematically impossible. I just think Crystal Palace game billed as “must win” is laughable. If we beat Chelsea or Man City or arsenal or Brighton we get the exact same points as if we beat palace.

18 Apr 2022 10:57:21
LAD2 - The result at Palace could be pivotal to the remainder of our season. A win would easy any remaining pressure significantly, perhaps enabling our squad to play with greater freedom in the upcoming fixtures and perhaps pick up some unexpected points. A draw would also help a little in that regard. However, a loss, with the Citeh, Chelski and Gunners fixtures less likely to yield points, failure to get three points at Palace (possibly combined with Burnley picking up more regular points through their easier fixtures) would see pressure ratcheted up significantly and a very nervy atmosphere at home v Brighton, and our squad doesn’t always respond well to.

The annoying thing is that while we can look at Burnley and Everton’ fixtures against mid-table sides and think their opponents will already be on the beach, you just can’t imagine Palace, Brighton or Brentford going into matches against us with anything other than a determination to win - because no-one really gives a stuff about whether Burnley or Everton go down/ stay up, but everyone hates Dirty Leeds.

18 Apr 2022 11:28:31
Baz, don’t stop at 90% giving yourself leverage to get out of your prediction should it not go your way.
When you have one of your drama queen statements have the full conviction with it.

18 Apr 2022 12:13:43
Superb on point post again Clu ; your posts virtually always are; easily the most impressively accurate on point poster on here ; no one else is remotely close.

18 Apr 2022 12:43:02
What Baz and Clu said.

18 Apr 2022 13:28:03
Interesting to see Corky jump 🦘 on the 4 more points bandwagon.

18 Apr 2022 14:22:48
Clu every team cranks up that extra 110% when playing dirty Leeds, it’s nothing new.
I don’t think we should underestimate the confidence in our players, they’ll be a few onlookers quite surprised by how positively we will finish our remaining games.

18 Apr 2022 20:56:22
OP - I’m sure all on here will be hoping your forecast is correct, and that we sign off the season with a more than adequate points haul from the last six games.



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